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Chapter Thirteen


"Shego! Why did you leave so early the other day? And where is Kim Possible? I haven't even gotten to gloat over my victory yet!" Drakken whined as his most-trusted employee walked in the door. He had his arms crossed impatiently, a childish scowl upon his face.

"Oh, uhhh…" Shego hesitated, "she, um, fell off a cliff."

"What?" the blue scientist seemed baffled, "Kim Possible is no more?"

"Yep, sorry about that, Doc," she had a guilty look on her face, it almost seemed mournful.

"Sorry? This is wonderful news! No one can threaten me now!" he began to cackle maniacally, his obnoxious voice echoing through the halls. "Now, I can put my next plan into action!"

"Ooh, a new plan? Do tell," Shego feigned interest. She was more curious on whether or not the machine that had changed both her and Kim into felines was going to be around for a while. It would help her quite a bit.

"Actually, we're going to kidnap the world leaders and turn them into animals. And then I'll create robot duplicates that will swear their allegiance to me and me alone! The best part, we can just dump all the world leaders off at some shelter!" he started to cackle again, but stopped almost as quickly as he started, "I know how cliché it is, really, I do. But I can make this work!"

"Yeah, okay, Dr. D," the pale thief sat in her chair and began filing her gloves.

Drakken huffed and practically deflated from Shego's usual disinterest coming back. The mad scientist went off to go find Commodore Puddles, at least he would kindly listen to his plans, and even be interested!

The plasma-carrying burglar waited until she was sure she was all alone before going back to her duffle bag and unzipping it. She then pulled out a bundle of red, white, and black fur, with a pair of ferociously glaring olive eyes. The multi-colored feline was wearing a muzzle rather tightly around her snout. There was a look in her green orbs that was practically screaming, "Is this really necessary?"

Shego could only grin, "That's what you get for messing with my Fire Emblem save file!" she hissed, not wanting to draw attention to herself. Maybe she had gone a little far with the muzzle, but it's gamer code not to mess with someone else's save file! That was just flat-out taboo.

Doing what she did best, Shego silently tip-toed over to the large machine, released the muzzle, and threw Kim in. Of course, the machine was going to use up a ton of power and make some noise, but that was unavoidable. She shrugged as she yanked on the switch. The lights dimmed momentarily as the machine sucked in a large mass of power. It roared to life without fail, and Kimmie stepped out, changed back to her normal self not much later.

The redhead couldn't help but check herself over after stepping out. Paranoia aside, she looked at Shego who had a black sports bag in her hand. The green villainess tossed it to her once eye contact was made. Kim caught it with ease, not really wondering what was in the bag. She trusted her rival at this point, so she slung it over her shoulders.

The expert burglar moved behind the machine, opened a panel, and melted the contents.

"And that was for..?" Kim asked, letting her question drag out so Shego could just finish the sentence.

"Destroying the stupid thing of course, Dr. D needs to move on to his next big idea. Runing with a theme, -beyond taking over the world,- simply isn't his style. Honestly, he could do a lot better."

Kim smiled, lingering in the room a few too many seconds for Shego. The young heroine had to dodge several plasma blasts from the villain, who was smirking at her. "Go home, Princess."

She was at the door, but she had to turn and ask the question, even if she knew the answer, "Will I see you there?"

Another plasma blast. Apparently not.

When Kim had finally arrived home, she had found quite the surprise. Ron was there.

She was pulled into a hug at inhuman speed, the blonde boy had grappled on to her and had no intentions of letting go at the moment. It was only when Kim's face began to turn blue that he loosened his grip. "KP! Where on earth have you been? You left for a mission to go and get your cat -that's what Monique said- and then you just disappear for a week? I mean, really, you couldn't have left a note, or… or something?" He looked around, "Where is your kitty anyway?"

The redhead sighed openly, "She belonged to someone else. I had to give her back to her real owner."

Ron didn't push the subject further than that, he knew better. Instead, he began to question her about school and other things, every once in awhile comparing things with the Japanese culture he was living in nowadays.

