The sequel, How Much You Really Want, can now be found on my page.

There's a third part, Your Heart Still In It (and even a fourth part, I Was Born For This), but in the interest of getting it out in some reasonable time, I'm on the lookout for betas. If you're liking this series, and want to be a part of its future, shoot me a message.

Even if you've never collaborated before or if you're new to writing, that's fine. I'm just looking for a motivated someone who likes the fic and has an interest in seeing it finished.

I have a solid outline, but filling it in is proving difficult. Adding to the difficulty is the fact I've started other stories which are taking away motivation from this one.

But I assure all my readers that I am committed to giving closure to each of my stories, so even if the third part is a long time coming, the second part will have a satisfying end.

This was my first fanfiction and I am pleased to finally mark it complete.