Blaise and Photobucket

Blaise just came back from muggle studies, they had studied a muggle invention called a computer, the teacher explained what you could do with the computer.

Blaise was so fascinated that he told his mother to send him one, as Blaise got to his room he saw a brand new laptop on his desk.

'I wonder how she got the computer in my room?' Blaise thought as he opened the computer and went to the internet.

'I think I'll search for photos' Blaise thought as he wrote 'photos' on google.

All of a sudden the page was full with icons, one of them was called Photobucket.

'That's a funny name' Blaise thought as he clicked on the icon.

As soon as he clicked on it, the page became full with pictures.

'Hmm.. Let's search for something that sounds fun' Blaise thought as he scrolled down, untill one picture caaught his eye.

'Oh, pick up lines! I can use them on the girls!' Blaise thought as he clicked on the picture.

'Ok, let's see' Blaise thought as he got a pen and started writing pick up lines on his hand.

'Now I can go on try them out on some girls' Blaise thought as he started walking towards the common room.

'Okay, I'll try one out on Astoria, I mean, she's hot!' Blaise thought as he walked towards Astoria.

"Hi Astoria, it's my birthday today! How about a birthday kiss?" Blaise smiled.

"Actually Blaise I'm sure your birthday is in two months," Astoria answered.

"I know! But I still want a birthday kiss!" Blaise complained.

"You do know that Theodore and I are dating!" Astoria glared.

'Oh shit, I'm in trouble! Quick brain think of something to say!' Blaise thought as he let out a little 'EEK!' as he ran out of the common room to the corridors.

'Okay, that was not very manly' Blaise thought as he searched for his next victim. 'Hmm... How about her' He thought as he looked at a brunette standing alone in the corridor.

"Hei, I lost my number, can you give me yours?" He asked as he watched her expression turn to surprise.

"Um... What number?" The girl asked.

"Uh... Your phone number, of course!" Blaise said.

"What's a phune?" The girl asked.

'Oh, no she's a pureblood' Blaise thought.

"Nothing, sorry for disturbing you" Blaise said as he started walking down the corridor with the brunette staring after him.

'Okay, how about that redhead over there. Wait a second that's a guy' Blaise thought as he looked at people searching for his next victim.

'Oh how about the other redhead, she's a girl' Blaise thought as he walked towards the redhead.

'Oh, it's Ginny' Blaise thought as he said: "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?"

With Ginny:

'Did Blaise Zabini just hit on me?' Ginny thought as she said:
"Oh that's sweet Zabini, want to come sit beside the lake with me?"

Back to Blaise:

'It worked! At last!' Blaise thought as he said: "Sure" He took Ginnys hand in his as they walked towards the lake.

Somewhere in the Gryffindor common room:

"I just saw Ginny and Blaise walking hand in hand towards the lake!" Lavander yelled as she walked in the common room.

All of a sudden there was a loud 'THUMP!' from the other side of the room as Harry and Ron both fainted.

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