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Chapter 8: One step back, two steps forward




With a painful groan, Harry awoke from his slumber. His body was numb and at the same time very sore. He could feel a solid object in his left leg. And when he slowly opened his eyes, he saw that a metallic bar was sticking from it, with old dried blood around it. His clothes were torn apart, and he could see his battered body with big chunks of skin missing here and there… He looked around as much as his current position let him, and tried to spot the Senator. Not finding her in his surroundings, he panicked a little and tried to sense her throughout the Force and got a very little response. Her state of health was dangerously low; she must have been injured badly during the crash.

Harry grabbed the metallic bar and with a cry of pain, yanked it out. Immediately, great amount of blood began leaking from his wound and he began to feel lightheaded. He already must have lost a lot of the red fluid of life…

Putting his left hand on the wound, he used the Force to heal it. Although, it only was able to close the injury a little; so that the blood flow stopped. Slowly, and with very weak steps, he began walking in the direction where he had sensed Padmé's life-force, leaning heavily on the nearly crumbled walls of the spaceship. After a few moments he arrived before the unconscious woman, and grimaced at her sight. She was in a really bad shape. Much like him, big pieces of skins were missing here and there, without even speaking about the large gashes caused by their fall, all over here body. Blood covered her head to toe, and as he approached her and looked closely, his eyes widened. A metallic bar, not unlike the one he yanked from his leg, was sticking out of her side, completely piercing her chest.

Harry put his left hand around her wound and tried to find a way to get the bar out of her body. But he knew that once he pulled it out, not only would it give her even more internal damage, but she would lose even more blood too. One thing was certain: he couldn't leave her like that. So, that left only one solution…his Kaiburr crystal.

Taking a big breath, he slowly began pulling the metallic bar, causing like he had predicted, another hemorrhage. Once the wound was open to the air, he slowly touched the pink crystal in his lightsaber, immediately feeling the boost in power from it. Without losing time, he placed his left hand on her injury and closing his eyes began concentrating on healing her.

Slowly, her organs began regrowing one by one, and after a few seconds her wound was nonexistent. Taking another breath, the young Black began working on her other wounds, healing them at a rapid pace, without leaving any trace. After a while, her body was in prime condition, and her state of health returned to a stable one; now she was only unconscious, and not in a coma-like state like before his intervention.

The young Force user knew that if he continued to use the Kaiburr crystal, nothing good would come out from it, but he had to heal at least his leg. With another exhausted sigh he applied his healing hand on his wound. And when he was more at ease with walking, he closed the little opening on his lightsaber and stuck it to his belt. He was already dreading the count that the blood tester would show, but right now more important matters were at hand.

He gently picked the Senator from the ground bridal-style, and began walking out of the destroyed spaceship. He had to find something to eat, because truthfully, he had no idea of how much time he had remained unconscious. And when Padmé would wake up, the first thing on her mind would be nurture. But he couldn't leave her alone while he searched for food, so he had to use the Force, again.

Harry looked around and spotted a big and wide hollow tree. Walking toward it, he gently laid the woman inside, taking his nearly completely shredded jacket off, to cover her exposed body. Then sitting himself next to her, he closed his eyes and began to meditate, slowly widening his Force-awareness. After a few minutes, he sensed an animal, a squirrel… That was strange, because since their departure from Earth, he had never encountered any types of animal from his planet. Well, that was a thought for another time. Gently entering the animal's mind, he guided it toward him, and after a few moments, the little mammal was standing a few feet from the tree.

"I'm sorry little fellow." Harry whispered, before with another thought stopped its heart.

Standing up, he gathered some wood and with a quick Force-lightning started a fire. After skinning the squirrel he put it over the fire and waited for it to roast, while slowly healing the rest of his wounds. After all, he must look awful with big portions of skin missing on his body. That wasn't really the sight at to which he wanted to wake the Senator after all…




With a frown on her beautiful but wicked face, Irriz S'botess watched as the little Escape Pod landed on the platform and Padawan Skywalker stormed out of it with a murderous face.

