Author's Note – This is for UnwarierTitan789. P.S, I don't own Open Season; it all belongs to Sony Pictures Animation.

Two rabbits came running up to Giselle.

"Giselle! Giselle!" shouted the bunnies.

"What is it, guys?" Giselle asked.

"We have some very bad, horrible, heartbreaking news! Your mother is dead!" one of the rabbits exclaimed.

Giselle's eyes widened. "What?"

"Come take a look!" said one of the rabbits, and they both ran off to where Giselle's mother's corpse was, with Giselle following them.

Later on, the rabbits got to a river, and Giselle was shocked and sad to see her mother's dead body lying in the river. She started to tear up, and she began to cry while looking down at her mother's corpse.

"Mom… no… no…" she said quietly.

"We're very sorry, Giselle," one of the rabbits said.

"No, it's OK, guys. It's not your faults," Giselle told the bunnies. "Who killed her anyway?"

One rabbit told Giselle, "Well, it appeared to be a hunter. He just took out his gun and shot your mother right on the spot."

Giselle gasped as she knew who this hunter was. Shaw!

"Guys, I gotta go!" Giselle said as she ran off as fast as her legs could carry her.

"Wanna go get somethin' to eat, Gary?" one rabbit asked the other.

"Okay, Larry," said the other rabbit. Then the two rabbits ran off to go eat.