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A/N : Hi guys ! I'm here to share an idea that was bugging me for some time now. It's a Harry Potter & Star Wars crossover where Harry will go to the Star Wars universe, and it will be strictly Star Wars after that. Because I really don't like crossover stories where we see what's happening in both universes. I prefer giving my all to only one of them.

This story will be a Harry/Padmé. And he will control the force. Well I won't say any more. On with the story.

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The department of Mysteries was in chaos; yes, pure and simple chaos. Spells were flying in all directions, and cries of rage or pain were the only things heard in this nightmare.

Harry was doing all in his power to overwhelm the death-eater he was facing, for now he was doing quite admirably, and he wasn't the only one. Neville with his new acquired confidence was launching spell after spell with perfect accuracy; Hermione, like her usual self was faring remarkably well against her opponent; Ron was helping Luna and Ginny to put down two death-eaters and if the Bludgeoned hex one of the death-eaters received from Ron was any indication, they were doing all right.

Harry looked around and saw that not unlike his friends, the Order of Phoenix was pushing the enemy to theirs limits. Five or six death-eaters were disarmed and bound, Remus and Tonks were facing Lucius Malfoy and Rodolphus Lestrange, Moody handled three by himself and Sirius was toying with Bellatrix. He looked like he was playing with a kid, launching jibs and insults at his cousin. And by the head of it he was doing a good job at provoking her. Her anger taking the better of her, she began launching more lethal spells at Sirius, and Harry decided to finish his own fight and help his godfather.

With a good placed Stupefy the Boy-Who-Lived ended his fight and the death-eater fell to the stone ground with a 'thud'. Not losing his time, Harry quickly broke his opponent's wand in half and turned toward his godfather. That's when his heart skipped a beat at what he saw: Sirius was hit by a spell from Bellatrix and began falling backwards, exactly towards the "Veil of death"! It was like time itself was stopping and Harry was seeing all these happen in slow motion. The surprised expression on his godfather's face, the gleeful smile on Bellatrix's one, and Sirius' slow fall towards his imminent death... He had to do something, he had to save Sirius! He couldn't lose another member of his family to this damned war! He had to do something!

And with all his might he willed his body to run and reach his godfather before his incoming demise. That's when he had this strange feeling, like magic was flowing through his every muscle, strengthening, quickening his body. And in an exceptional show of speed, Harry blurred toward the Veil. But even this burst of speed accomplished from a desperate need to save his godfather wasn't enough, because nearly all of Sirius' body had already passed through the deadly fabric, and only his right arm and his surprised face were visible. Panic was invading the young Potter's heart and he pushed even more magic to his legs. And every person in the now silent chamber watched, as if in slow motion, Harry jumped forward in a desperate move to grab his god-father's hand, without even thinking of the consequences that his act would have on the lives of so many people... He merely had time to brush Sirius' fingers before the cold feeling of the Veil of Death embraced him. And under the shocked eyes of his friends, Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived disappeared through the Veil with Sirius Black.





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