Scene: The Jungle-Somewhere in South America

Hancock: I hate it that those indians burnt down our cabin. Now we don't have a house so we have to wander in the jungle.

Mary(sitting down on the ground): My water broke

Hancock(frightened): OH MY GOD

Mary(preparing herself to give birth): I guess that the birth will have to take place here in the jungle.

Hancock: No

Mary: Why not?

Hancock: The jungle isn't a hospital

Mary: So what?

Hancock: The babies should be born in a hospital where a doctor can help you if a complication may arise during the birth

Mary: I am sorry to say that we are going to be stuck here in the jungle. I don't feel like walking because my back is hurting and I am starting to have contractions. We probably won't have enough time to get to the hospital for the babies are on their way.

Hancock: OK, Mary, we can do it your way

Mary: Thank you

Hancock: I don't feel like fighting with you because I don't want anything bad to happen to the babies

Mary: And now we wait

Hancock: For what?

Mary: We will wait for the babies to be born

Hancock(massaging Mary's shoulders): How are you feeling right now?

Mary (crying out in pain, she grabs hold of Hancock): I am having contraction and it hurts really bad

Hancock(holding Mary very tightly): Don't worry, Mary, I am here

Mary(continuously,crying out in pain as she endures more contractions): OH MY GOD, the contractions are coming in just like ocean waves

Hancock(removing a strand of hair away from Mary's face): Don't forget to breathe

Mary: Can you check my cervix to see if I am fully dialated?

Hancock(checking Mary's cervix): Honey, you are fully dialated. You can start pushing whenever you start having a contraction.

Mary(screaming from contractions, she starts pushing): AHH..AHH..AHH..AHH

Hancock(watching the babies come into the world): OH MY GOD

Mary(screaming as she holds Hancock's hand): AH..AH..AH..AH..AH

Hancock(crying as he holds Mary): Mary, hearing you screaming is making me want to cry. Seeing you in pain is one of the worst things that I can ever witness in my life. I blame myself for causing you pain because I got you pregnant.

Mary(holding Hancock very tightly): I consider having your babies to be a blessing. I know childbirth may be a risky business for anyone especially me to embark, but I am willingly to sacrifice my life for our children.

Hancock: I wish that we were at a hospital where you can get some medication for your pain

Mary(becoming tired): Pushing two babies out of my body is really hard work. I wonder are the babies out of me yet?

Hancock(giving Mary her son to hold): Here is Silas, Mary

Mary(crying as she holds cyrus): I love you, my beautiful son

(Having another contraction, Mary prepares herself to bring her daughter into the world)

Mary(feeling the urge to push, she yells): I have to push

Hancock(preparing to catch the baby): So push

Mary(crying out in pain, she screams as she begins to push): AHH..AHH..AHH

Hancock(choked up): the umbilical cord is tied around the baby's neck

Mary(panicky): OH God, Hank, are you serious?

Hancock: Yes I am very serious

Mary(choked up): please take the umbilical cord off of the baby's neck because it is choking her

Hancock(fearful): I don't want to hurt our daughter

Mary: Fiona and I might die if you don't take the umbilical cord off of her neck

Hancock(trying to untie the cord): OK, I'm working on it

(the umbilical cord still won't come off of Fiona's neck no matter how many times Hancock tries to free her of it)

Hancock(worried): I'm having trouble getting the cord off of Fiona's neck

Mary(crying): Fiona is more important to the world than me. I beg you to take the goddamn umbilical cord off of her neck. Just do whatever you can to save her life instead of my life.

Hancock(crying): Mary, you are very important to the world. You are not going to die because I won't allow you to die. I love you too much to allow you to die. I am going to save your life because Silas and Fiona need their mother.

Mary: Kyle, I love you and I trust you with my life

Hancock: Mary, I love you so please just keep holding on to your life for my sake

Mary: We were never meant to exist together, but I can't stop loving you.

Hancock(kissing Mary): I love you

(Anxious, Mary waits patiently for Hancock to untie the umbilical cord around Fiona's neck. Hancock carefully brings the rest of Fiona's body into the world. The sound of Fiona's crying makes both Mary and Hancock cry)