Zero's dilemma is harrowing, for sure. To be pinned and threatened with hot ravishing by his own original body, his so-called 'friends' just standing by and content to watch, is sure to be tragic, sexy, and hilarious.

But let us move on, because we want to keep this rated M, not NC-18. As much as we all know a lot of you are pervs.

On the other side of the spectrum, although really it's not that far, Neo Arcadia is in an uproar. Harpuia, the most beloved general, had gone missing and the information was leaked thanks to come bitchy journalist who didn't know how to keep her trap shut. Said journalist now stood trial in the Black Water room, which was where Leviathan and her fellow water-based Judges made their trials. Fefnir happened to be there just because.

The Black Water room was a rather large square room, with a giant hole in the middle. Several hundred feet down, one could barely make out the flashes of light reflecting off the water in there, and only God knew what was in that blacky water. But he wasn't gonna share, so no one would ever know. Maybe Leviathan did, but she hated giving out secrets, so no luck there.

Leviathan paced in front of the journalist, halberd in one hand as the other held her chin pensively. She walked sort of odd, but everyone was kinda used to that, so really it wasn't odd to them. She glared at the floor when she went left, and glared at the journalist when she went right.

Finally she stopped and said, "We find you guilty."

"What!" The journalist (who, despite what you're thinking, isn't Neige) cried. "We just got here!"

"Yeah, and as all these people in here hate you anyway, I'm gonna save some time and just say you're guilty." Leviathan shrugged.

"This is madness!"

And the entire room went still. It was like everyone stopped breathing, all eyes fixated on the judge and judged. Leviathan stared hard at the journalist, who apparently was completely oblivious to what she said.

And then the mad grin spread cross Leviathan's face.

"No…" she murmured, then her voice started to raise as she went on, "This. Is. NEEE—"

"Noooooo!" Fefnir suddenly screamed, shocking everyone and making Leviathan freeze from raising her foot to kick the journalist. "No, don't do it, Leviathan! We're above that!"

His sister gave him a look. "What are you talking about?"

Fefnir stepped forward, hands pressed together as if begging. It was a very scary sight indeed. "We're above these stupid memenic media situations! We can't sink down to the level of the mindless hoards that shriek that phrase or variants of it just for cheap giggles! We're Guardians, Levi, and we gotta make Master X and our missing brothers proud of it!"

The other judges glanced at each other, because as touching (not) as Fefnir's speech was, it was Fefnir. As in, Fighting Fefnir… y'know, the guy that preferred to shoot now and never ask questions? Yeah, it was kinda weird.

Leviathan lowered her leg. "You're right, Fefnir," she said calmly. "And it's so cliché. I shouldn't follow the crowd, I should lead the crowd."

Fefnir beamed. "That's right."

Leviathan smiled pleasantly at the journalist. "Well, now that you witnessed that, you really do have to die."

The journalist was sweating so bad even the Reploids smelled it. Pretty gross. "That's crazy!"

"It's the way of Neo Arcadia!" and then Leviathan spun her halberd and slammed the butt of it into the journalist's stomach, shoving her down into the pit.

The ensuing scream was so pathetic, it doesn't deserve more than this sentence to describe it. The epic splash silencing it was a cool effect, though.

The journalist floundered in the water, and everyone peered down into it. After a few moments of frantic splashing, the journalist stopped and realizing nothing was happening. She looked up at everyone, head tilted and an unimpressed look on her face.

"What," she called. "gonna drown me or make me die of starvation?"

Leviathan giggled and yelled down, "The dolphins will wake up soon!"

"… dolphins?"

"Yup, all twenty! They're nice guys, at first."

The bloodcurdling scream after that? Yeah, that deserves a mention of being skin-crawlingly, distressingly despairingly awesome.

After that incident, Leviathan and Fefnir left the room to resume the search for their missing brother. Fefnir went racing off into the deserts like an idiot, while Leviathan, being smart and a female, decided it was a good idea to drop by Zero's and see if he knew anything. After all, they were sort of not enemies now, since the whole thing with Elpizo.

Leviathan had to stop and hide herself temporarily when she remembered that day. She was so consumed with her want to beat Zero, to prove she was stronger, that she let some pink clad gay freak kill the one she thought of as her dad! The only one who even tried to stop him was Harpuia, but then again, Harpuia had some weird obsession with Master X, borderline creepy, but still! She was X's favorite and she let him down!

