I'm not sure why I decided to do this. Oh, well. I'll just kinda dabble at it when I'm not working on other stories. So, here is the first oneshot. These stories will have only Kames and Cargan in them, unless there's another pairing needed for it. Ahem, so here's the first one! I put a lot more detail in it and stuff, the original is really short. Anyway, enjoy!

1. Gustavo's children – based off The Children of Lir

There was once a noble king named Gustavo. He lived in a large stone castle with his family. He loved his wife very much, and ruled the kingdom happily with her. However, she soon fell ill, and passed away one cold winter's night. Gustavo was very unhappy, and cried for several days. However, he had three children, and he knew that he had to look after them. He loved them too much to let them see how weak he'd become.

Logan was sixteen, and Gustavo's eldest child. He had hair dark as coal and pale skin, with deep brown eyes. He was small and slim, but very fast. He was the smartest of the three brothers; he'd learned to read and write when he was very young and often taught his brothers literature and mathematics. Not that they paid much attention. Logan would spend a lot of his time reading or teaching children in the castle.

James was fifteen, and taller than Logan even though he was younger. He was strong for a boy of fifteen, with thick locks of brown hair, hazel eyes and tan skin, which was often unusual in their region. He was stronger and braver than his brothers. He didn't care much for studying, and spent a lot of time learning how to fight from the castle guards. He wanted to join the army when he was of age, and often went on hikes and hunting trips with the soldiers in training.

Kendall was fourteen, and the youngest of the three. He was pale like Logan, with golden hair and soft green eyes. He was small like Logan, but as he was still quite young he hoped that when he was older he would be tall and strong like James. He was the kindest of the three brothers, and while his brother Logan would educate the little servant children, Kendall would play with them, or keep the lonely ones company when their parents were working. He'd often followed his mother allowed like a little shadow, chirping about any problems the villagers had, and the queen would immediately see to it.

Gustavo decided that he needed a new wife, so his children could have a mother. He married a woman named Rebecca. She was very beautiful, with long golden hair. However, she was very bitter and jealous. She believed that Gustavo loved his children more than he loved her, and this made her very angry. So one summer's day, she gathered the boys up and said, "Would you like to me to take you swimming in the lake today?"

The children happily agreed, because the lake was one of their favourite places. The three boys were splashing in the lake and laughing happily, Rebecca watching them before pulling out her magic wand. "You children have come between your father and I for too long!" she screamed in rage.

The children looked at her in fear, but Logan replied, "You can't kill us. We're the children of the king and our ghosts will haunt you forever!"

Rebecca laughed. "I'm not going to kill you—I'm going to change you!"

She waved the wand and started an incantation. The children looked at each other in fear as they saw a red and gold circle envelope them on the water. They saw Rebecca point her wand at them, from which the great light of a fireball emerged and hurtled towards them, burning all in its wake.

The fireball hit the water and caused masses of steam to rise about the children and they soon lost all feeling in their legs, arms, shoulders and head. They soon regained their sight only to see Rebecca laughing at them. James, who was not afraid, tried to attack her and flailed his arms about furiously but nothing happened except the splashing of water. He turned to look at his brothers only to see that they had all been turned into the most beautiful white swans ever seen.

Rebecca scowled at them triumphantly. "You will remain swans for nine hundred years!" she laughed. Upon thinking of the conditions for the spell, she only wanted the children to suffer as much as possible. "You will spend three hundred years here, on Lough Derravaragh," she said. "Here, every winter solstice, so long as you remain on the water you will turn back into people. When the sun sets, you will become swans again. Next, you will spend three hundred years in the rough waters of the Sea of Moyle. Here, you will transform every night. Lastly, you will spend three hundred years on the Isle of Inis Glora. Your spell will only be broken when you hear the bell of the new God." With that, Rebecca left the lake and went back to her husband.

As she walked into the castle hall, Gustavo hurried up to her and asked, "Rebecca, where are my children?"

"Oh, it's so terrible!" Rebecca sobbed. "I tried to save them, I really did . . . but Kendall fell into the lake and he was drowning a-and James jumped in to save him, I told him not to but he wouldn't listen . . . then Logan, oh it was awful . . ."

Gustavo wasn't listening anymore. He was hurrying out of the castle and running down to the lake. "Logan!" he called desperately as he stopped in front of it. "James!" He looked around, hoping to see some signs of his lost children, but saw none. "K-Kendall . . ." Gustavo fell to his knees, crying over the loss. First his wife, now is beloved children. It was just too much.

He was wondering what point there was to go on living, when suddenly three swans swam up to him. They were beautiful, with feathers white as snow. Somehow they made him feel peaceful. Then suddenly, one of them spoke. "Father!"

He stared at the swans in shock. He recognised that voice. "Logan?"

"Yes, it's me."

"Look at what she did to us!" the second swan cried in James's voice.

"Who?" Gustavo was furious. "Who did this?"

"Rebecca," the smallest swan said, sounding just like Kendall.

Gustavo began to cry again. His sons had been turned into swans by who he thought would be a good mother to them, and he couldn't change them back. He felt helpless, and felt he'd let them down. He sat there by the lake with them all day, singing to them and telling them that it would be alright. When evening came, he returned to the castle. Rebecca was waiting there for him. "Hello," she said sadly when he came in. "Where have you been?"

Gustavo was filled with rage at what Rebecca had done, so he used his magical powers to banish her as a demon of the air. Although he had managed to do this without any trouble, he still didn't have the ability to change his children back.

