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"Let it be forgotten, as a flower is forgotten,/ Forgotten as a fire that once was singing gold./ Let it be forgotten forever and ever,/ Time is a kind friend, he will make us old."- Sara Teasdale "Let it Be Forgotten"

Harry watched as she rushed from the oven to the pantry and then back to the oven, flipping the chicken in the pan and then adding the noodles to the boiling pot. She shot him a sharp glance. "Are you going to help or just watch?"

"Did you want me to interrupt your carefully crafted system here?"

She shook her head and stirred the sauce. "I just thought you could go out there and maybe stop him? Or slow him down? Something helpful?"

Harry couldn't help himself, he laughed for several moments before standing. "When has anyone been able to stop him from doing what he wants?"

At this Neruda began to carefully pull finished pieces of chicken out of the pan and drop them in the sauce. "Dad, please, I like this one. A lot. Just go in there and soothe him. Just a little."

Harry left the kitchen and went into the study where Severus was sitting opposite a pale and tense young man. The two of them were simply staring at each other. They had been doing that same thing when Harry left the study for the kitchen twenty minutes before. He was fairly sure they hadn't moved since then. He put his hand gently on Severus' shoulder, and then caught the boy's eye.

"So Jake, how are you liking the Auror training program?" The boy's face showed grateful relief. He leaned forward and licked his lips nervously.

"I love it sir. I can't describe how good it is to be able to protect people. Not that I need to tell you, I mean you're Harry Potter and-"He stopped and swallowed, his eyes traveling back to Severus.

Severus drummed his fingers once against the arm of the chair. He said nothing, and simply raised one eyebrow. Harry had to suppress a chuckle. "How far are you from completion?"

The boy's eyes darted from Severus to Harry and back again. "Not far. I have a few months before graduation, and then I'll take the oath and begin the real work. Is Neruda almost done?"

Now Severus leaned forward, and in a voice that could have chilled a Dementor he asked, "Are you suggesting my daughter is not cooking your dinner to your desired speed?"

Harry squeezed Severus' shoulder lightly, and when the man looked at him he shook his head. Jake had turned a shade whiter. It was at that moment that Neruda stuck her head in the study. She appraised the three men carefully, and then looking at Jake she said, "Dinner is ready."

Jake almost fled to the dining room, and Harry held Severus back when he started to follow. The two looked at each other. "She wants me to tell you to tone it down."

"I hope you told her that there is no chance of that."

Harry shook his head grinning widely, "I told her that, but she's holding out hope."

Severus glanced towards the door distastefully, "He was a terrible Potions student. Another foolish Gryffindor that cared only for Quidditch and feigned nobility."

Harry tilted his head and pursed his lips. "Like me?"

There was a pause, and then Severus turned and captured Harry's mouth with his own. His fingers trailed down the back of Harry's neck, and stroked the sensitive point between Harry's shoulder blades. When he released Harry's mouth he looked him in the eye, "No, your nobility was never feigned."

Harry nodded and turned towards the dining room. "Just don't make this one cry Severus. He seems much better than the last one."

"Why does she have to date at all?"

Harry just laughed as he pushed through to the dining room. He found Neruda sitting beside Jake and holding his hand, whispering fervently to him. When Harry entered she shot him another pleading look. Harry watched with amusement as Severus entered pointedly looking at Jake's hand holding Neruda's. Jake swallowed hard, and defiantly held on.

After dinner Severus offered to walk Jake to the apparition point. Neruda flatly refused; reminding him it was his turn to do dishes. She turned to Harry. "You take him dad. I'll help father wash up." The pleading was back. Harry nodded calmly and then gestured Jake to the door. Severus turned and stalked towards the kitchen. The effect was somewhat ruined by his lack of robes.

When Harry and Jake had gotten to the apparition point outside of the wards Jake turned to him, "Thank you for taking me sir. Professor Snape is still rather…intimidating."

Harry nodded with a gentle smile, and then stepped forward into Jake's personal space. Before Jake knew what was happening Harry's wand point was in his throat, and his mouth beside the young man's ear. "If you hurt my daughter I'll spend the rest of your miserable life making you regret it."

Then Harry stepped back, wand already put away and the smile back in place. "Have a good night Jake." He walked back down the driveway.

Neruda waited for him on the doorstep with Severus behind her. The minute she saw Harry's face she groaned and threw her hands up. "The two of you want me to live here forever and die an old, untouched maid!"

Severus tilted his head, "Actually that is a wonderful idea."

Harry pointed behind him down the hallway. "Move on old man. Those dishes won't do themselves and you just lost your assistant."

The look he received was well worth it.

Harry lay in bed typing the last few sentences in his newest novel. When Severus exited the bathroom he closed the laptop and put it underneath the bed. "So are we running this one off too?"

Severus lay beside him and considered the ceiling. "Maybe not. At least he has table manners."

Harry ran a finger slowly up Severus' torso, tracing a path of scars up to one dusky nipple. "And he's a Gryffindor. I like that."

"Harry Potter. You have roughly twenty seconds before I flip you over and debase you. Is this the way you wish to spend your allotted foreplay time?"

Harry considered this, and then removed his glasses and put them carefully on the nightstand. "No, I'd prefer to spend it this way."

He leaned in and took Severus' mouth this time, tasting all the older man had to offer him. Long, graceful fingers worked their way around his side and up his back. Harry moaned as Severus began to knead the sore spots of his lower back, before pulling Harry on top of him. Seven years and still the man could make him crazy in only moments.

He considered his time before Neruda and Severus as his pants were removed, as those thin lips worked their way down his torso leaving a trail of fire. How had he ever called that living? A hot mouth took his flesh into it while slippery fingers entered him slowly. He tilted his head back, moaning loudly and reaching up to grip the headboard. This was living.