Quite some time was spent trading stories and hanging out with Ron again. It was just an opportunity the youthful heroine refused to pass up. They began falling into the old routine like clockwork, like nothing had changed at all. Monique had found them at the mall later, just getting off her shift from Club Banana. The relief that had washed over the other girl could be visibly seen. One could compare it to something like a snake shedding it's skin. She ran up to her redheaded gal pal and basically tackled her. If it wasn't for Kim's constant sure footing, both girl would have wound up on the dirty mall floor.

Ron laughed at both of them, then suggested getting some Beno Nacho, like he always used to. Both agreed and fell further into old routine, waltzing down memory lane and enjoying their trip in the past.

When the day was done and homework assignments given to the happy heroine, she went back home and plopped on the couch. She had every intention of relaxing, but found it difficult to do so. She began to ponder why. Her hand moved to her stomach, hovering over it as though something was supposed to be there. Kim rolled to her side, trying not to think about it. It was nothing, after all.

She spent several hours rolling around restlessly, not in the least bit relaxed. Instead of wasting more time, since peace was not finding her, she set to her missed assignments. Most of them weren't due till next week, but whatever. Kim had always managed to stay ahead of most of her classes because her missions could eat up a lot of her time. She scribbled away for a report that was due next Tuesday, then realized five pages in that she was working on a different subject. Sighing in frustration, she stopped working (she did everything that was due the next few days or overdue anyway) and went to her window. Gazing lazily out at the snow, she let her mind wander.

Even if they were on opposite sides of the spectrum, could they really be… friends?

She shook the thought away, Shego would never do something like that. Be friends with a little goody two-shoes like herself? Get real.

The redheads apartment buzzer went off. That was strange, everyone that was close to her, even Ron, had a key to get in. Who on earth could be buzzing her?

She went over to the speaker to answer, "Hello?" she assumed that it could be one of her professors with more work for her.

"Kim Possible? May I come up?" the voice was garbled due to a crappy speaker on both ends. Many people had complained but the landlord refused to pay for a replacement until someone's buzzer broke down completely. Man, what a cheapskate!

Oh, yeah, definitely a professor, "Yeah, come on up," she pressed the button that would unlock the door and waited by her own door to answer it as soon as she heard knocking. Although she truly wasn't in any hurry to do assignment she already knew she wasn't going to bother doing tonight, she opened the door without any hesitation, the knocker hadn't even rapped the door three times.

Seeing the pale hand up in the air made Kim flinch out of instinct, she barely had time to react as the hand came over her mouth before she could utter a shocked gasp. The young heroine was pushed inside her own home and the intruder hurried and closed the door behind them.

"What are you doing here!" Kim asked from the floor, she had fallen back due to shock.

Shego didn't respond at first, walking over the redhead and plopping down on the couch she had become well-acquainted with in the last half-a-year. She set a bag down next to her, quite a large bag really, and waited for Kim to get up.

The heroine did stand, but didn't move from her spot, "Well?"

"Well? I live here since you were about a month into college and I can't come and visit?"

That was a good enough explanation for Kim at the moment, her good upbringing taking over, "Then, would you like something to drink?"

The thief smiled, "Water, please."

Please? Since when did Shego act polite? The redhead decided not to question anything yet and went off to get the drink. Upon returning, the master burglar was still there, much to Kim's surprise. She handed the pale woman her requested drink and sat down right next to her. After letting her have a few sips, she asked, "So, what's in the bag?"

Shego grinned, "Don't worry, Princess, I actually bought this," she picked up the large bag in one hand and set on Kim's lap, "it's for you anyway."

Kim eyed the large package, unsure of what to think. She decided to trust her rival since she had not only housed her, but let her run free in secret. She opened the bag and was met by the same video game system the plasma wielder had at her house, along with several games she had seen there as well.

A questioning look was met by a laugh, "It's yours, Kimmie. I thought it would be nice for those days when you have nothing to do, and I know you have them."

That was true, what college student didn't have free time everyone once in a while? Although the redhead's were far and few in between, she did have them. "Thank you, Shego. Will you help me set it up?"

"Sure thing, Pumpkin," a noise outside suddenly got the pale woman's attention, "hold that thought."

Kim watched as her houseguest went up to the window, opening in carefully so it wouldn't even squeak. She then saw Shego whipping plasma bolts out said window, the sound of what could have been three male screams followed swiftly.

Satisfied, Shego closed the window, "Revenge is sweet."

Kim laughed, "Should I even ask?"


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