"Anakin!" the Twi'lek Jedi Knight cried out as she ran to catch him, and as she touched his shoulder, the younger one pushed her away, making her stumble a bit. "Anakin! Calm down and be reasonable!"

"Don't order me around, I'm not your Padawan!" the young man exclaimed with fury.

"She died, you have to accept it!" Aayla Secura whispered with force, taking him by the collar. "And don't forget that Harry died too! Don't forget that he saved all of us!"

"I don't care! He should have saved her in the first place! What was the use to save all of them…" Anakin cried out, pointing toward the Nabooian Guards that stood next to the Pod. "..when their role was to protect her? They are useless! As are all of us!"

"Anakin..!" the Twi'lek began, but was again interrupted by the Padawan.

"No! I don't want to hear anything anymore! Leave me alone!" he exclaimed before rapidly walking away. Aayla sighed and followed him at a slower pace.

Unknown to them, the Bounty Huntress was adorning a feral smirk on her face. So that meant that she had killed the Wonder-boy after all, and the Nabooian Senator in addition. How convenient. Now she would not only receive her 10 million Credits, but the fair share of the bounty on the Senator's head. Life was good for Irriz S'botess…




Lord Darth Sidious patiently waited as his servants escorted the arrogant Bounty Huntress Irriz S'botess, to this room. She had after all claimed over the Hallo-communicator that she had finished with the deed and killed Harry Black. And to say truthfully, he doubted it a lot. It was, after all, only two days ago that he had ordered all the available Hunters to go after Black.

Finally, his guards opened the door and the beautiful woman entered his domain. She had this devilish smile on her face that contracted her natural beauty into something frightening. Palpatine's own smile darkened. Despite her arrogance, she wasn't one of the best Bounty Hunters for nothing. And he respected that.

"So you're brining me good news, I presume?" he asked silently.

"Indeed." She answered simply, probably obvious that she played on very dangerous waters by giving such short answers.

"Elaborate." the Lord ordered, with an edge in his voice.

"I pursued the ship on which the Nabooian Senator was traveling to her Home world, with her Jedi Guards and Harry Black." She began. "And ambushed them before they had time to enter the Hyperspace. I destroyed their ship and to say the truth, thought that killed all of them. But somehow they escaped with a Pod. I chased them back to Coruscant and discovered that the only reason they had escaped was because the Black had sacrificed himself to save them." She continued. "The sad thing is that he died taking the Senator with him." She finished, a smirk adorning her face.

"And what guarantees me that what you are saying is true and that Black is dead? I have no proof of your deed." Darth Sidious said, standing.

"I have no physical evidence of course, but you can check with those that came back alive. That Padawan Skywalker and the Twi'lek Jedi Secura had had a rather heated discussion on the landing platform." Irriz answered. "I can assure you, Harry Black is dead."

"In that case you have to wait until I'm sure that you fulfilled our contract, before I can pay you." Palpatine said, launching her a hard look. "You understand tha-…" continued the older man, when suddenly the door to his chamber was hastily opened and a man entered, rapidly kneeling before the Lord.

"I'm sorry Master, but you have an urgent call…" the man exclaimed, with a ragged breath, probably due to running all the way here.

"I said I wasn't to be disturbed, fool!" the Sith Lord whispered harshly.

"I beg your forgiveness, Master, but the call is rather urgent..."

"Who calls?" Palpatine asked, annoyance leaking in his voice.

The man stood up, and after approaching the Sith, slowly whispered "The Nabooian Queen, Master…"

Sidious frowned and looked to his left to see a calm Irriz S'botess.

"What is it?" she asked, already knowing that no answer would come.

"Wait for my return here, and we shall continue what we started." The old man ordered, before storming out of the office.



With a quick pace, he arrived in his "real" office. Where he wasn't Darth Sidious, but Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. And after changing his clothes, he approached his bureau and switched the communicator. Immediately, a Halo projection appeared on his table.

"Chancellor Palpatine" came the voice from the projection.

