Who Better to Talk To?


Commodore Puddles, you genius!

"Maybe I could, bah! That would never work. Or maybe I can, no… too expensive," a blue man rambled to himself in the large space he called his lair. He was currently sitting at his desk, which was covered to the brim with papers. He sighed, looking at the desk clock, he sank into his pile of papers. The digital reading told him it was nearly three in the morning. "What am I going to do about that Kim Possible? She's been a thorn in my side for far too long! Even when I think I've found her weakness, she finds some way of proving me wrong! Gah!"

A quiet whimpering made Dr. Drew Lipsky (more widely known as Dr. Drakken,) look down at the little pink poodle that was looking up at him with a worried look in his eyes. Drakken smiled and picked up the whimpering pet and set him in his lap, petting him gently.

"I know Commodore Puddles, I shouldn't be so stressed over this, but what can I do? I'm at a total loss right now. I can't think of anything, not that I'd ever admit that to anyone but you, my faithful pet," he stopped stroking the pink bundle as an idea came too him at last. He smiled like a little kid with a big secret. Looking down at his dog, his grin only grew wider. "You are the best pet ever! Now, to write this down, I need a pencil or-" the blue scientist looked down at Commodore Puddles again, and saw he had a pen between his teeth. "That'll do nicely, Puddles," he patted the dog's head and began to write vigorously. He couldn't wait for tomorrow.

"Shego! You will never believe the plan I came up with last night!" Drakken cried as Shego, his sidekick and most trusted employee strode in, already looking as she wanted to go home. The green-skinned thief took her usual spot and began filing her gloves, waiting for him to begin. "However, instead of telling you right away, here's a list of things I need to you to get for me. Would you mind doing this for me?" he let the question hang as she looked up at him with a cocked eyebrow. She took the paper, reading it, and shrugged. To her, it looked like his usual death ray items.

"Kay, doc. I can get this stuff pretty easy, but why aren't you going to tell me this plan right now?" she asked, knowing that she was either going to be waved off or given a vague answer.

He turned his back to her and began walking away, "Why would I want to spoil the surprise?"

She rolled her eyes, "I should have all this by the end of the week. See you later, Dr. D," and with that, the thief strode back out the doors she came from. Maybe she could get some extra time off if she got everything quickly enough.

As the doors made there classic 'whoosh' noise, Drakken went over to his computer. "Now, to see if DNAmy will give me a hand with my little plan," he quickly logged onto the InTerrorNet.

He was typing away for a full three hours.

***After a week's time***

"So, Amy," Dr. Drakken inquired the gap-toothed woman who was typing away on her laptop and fooling with wires simultaneously, "the effects of this machine will be completely reversible, right?"

DNAmy looked at him and giggled, "Of course, Drakky-wacky!" she told him. The man had already explained the situation to her after he had given Shego two weeks vacation. He claimed that she had earned the time off after stealing everything he needed in supposed record-time. She didn't argue with that and raced out as quickly as she could. Considering his latest scheme involved her quite extensively, she needed to be as far away as possible at the moment. DNAmy smiled as she thought about his plan yet again, she liked the idea, but not it's purpose. Although she was considered a villain, she wasn't truly evil. Yes, she stole and did things most people would never in million years attempt, but there was none of the maliciousness that other villains seemed to radiate while carrying out their nefarious deeds. After snapping another pair of wires in place, she leaped about in glee. "It's done! Now all we need is a test subject to make sure it works!"

"I'll handle that, Amy," Drakken said. He already had an idea on who to test this ray on.

"So, what do you want me to do again?" one of Drakken's henchman asked as he followed his boss down the corridor, completely unaware of what was in store for him.

The blue scientist grumbled, but did not answer. This particular lackey was a thorn in his side, and he considered firing him, but not before he got to use him to test one of his latest inventions. The red-clad man walking behind the mad scientist was not only lazy, but careless as well. He had actually ruined more of his inventions in one week than Kim Possible did in a whole month. If the test worked, he would simply have him changed back and fire him after Amy left. If it didn't work, well, then it wasn't much of a loss then now was it?

The door whooshed open and Drakken suddenly took the lead. His soon-to-be-fired employee plodded along lazily. DNAmy didn't like the look of the man Drakky-poo had brought in, all the better for testing.

The blue scientist and the female scientist both directed the man to the large machine, its tower giving off serious amounts of electricity. The tubby scientist adjusted her glasses and pushed the red-clad fool into the strange, sphere-like holding cell. She then raced over to the oversized power switch, which was more like a lever to be honest, and yanked it down. The electricity from the towers intensified as the low hum the machine had previously been giving off turned into an astonishing whirr. After about ten seconds the machine made a ding and the doors opened, smoke escaping the cell and filling the room. It dissipated quickly and the two found a basset hound standing in the cell instead of the lacky.

"A dog?" Drakken, although intrigued, wasn't expecting a dog, just the opposite in fact.

DNAmy giggled, "Yeah, funny thing about that. You see, I put every dog and cat breed into the machine, and it changes you into either a cat or dog, and a specific breed of said animal depending on their personality. You're little worker over was turned into a basset hound. Isn't he cute?" she cooed the last sentence, picking up the poor, confused creature.

"Hmmmm… Very interesting. Now for the next part," he approached the dog, "Gregg, bark once if you can understand me, twice if not."

Gregg barked once.

"You understand what I'm saying?"

Gregg barked again.

"Good, good… Now to see if the effects are reversible," he took the poor henchman and threw him back into the holding cell. He grabbed the lever and pulled on it, the machine repeated it's process and puffed out the same amount of smoke as last time, and out came Gregg, completely unharmed. "Success! How wonderful!" Drakken stated in glee, part one of his plan was complete, now, what was probably the most dangerous part of his plan could begin.

"So, do I get a raise?" Gregg asked while Drakken was celebrating.

"Actually, Gregg, you're fired."

Gregg, although upset by this, had no time to react properly to the news, as he was grabbed by to other henchmen to be escorted out of the building. Good riddance, they thought.

After several moments of silence, Drakken looked over to Amy, "So, why does your machine give off so much smoke like that?" he asked, genuinely curious.

"Oh! It makes everything much more suspenseful and dramatic! Don't you think?"

Drakken stood in silence, unsure of how to reply to the statement.