"Lisbeth, flowers that are in vases are supposed to die."

"But Mommy-"

Bella raises a single brow to our daughter, rubbing her swollen stomach slowly as Lisbeth relents, taking her hands away from the vase of orchids I had brought to my very pregnant, very sexy wife. She had always been extraordinarily beautiful, but six months pregnant with glowing skin…

My cock had never been so hard.


Willing away my erection, I look down to see my tiny God-blooded daughter holding her arms out to me – her sign that she wanted to be picked up.

I hadn't missed too much since her birth but it still hit me, sometimes, how much she grew. I didn't want her to get older.

As I pick up Lisbeth, my eyes meet Bella's just as her face flushes.

And I know what that means.

Suddenly, quality time with my daughter needed to go by faster.

I had a horny wife to see to.

Lisbeth eagerly shows me some of the things she had done during the day, her little voice prattling on until she takes long pauses to yawn. I pick her up and take her to her room, her big-girl bed dead center amongst toys and stuffed animals. We might have been immortal Gods, but Lisbeth was our first child and we were very eager to parent her in a way that we never were.



I pull the sheets up under her chin, tickling her little sides so she giggles. "Is Mommy gonna have a boy or a girl?"

This was something I wanted to know, too, but Bella was keeping it a heavily guarded secret. "I don't know, angel. It's a surprise."

"I think it should be a boy."

"And why's that?"

"So you won't be lonely with all the girls. Even Amy-ta is a girl."

I smile at my daughters' thoughtfulness – if only she knew how much I loved having my girls around all the time.

Still, a boy with Bella's cheeky grin wouldn't be so bad. Maybe I could take him to the Arena…

No, Bella would kill me.

Lisbeth falls asleep easily, leaving me to my own devices.

I find my wife in our bedroom, laying on the bed completely nude and smiling seductively at me. As if she needed to be seductive at this point.

I turn and lock the door.

And hope that my darling daughter sleeps deeply through her nap because I have no intention of keeping Bella quiet.

A/N: so, i won't be doing outtakes a whole bunch, mostly because it brings me back to characters i've put down but... Nehnah14 wanted to see a God-Daddyward...it's short, but there it is. as for a sequel, after Magnetic, i might look into a sequel - but i make no promises.