So every day, Gustavo went back to the lake. He spent the whole day with his children, telling them stories and singing songs for them. It was almost like normal, but every night when the swans stayed at the lake and Gustavo went home, his heart broke all over again.

Even on the winter solstice, seeing his children transform back into humans wasn't enough. He soon became ill with grief and loneliness. One solstice, within twelve years of the boys' transformation, the children were wondering why their father hadn't come to see them yet.

"He's always here by now," little Kendall said, a worried frown on his face.

"Don't worry, kid," James said reassuringly, patting him on the head in an attempt to comfort him. "Maybe he's just tired."

They hadn't aged a day since Rebecca's spell, and would probably remain at this age for the next nine hundred years. James hoped they would; he dreaded the thought of becoming old and frail, and losing all his hair.

The boys saw a messenger from the castle running down the hill towards them. "Children!" he called, tears streaming down his face. "I have a message. Your father passed away last night. But before he died, he told me to tell you what happened. I'm sorry for your loss."

"What will happen to the kingdom?" Logan asked.

"Your cousin Jett will take over. He's looking forward to it."

"Jett?" James said in disgust. "He can't run a kingdom! He's too self-absorbed!"

"This was your father's decision, and I'm afraid you can't change it." The messenger gave them a small bow before turning to return to the castle. "May God bless you, children. Good luck on your way."

The messenger left. The boys sat at the lake, numb with shock. Then James said, "I can't believe he's really gone. Now we're alone. Logan, what are we going to do?"

Kendall began to cry, and soon James was too busy comforting him, and crying at the same time. Logan watched his younger brothers in panic. They were looking to him for advice. But he didn't know what to do! He'd never been good under pressure, and now the three were left alone, with him being responsible. He was the eldest; it was his job to look after them. But it seemed so difficult . . .

Then he saw Kendall's green eyes and James's hazel ones staring at him. They needed him.

To Kendall and James's surprise, Logan began to laugh. "This isn't funny!" Kendall said angrily, another tear falling down his face.

"I know, kid. But, if you think about it, we're still alive, and we've still got each other. This isn't the end of the world. We'll be ok."

And funnily enough, they all believed it. The three hundred years on Lough Derravaragh were quiet. Sometimes they were visited by the locals. However, they were mostly alone, but when they moved to the Sea of Moyle, they longed to return to the warm, calm waters of the lake. The water of the sea was rough and cold, and the swans were often tossed about by the waves. They were injured a few times by the rocks they were slammed against. Here, they changed every night, and so every sunset they would make their way to a cave they had found and would sleep there, huddling together for warmth. Sometimes, the sun would set before they left the water, and the rough water was a great danger. Logan could remember several evenings of diving around looking for Kendall, or himself being rescued from the water by James.

Those three hundred years were the hardest of their lives, but it was soon over, and they were travelling to Inis Glora. When they arrived, they saw a monk standing on the shore, reading aloud to a group of young boys. They were happy here, away from the sea, but remembered with heavy hearts that there was still another three hundred years to go before they could be changed back.

The monk was teaching the boys poetry and literature. One boy wasn't very interested, and soon wandered off by himself. The boy was sixteen, and his name was Carlos. He didn't want to serve the church for the rest of his life. Truthfully, he didn't know what he wanted to do with his life, but it certainly wasn't this. As he wandered across the grass, he came across a pond with three beautiful white swans swimming around in it. He wandered over to them, smiling absent-mindedly. He watched them swim in and out of the water for a while, when suddenly he heard someone calling his name.

He turned to see one of the monks hurrying towards him. "Swans can be dangerous, Carlos!" he scolded as he arrived next to him.

"We're not dangerous!" The voice was young and sweet, like music.

But it came from the smallest swan, and so Carlos and the monk were shocked. "Did you just speak to us?" Carlos asked slowly.

"Of course!" another swan said in a loud, disapproving voice. They swam over to where the two were standing.

"Are you a man of the church?" the third swan asked the monk.

"I am," the monk replied slowly. "Where have you come from, can I ask?"

The three swans told the two people about everything that had happened to them, from their mother's death to the long nights in the Sea of Moyle. Once they were finished, the sad-eyed monk rested his hands above their heads and blessed them, just as a church bell rang out through the sky.

There was a flash of light, and once it cleared Carlos and the monk saw three young boys standing in front of them, one tall with tan skin, one pale with hair like night, one small with golden hair. They all glowed healthily, smiling in amazement and delight. "We're free!" the tallest yelled, dancing around happily.

The smallest one cheered with him, but Carlos could only look at Logan. When Logan smiled at him, his heart soared.

"So, now what?" Kendall asked, green eyes wide.

"I'll show you around the island," Carlos said, taking Logan by the hand and leading him away. Kendall and James laughed at Logan's blushing face as they left, now busy thinking up various ways to tease him later.

Even after nine hundred years, James still wanted to be a fighter until the end. Kendall still didn't know what he would do with his life, but he was the youngest of them, and had more time to think about it. And Logan had Carlos, so he was happy. They missed their old life, but they had a new one now. They would make the most of it.

Right! So, I'm not sure how I feel about this one. I think I'm gonna like the next one better. There'll be more slash in it, for one thing. This one only had this teeny tiny bit of Cargan at the end. Ahem, anyway, there are a few different endings for the Children of Lir, and I just picked the happiest one. Hehe, I can't help liking the part where Gustavo turns Rebecca into a demon, or a moth in other versions. When I was reading the original there's no mention of Lir being able to do magic so I was just like, "Oh. Well, ok then." Lol, REVIEW!