She had to go hide and curl up in a ball. She also needed to cry like a little girl for at least thirty minutes, as much as she hated knowing that's exactly what she was when it came to Master X's death. It wasn't fair. Why did a nice guy like X have to die such an undignified way? At least the fake Master X died in an epic showdown with Zero, even blew up the damn tower!

Okay, she needed to quit. She lost Master X and Phantom, she needed to find Harpuia. Thus resolved, Leviathan got up, adjusted her waist armor, wiped her eyes and resumed her trek.

Zero managed to not get raped, much to your disappointment I'm sure.

While Omega didn't understand the concept of consent (no, really, he didn't. After he got off Zero, they all attempted to explain it, but it went over Omega's head. It's almost a relief to know the guy was still blond. Hurr.) and would probably try again, Zero had succeeded this time in fending him off. Although it wasn't something he was proud of… especially with how they got Omega off in the first place.

"It saved you, didn't it?" X said as Zero stomped back and forth in his room. "And don't be mad at me, a little extra energy was worth it!"

Zero had to play along. While yes, X expending extra energy to blast Omega off of him (and flared his robe up. Ooooh yeah, such a cute butt. Too bad Omega stared too) what got Zero the most upset was the fact that this whole display probably made him look like an idiot to X. Two for the original, zero for the copy. Haha, zero for Zero.

Someone shoot him.

"It's risky," Zero said after stopping his pacing. He turned to X, playing the emotion card, which was always effective. "I'm worried for you, X! I already messed up before… if you faded because of me, I'd…"

Oh, score. X came right up to him and hugged him, although Zero barely felt it, it still made his heart flutter. "I'm sorry, Zero." X said apologetically. "I just… no one seemed able to help you, and… and I couldn't let Omega hurt you! I…" oh no, X turned on the puppy eyes.

Zero had to resist kissing him or breaking down and telling him then and there. Instead, he tried to give X a—manly!—return hug. "I'm not… that angry. I'm just worried, X. I don't wanna lose you."

"You won't ever lose me, Zero," X said, complete with the charming smile. "We'll always be together, like we promised."

Whoa, wait. "What?"

X suddenly phased out of his arms and onto a chair on the other side of the room, now flustered. "Oh! Nothing, just talking out loud."

"No," Zero had to hear this story. Hope was flaring up in him, and it was a beautiful light. "Tell me—"

Except apparently God didn't like that hope, for he squashed it in the form of Zero's window shattering and himself being tackled to the ground by a blur of blue that wasn't nice, soft X. Sure, this thing had extra padding, but still…

"Zero!" Leviathan's voice screeched, and X immediately vanished to avoid being seen. He wasn't prepared to face the Guardians just yet… so he ditched his own best friend.

Damn it.

"Get off me!" Zero threw her off. Why the hell was her halberd poking him in the stomach? "What do you want!"

Leviathan was on her butt on the floor, sitting in such a little helpless school girl way that Zero almost felt bad for yelling. Except this was Leviathan. "I was just wondering something," She pouted. "Why are you so mean…?"

Zero huffed. "What were you wondering?"

"Have you seen Harpy?" Leviathan asked, her voice cute. "He went missing…"

"Oh," Zero jerked his thumb toward the door. "He's across the hall. He got his ass kicked by Omega and we've been repairing him."

"You saved Harpuia?" Leviathan asked, awed. Sure, he had sort of saved Leviathan and Fefnir way earlier, but, still. When Zero nodded, she launched off the floor and tackled him again cause she was so happy about her brother… annnnnd she liked hugging Zero. He was pretty sexy.

Zero sighed deeply, and would have hugged her back if not for the weird poking. He pushed her aside and glared. "What is wrong with your halberd?"

Leviathan smirked, and it was scary. Very scary. "It's happy to see you?" she reached over her shoulder to tap the weapon, although her eyebrows wiggled at Zero.

Creepy. "You can go see Harpuia now." Zero awkwardly waved to the door.

She smirked more. "Why? We're alone now…" she started to advance on him.

Suddenly realizing what she was talking about, his eyes looking to her weapon, then down, then back at her face. Zero wailed.