AN: This is a standard disclaimer. Some people go to a lot of trouble to write them. I doubt they are necessary. After all we are on a Fan Fiction website, right? But RPF has further ethical complexities. My solution was to spell the last names of the two actors with a K instead of a C to indicate they are characters to me and I am not claiming to know anything about the real people. I started out doing that with Chris' last name in Ch 1 and then never got around to putting Darren's in as I progressed (working on ch 22 now). A reviewer didn't "get" it and thought I was stupid and not a real fan. Perhaps it has put off others who didn't bother to review. Also, on reflection, it is quite jarring to read. So I changed it back to the correct spelling and hereby declare I have never tapped the phones of the actors to discover they are secretly in love. I made it all up in my head. I tried Keeping Calm but it's Darren Freaking Criss!

They weren't actually friends.

A lot of people thought they were.

They were friendly, they got along great, but they didn't hang out together in their "spare" time - what little of it they had.

So, no, Darren wouldn't call them friends.

And he suspected Chris wouldn't either.

He always seemed to be busy when Darren suggested a video or a computer game, coffee or a jam session.

Darren had stopped asking.

There were plenty of friends and projects in his life already.

Sure he and Chris had an amazing amount in common and he'd sort of looked forward to getting to know him off-set but Darren didn't dwell on the mysterious busyness

of Mr Chris Colfer.

They often had long stretches to fill on the set and their chats and jokes at those times (shared with other attendant cast and crew) obscured the fact that they weren't

really friends outside of work.

Sometimes, though, the whole gang would hang out - usually to mark some sort of milestone for the show or celebrate someone's birthday.

It was a Friday night at a lovely discreet LA restaurant that everyone enjoyed.

There was a lot of musical chairs going on during the breaks between courses and especially during the extended dessert/coffee end to the night.

Chris moved into an empty chair beside Darren so he could chat to Ashley across the table.

Darren shared a couple of minutes' conversation with him when Ashley visited the restroom but then Chris moved on to chat with Lea at the other end of the table.

Chris had been feeling warm and peeled his jacket off while he was there next to Darren though and left it behind when he moved.

When he jumped up to accept a lift home from Amber he forget to reclaim the jacket.

And Darren ended up taking it home to return next time he was on set.

When Chris rang the next day and said he was passing by Darren's new place on his way back from a shopping excursion and could stop in to collect it, Darren was

neither phased or surprised.

He popped the kettle on as he would if anyone else was stopping by and greeted Chris with a smile holding the door wide to let him in.

But Chris hovered in the entry and said he'd just grab the jacket and go.

"I was hoping we could hang out, man," Darren said.

"Haven't caught you outside of work yet. I could really pick your brains on the writing front … Starkid's next show is in it's infancy."

"No, thanks anyway," Chris replied.

"I don't 'hang out' with hot straight guys.

I'll see you at work.

Bring the jacket."

And he walked away.

Darren had to admit it spun him out a little.