"Queen Jamillia." The older man answered with a small bow. "What owes me the pleasure? I've heard the matter was urgent. Has something happened?"

"I fear it has." She answered with a grimace. "It has been two days since the Senator Amidala should have arrived to Naboo. As you know, after the assassination attempts on her life, I was very worried, and when her arrival on her Home planet was delayed, I tried to contact her. I received no answer, so I contacted our Nabooian Consulate on Coruscant, and imagine who answers my call? Captain Panaka!" she continued with force. "But that's not all. Apparently, their ship was attacked during the travel, and they had to return to Coruscant. The worst of all, Captain Panaka refused to say anything concerning Amidala's wellbeing. Even under the pressure of my monarchic powers… I'm sure that something bad happened to the Senator and the Jedi are trying to cover it." she finished.

"I am very shocked and surprised to hear this, my Queen." Palpatine began; gears already turning in his head, as his mastermind began to analyze the new element in his equation. The Queen seemed really suspicious about the Jedi. He was almost certain that she knew something else about this matter; but he choose to not ask now and see how all would turn out. "So, in which way will you precede, my Queen?" he asked after a while.

"Await my arrival to Coruscant by tomorrow, Chancellor. The Jedi Council has many things to explain; and if the answers aren't for my liking… let's say it won't be pleasant." She answered with a somber voice, a frown adorning her face.

That statement surprised even the Sith Lord. He knew that the Queen was very close to the Senator Amidala, but to take such measures…something must have pushed her to act that way. And he will find what it was.

"Of course, my Queen. I'm quite worried about Padmé myself, and would like to know everything so that I can help." Palpatine said finally. "See you tomorrow then."





While he was trying to repair the Portable Blood Tester that was damaged during their crash, he saw with his side vision that the Senator was waking up. Putting the device on the ground, he approached her with a bottle of water in hand.

She opened her eyes and looked around, immediately panicking at nor recognizing her surroundings.

"Good evening, Senator." Harry said, as he crouched next to her giving her the bottle.

"Har..Mr. Black?" she asked, again looking around. "What happened? Where are we?"

"We crashed. As for where we are, I have no idea." the young Force user answered.

"I..The last thing I remember… I was standing near the windows while everyone was trying to repair the damages caused by the attack of another Spaceship. Then, I remember being carried on your back, and the next instant we…we entered the hyperspace? After that, all is blurry… What has happened?"

"I don't know who attacked, but one thing is sure, they wanted us dead. When I arrived in the main room I ordered Anakin to activate the Hyperdrive, thinking that that would save us from the second laser shot that was nearing our ship. But that was futile. The weapon our aggressors used was a very advanced type. The shots were too fast and powerful for any ordinary ship. Hence after discovering that the Hyperdrive wouldn't be quick enough, I used the Force to move very fast and evacuated everyone to the Escape Pod, the problem is,…is that I overlooked you as you were standing a little away from the others. But when I returned to fetch you, my grasp on the Force wavered and I lost control. That's why you were able to see how I was carrying you." Harry explained with a sigh.

"But then, what happened then?"

"You have to understand that since the Hotel Fiasco, my control over the Force wavered every time and then. And the moment that I've lost control, I knew that I wouldn't be able to get us to the Pod in time. So, I used the Force to send the others away from the ship. A moment later, the second shot from the attacker cut our ship in half at the same time that we entered the Hyperspace. I maintained us on the ground with the Force…" the young Black continued, but was interrupted by the Senator.

"Wait. Do you mean, that you maintained us on the ground with the Force against the vacuum of the Hyperspace?!" she asked with widened eyes.

"Well, yes…"

"That's incredible! I didn't think such a thing was possible!" Padmé said not believing her ears.

"After a while I managed to disable the Hyperdrive and our crumbled ship left the Hyperspace. But as we left, we entered this planet's gravity grasp and crashed to the ground." the Black finished.

"But how had we survived then?" Padmé asked with a frown.

"I have no idea."

The Senator took a gulp of the water from the bottle and handed it back to her guardian.

