Chapter Seven

As hard as it had been for Anne she had to shut Hal and Ben out of the hospital. Dai seemed confused and not himself, he was disorientated. He couldn't handle any questions even though Hal and Ben only had one.

"He won't be, he can't be," Hal was muttering to himself more than Ben.

"He was disorientated, he could be confused. He doesn't know anything for definite. Dad won't be dead will he?" checked Ben.

"Don't say that," shouted Hal.

"I'm scared," muttered Ben. Hal looked at him and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Don't worry, anything could have happened. Dai always goes ahead so they could arrive any minute." Hal reassured himself as much as Ben.

"I want him back now."

"I'll get my bike, I'll go look for him," said Hal letting go of Ben.

"NO!" shouted Ben.

"I know where they were, I'll stay out of trouble, don't worry, go back to Matt and be there for him when he wakes up."

"No Hal, we need you here." Hal was at the door, he turned around.

"Dad might need me there. If there's a chance I can stop him from never coming back then I'm going to take it." Ben considered this.

"Okay, but make sure you definitely get back."

"I will," said Hal before he disappeared out the door. Ben turned to go back to their room where Matt was probably sound asleep. He looked through the window of the clinic and saw Anne injecting Dai with something. Dai then fell asleep and Anne tided up some of the mess that Ben assumed Dai had made.

"What else has he said?" asked Ben coming through the door.

"Not much, he just kept repeating what he said."

"Do you think it's true? He could be just so disorientated that he thought he was the only one left?"

"I honestly don't know. I wouldn't say he is a reliable source but I don't want to disregard what he is saying," said Anne.

"My dad can't be dead," said Ben. Anne didn't know what to say so she gave Ben a hug, which he seemed to appreciate.

"Anne, help!" said Hal as he burst through the door with Tom in his arms.

"Where did you find him?" asked Ben.

"He was walking disorientated and I got to him just before he collapsed."

"Tom? Tom? Can you hear me?" Anne asked shaking him gentle.

"Dad? Can you hear us?" shouted Ben.

"Hal, can you take Ben out?" Anne asked.

"Come on Ben let's leave Anne to what she does best, we'll go get Matt," said Hal directing his brother out of the door.

"Do you think he's going to be okay?"

"I think he's going to be just fine."

"Did you see any of the others?"

"No, it doesn't mean that they're not still out there though. I'll get a team together soon and go out and look for them, when I know dad is going to be okay." They turned into the room where Matt was sleeping. He was curled into a ball, which is how he slept when he was anxious about something. Before the aliens it would be if he had a test the next day or something along those lines. Now he slept like this most nights. Ben said he was worse when Hal and Tom weren't back when he had to go to bed.

"Matt, wake up," said Hal crouching at Matt's side. "Dad is back, he's unconscious but he's with Anne. So he's in the best hands possible." Matt got up straight away.

"Can I go see him?" he asked.

"We can go wait outside, Anne just needs some space," replied Hal. Matt nodded to show he understood before he raced to the door. When he got to the clinic he looked through the window and saw his dad.

"I can see him," shouted Matt.

"He's going to be fine." Hal heard Ben say to himself.

Anne looked to the door and saw Hal, Ben and Matt all looking through the window waiting for a sign that they could come back in. Tom seemed to be stable and Anne was pretty sure he was going to be okay but without any hospital equipment it was hard to be completely one hundred percent sure.

"Anne?" Anne looked down and saw Tom had opened his eyes. Anne looked up to the door with a big smile on her face and the boys ran in.

"Tom, you're back at the clinic. You're going to be okay."

"The boys?"

"We're here dad!" shouted Matt as he jumped up onto his dad's bed and gave him a hug. He winced at the pain and Hal went to grab Matt but Tom held up his hand to show that it was okay.


"She's fine. Anne got the harness off her. We're just waiting for her to wake up now," replied Hal glancing over at Karen who still hadn't moved since they brought her in. Hal felt like he had neglected her but he was sure she would understand with the condition of his dad being unknown. Tom tried to sit up to see Karen.

"You need to rest," said Anne placing a hand on his chest. She didn't push him back down but Tom was very weak and it didn't take much to stop him from sitting up. He laid back on the bed defeated.

"I was really worried about you," said Matt.

"What happened? Where is everyone else?" asked Ben.

"I can't remember. All I can remember is it didn't go to plan and we had to abort. I didn't even know if we were going to get Karen back."

"You did though, you did it dad," said Hal placing a hand on his shoulder. Tom smiled back at his oldest son. Hal heard a groan from over where Karen was laid. He jumped up and ran over to her. She lifted her head. Hal was crouched down so his head was level with hers. It looked like it took a while for her to focus.

"Did we get Ben?" she asked very groggily. Hal beamed.

"Ben come over here and let Karen see you," Hal shouted across the room. Ben came over to Karen's bed and crouched down next to Hal. Karen smiled at him.

"We did it. We got you," she said putting a hand out and stroking Ben's hair.

"Do you remember the past month?" Karen looked confused at Ben's question.

"I think it's hard to forget the past month," she said sitting up.

"You remember being harnessed?" pressed Ben.

"Leave it for now," said Hal shoving Ben. Karen felt her back. Her fingers ran over her shirt where her spikes were. She looked at Hal, her eyes were demanding answers. Hal explained everything to her.

"I can't remember anything, the last thing I remember was going out to get Ben." Suddenly Karen started shaking uncontrollably. It looked like she was having a seizure.