Hancock's point of view

Living in constant despair

and fear, I don't know why

I feel so distant if I am loved.

Living in constant despair

and fear, it is like breathing

without any air in my lungs

and undergoing rounds of

chemotherapy. My silent

cries for help, my wounds

cry out from beyond the

grave. The loud never ending

violent sounds of chaos in my

little private world invite you

to join in my self pity party where

you play the role of being my savior.

The invincible scars on my heart, my

tears capture your attention and

speaks volumes to you. You are never

once hesitant to reach out to me. Against

all odds, I remain resitant to share my pain

with you although you have promised me

blue skies. Unable to stand on my own two

feet, I hold on to your voice of reason like

a rope because you are my only last hope

for a cure. You love me enough to show me

tough love and have a little faith in me.