"So, for how long was I unconscious?" she asked, examining her body and finding no wounds despite the enormous amount of dried blood on what remained of her clothes.

"You've slept only for a few hours after I awoke and put you here." Harry answered, showing with a wave of his hand the hollow tree.

"What about my wounds? I can see blood on my clothes but no damage." Padmé asked with a pointed look. "Have you healed me?"

"Yes, and before you ask, yes, I healed my wounds too." Harry said with a smile.

"So what do we do now?"

"Eat would be a good start, don't you think?" the Black answered gesturing to the roasted squirrel. With a smile of her own, the Senator stood up and approached the fire. And after sitting next to him and covering herself with what she thought was Harry's jacket, she examined their nurture.

"What is it?" she asked, eying the meat with a curious gaze.

"It's called a squirrel. A mammal that can be found on my home planet."

"A squirrel you say? Never heard about it."

"I thought as much. Eat, you'll need the energy." Harry said, giving her a big piece of meat, before taking back the Blood Tester in hand and continuing on repairing it.

"What is it?" Padmé asked, after watching him work silently for a while.

"It's a portable Blood Tester. I…contracted a Force related disease, and it's a way to show me how the virus is progressing."

"Force related disease? I didn't know such a thing existed." Padmé said, with furrowed brows.

"That's because I'm the unique case."

"What does it do, the disease I mean? Have you any theories about it?"

"Not really, no." the young Black answered with a sigh. "Eat, Miss Amidala."

"Please, call me Padmé." the Senator said with a slight smile.

"Only if you call me Harry." the young man responded with his own smile.

"Alright Harry. So, what will we do?"

"I think that it would be better if we leave this place and try to find a way to return to the Republic. I know, the chances that we find civilization or even something useful are very slim, to not say inexistent, but it's the best we can do for now." the Force user explained. "I meditated a little while you slept, and I may have a lead. I sensed something, but it is quite far.

Padmé only nodded and continued to eat her meat. And after a few dozen minutes the half of the squirrel was finished and the two Republicans sat near the fire, silently watching as it burned the wood to ashes.

"You should go to sleep,.. Padmé." Harry said. "We will walk the whole day tomorrow, so you'll need all the energy you can get."

"What about you, will you not sleep?"

"I'll take guard. I'll be meditating." the man said, and seeing that she wanted to interject, continued. "Sirius always loves to tease me saying that it's just an excuse to sleep. And I have to agree with him on this one, meditating is a great way to rest your body. Plus, I'll be able to sense anything approaching us."

"Alright then, goodnight Harry." the Senator said with a small nod before returning to the hollow tree where she spent her first night.



The next morning, Harry gently awoke Padmé and after eating the rest of the squirrel, they left their camp taking with them only two bottles of water and a few of Harry's devices that he was able to repair. Which consisted of the Blood Tester, a Holographic communicator that refused to send any messages, and a laser cutter.
They walked through the interminable forest for an hour in a comfortable silence, before the young woman finally decided to break it.



"Can you, can you tell me a little about yourself? We have nothing better to do while we walk, so why not find more about each other?" she asked with a hopeful smile.

"Erm,…well, why not." the young man answered, looking forward as if suddenly lost in thoughts. "Well, I don't know where to start."

"How about the beginning?" the Senator asked with a smile.

"Yeah, right." Harry responded, absentmindedly. And after a few minutes of silence, he began. "My home planet is called Earth, as I've said before, it's situated in the unknown regions. There is a sort of energy, like the Force, which we call magic that some people from my planet could control. Much like for the Jedi, that capacity came randomly, but our society created schools for such people. I was one of those people."

"What's the difference between the Force and this Magic?" Padmé asked, her interest spiked.

"I would say that, it is less limited than the Force."

"Less limited…?"

"Anything can be done with Magic. From transforming a chair into a table, to killing or even bringing people back from the dead…" Harry said darkly.


"But it is. That's why the Magical community hid from normal people. We were different, and they were different from us. We couldn't really live together in peace. That has brought many wars in the past. The last one being the most deadly and the one that tore my parents away from me." the young man explained silently. "The Dark Lord, Voldemort..."

