From Katerina Petrova to Katherine Pierce

The first, her true name, Katerina Petrova, the one Klaus knew her as, the one she shared with only the most worthy. Katerina, came from her grandmother. The woman who used to brush her hair by the fire in Bulgaria when she was a little girl. The woman who wore that disapproving scowl on her face as she gave birth to a baby out of wedlock, the most sacrilegious act to her family. The woman who, as elder in their village, banished her from Bulgaria as if she were no more than a cheap whore and not her own flesh and blood.

The next name she took just after she was turned. She fled from Klaus' wrath in England to the depths of Hungary. Katalinka Petra. Katalinka the name of a young girl she fed off upon her arrival and Petra meaning rock. She kept that name for the shortest time of all, barely half a century, growing sick of it and finding it culturally unsound as she moved into Asia.

Katrina Peta, an ode to her true name as her homesickness got the best of her, the vampire feelings off switch starting to fail as she surpassed the 300 year mark. She never thought immortality would bore her, but an eternity of night alone was starting to wear on her sanity. She needed something new to pique her interest and that sent her on an expedition to countries she'd never even heard of as a human but still she was left unsatisfied.

Kathleen Peters was the name she took when she finally found the courage to return to western Europe. It served her well as she posed as an upper class English widow whose husband had died in the war. She met Pearl in London but they parted ways before arriving in Mystic Falls a century and a half later.

The 1800s brought her to the Americas and Katherine Pierce and her eventual arrival in Mystic Falls with Emily, Pearl and Annabelle in tow.

She finally arrived in Mystic Falls and the thrilling chase of two brothers who were closer than twins provided her with more entertainment than she'd had in a long time.

Now, in the early years of the third millennia she knew she'd have to choose a new name soon but she was loathe to relinquish Katherine Pierce and all the memories that particular name held. I'll come back to it, she thought. In a hundred years, maybe two.