"The one that you vanquished?" the Senator asked remembering their discussion on the balcony.

"Yes. Well, he viewed normal people like they were the dirt under his shoes. He despised them, and his views were shared by a big part of the community. That brought out a Civil war that not only touched the Magical Community but the normal people too.
Finally he came after my family, and that was his downfall. After he disappeared, the Era of Terror ended and I was proclaimed the Hero, the Boy-Who-Lived…" Harry finished.

"Wait, you said disappeared. Didn't he die?" the young woman asked with puzzlement.

"No. I don't know how, but somehow he survived. He became some sort of shadow, not alive but neither dead. Living a half existence by fusing with other living beings, like a parasite." the young Force user said with distaste.

"You've met him again then?"

"Yes. Four times."

"How old were you when you met him again?"

"I was eleven. It was my first year at Hogwarts, the Magical school." Harry said with a smile. "Anyway, it was discovered that one of our professors was possessed by Voldemort. And while our Headmaster was away from the school for an important matter, that professor tried to steal a powerful artifact hidden in the school, a stone that could give its user immortality. Voldemort hoped that with it he would be able to retrieve his body."

"Well, what happened then?" Padmé asked excitedly.

"I along with my...friends went after him and stopped his plans." Harry said with a faraway look, and she remarked the slight pause when he said friends. There had to be a story behind it... "In the end, I fought him alone and…he died." he finished making the Senator's eyes to widen.

"You…killed him? How? Why?"

"I don't really have a good explanation but my Magic reacted to Voldemort and destroyed the body in which he resided. It was accidental, but I killed him nevertheless."

"But you were only eleven! How did professors in you school let such things happen?!" she exclaimed with outrage.

"To say the truth, the Headmaster wanted me dead, and he wasn't the only one. I never saw it when I was younger, but every danger that I got myself into, was meticulously thrown on my way."

"But, why? Why would they do that to a kid?" Amidala asked, livid.

"Why people tried to assassinate you when you were Queen, or even now, when you're a Senator? Because you're on their way to power. It was the same for me. But it wasn't only the madman that wanted to kill me, but the Leader of Light too." Harry finished with a forced smile.

Padmé didn't know what to say after that, so she choose to stay quiet. She had imagined that his life wasn't an easy one, after their first discussion on the balcony. But now, she knew that he was another soul that had suffered for the sins of others. Much like Anakin, his childhood wasn't really one. Between a marionette and a slave was only a thin line…

"I think that Anakin and you are very similar." She said, despite herself.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Your childhood, or more likely the lack thereof, makes your upbringing very similar." The Senator elaborated. "Both of you had had it pretty hard for your younger years. Anakin helped to save my home planet during the Trade Federation crisis, a few years ago. You, saved your people by vanquishing the Dark Lord, and fought him after he came back. Then, both of you acquired the ability to use the Force. Anakin became a Jedi Padawan, a protector of the Galaxy and you-…"

"And I became just a Force-user." Harry interrupted.

"A Hero and protector…" Padmé corrected. "My protector…" she finished, giving him a beautiful smile.

"I…" began the young man, already trying to say that it was all a fluke and he had had help, by reflex, but stopped. That may have been true before he passed the Veil, but now…now he had done all that by his own power and volition alone. Without any outside pressure nor obligation. He had saved the day, and for once in his life, he was proud of himself. Maybe she was right after all…

Turning toward Padmé, he inclined his head in gratitude and smiled in return. But that smile didn't last for long, as a frown replaced it almost instantaneously. Noticing his expression, Amidala became serious.

"What is it? she asked worriedly.

"Something or someone is approaching us, fast." He answered, turning his head in one direction, in which she understood, the "thing" was coming from. "Very fast!" he exclaimed, jumping on his feet and readying himself for anything. But even he wasn't ready for what he saw fly over them…

"Impossible!" he cried out looking around frantically.

The Senator wanted to ask what was impossible, and what made him, one of the most powerful men she knew, widen his eyes in worry; when she heard it. The most frightening roar she had ever heard, that froze her to the bones.

"What is it?!" she squeaked involuntary.

"A Dragon!"





Palpatine patiently waited as the Nabooian Queen emerged from her Spaceship, along with her delegation. She slowly approached him and when she was a few feet away, he greeted her with a slight bow and a calm "My Queen".

"Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. It is good to see you in person, despite the dire circumstances." She said with a nod.

"Indeed. Now, if you would be kind to follow me to the Jedi Council Chamber. I am quite familiar with the Temple." Hearing no objection from the Monarch, the disguised Sith Lord led the Nabooian delegation. He was eagerly waiting for the oncoming meeting. The Jedi had no idea that they were coming, and their surprise visit could only work in his favor. If all went according to plan, things would be even easier to accomplish, and the Jedi would be only a minor nuisance.

After a few minutes of walking, they arrived in front of the tall doors of the Council Chamber. Surprisingly, someone was already waiting for their arrival.

"My Queen, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine." The man said, with a bow.

"Captain Panaka. I'm pleased to see you here, despite the completely out of place behavior a day ago over our discussion. But now is neither the time nor the place for this. We'll settle it afterwards." The Monarch said. "And, if you would…" she continued, and without waiting, entered the room, closely followed by the others.

To Sidious' surprise, the Council wasn't as vacant as he had thought. It wasn't the complete set but the most important ones were present.

"Your Majesty? To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?" Jedi Master Mace Windu asked with a slight narrowing of his eyes, only perceived by the present Sith Lord.

"I wouldn't go as far as say pleasure, as the reason of my arrival isn't a matter of pleasantries." The Queen said with a calm but strong voice. "I seek to know the cause of Senator Amidala's absence." She continued. "She was due on Naboo a day ago. And any contact I've tried to establish with her were fruitless. As you know, because of the last attempts on her life, I was very eager to have her home and safe. And you, along with your colleagues, assured me that you would escort her without harm to Naboo. I contacted the Nabooian Congregation here on Coruscant and surprisingly talked with Captain Panaka, here present. Which, if I might add, refused to reveal any information about the wellbeing of my Senator.

"I'm profoundly regretful about that, my Queen." Captain Panaka said in response, before any Jedi could form an answer. "But the Jedi Council instructed me to not reveal any information about the Senator for a few days. And as they said, due to the fact that I was on Coruscant and not on Naboo, I was under their jurisdiction." He finished with another bow. Jamillia narrowed her eyes and turned toward the Jedi.

"I will ask again, where is Senator Padmé Amidala?"

For the first time, Jedi seemed uneasy and exchanged a few looks, before Mace Windu spoke up.

"We don't know…"

"What do you mean, you don't know?" the queen asked, her voice bordering on strained.

With a sigh, the dark-skinned Jedi Master continued. "On their way to Naboo, the ship was attacked by an unknown assailant and was destroyed. It seems that the new guard that accompanied the Senator, Harry Black, sacrificed himself and with the use of the Force evacuated nearly everyone to an Escape Pod. Unfortunately, ha wasn't able to save the Senator, and they perished together."

"What?!" the Monarch exclaimed, losing a bit of her composure. "She died?!"

"I'm afraid that yes, my Queen." Panaka said. "As the Jedi Master said, the attack was too sudden and we were unable to do anything. I remember us trying to control the ship's trajectory before mister Black ordered to use the Hyperdrive, thinking that we could escape the second attack. But it was a futile attempt. We were guaranteed a certain doom, when suddenly, the equipage and I weren't on the ship's desk anymore, but in the Escape Pod. I don't know how, but Mister Black transported us there, and when we remarked Amidala's absence, Jedi Master Secura informed us that she was still inside, along with Black. But the next instant, the ship exploded and…entered the hyperspace." The Captain finished with regret.

That…was quite remarkable, Sidious noted. Again, the boy had made wonders with his prowess with the Force, but he was dead now. Out of the picture. So Irriz hadn't lied after all…

"Why wasn't I informed of this?" Palpatine asked. "As the Supreme Chancellor, wasn't I supposed to be the first to know about this?"

"We deemed it wiser to guard it a secret until we knew more, to not cause panic." One other Jedi Master explained.

Jamillia's eyes were wide from shock. She was completely overwhelmed by the news. Padmé was dead… She was no more. And with all her heart, she wanted to find someone to blame…

"Why…why wasn't the ship escorted? Wasn't the danger serious enough?!" she asked, looking around for answers.

"I proposed the idea to Senator Amidala a few times. I insisted even. But she was adamant that we follow the Jedi counsel." Captain Panaka answered.

"We, believed it wiser to take only one ship to attract less attention. We never imagined-…" began Windu.

"You never imagined that someone would attack her anyway?! You believed it wiser…!" the queen exclaimed, completely losing her self-control. "The Nabooian Senator died because of your wise counsels!"

"Clouding your judgment your anger is." Master Yoda whispered. "Understand you must that, all-seeing we are not. Stop the Force we can't from doing her biddings."

"Are you saying that it was all destined to be?! That she was supposed to die?" Jamillia asked with anger.

"There is no death, there is the Force." The little green Jedi Master explained. Mace Windu winced as he heard his old friend, and even Sidious forced himself to not smirk in amusement. That wasn't the right thing to say, at all. For all his wisdom, the old Jedi had completely lost his tact, and it was only a bonus for Palpatine.

"I see…" the Nabooian Queen said, in a completely soul freezing voice. "Then you shouldn't be surprised by my next statement." She continued. "From now on, no Jedi under any form, be it a Padawan or a Master, can set foot on my Planet. Ignore it, and the trespasser will be met with deadly force. As you know, before the Trade Federation crisis, our planet was peaceful, but defenseless. We learned from our mistake and now our army is nothing to laugh at. I repeat it, Jedi are no longer welcomed on Naboo."

"Your Majesty, it is unnecessary to take such drastic-…" Sidious began, but was interrupted by Jamillia.

"You may be the Supreme Chancellor, Palpatine, but I'm still the Queen of Naboo, and my decision is taken." She said with power. "And unless you can bring Padmé from the dead, I think it would be our last discussion for a long while." She continued, speaking to the Jedi. "I have nothing more to do here." She finished, and without giving anyone a chance to speak, she stormed from the chamber, closely followed by the Nabooian delegation.

Mace Windu sighed and shook his head. "That won't end well…"





"A what?!" Padmé cried out as she looked around for the creature.

"A dragon! A fire breathing giant lizard!" Harry answered, trying to find where to go to escape the flying beast. "Come on! We have to run! If he catches us in the forest he will set everything aflame and it would be very difficult to escape." He continued, as he extended his hand toward her. She took it and they sprinted in one direction. The young Black wasn't certain about himself, but he could feel something in the distance. He couldn't explain what it was, as if something was blocking his far-sight.

Another booming roar resounded behind them, and this time Harry cursed aloud.

"What is it?" the Senator asked, running with all her might.

"He is no longer alone…" the young man explained with narrowed eyes. "Damn it! Three!" he exclaimed.

This time Padmé began to really panic. If only one was so scary, what would three of those beasts do to them? She hoped against hope that Harry would be able to do something about them…

After a few minutes of constant running, they escaped from the forest and into an open field with…a strange building in the distance. Her heart swelling with hope, she pushed even harder, but the dragons did too, and gained on them pretty fast. Harry gritted his teeth and taking Padmé bridal style without paying attention to her startled shriek, blurred forward with a burst of concentrated Force. Unfortunately, his unique sickness decided that it was time to be remembered, by a sharp pain in the heart, that caused his muscles to tense and make him lose control of his members. The both of them crashed to the ground with painful grunts and for a few seconds, the Force user thought that he would die on the spot from the pain. Fortunately, the pain subdued and he forced himself to his legs. Looking behind, he saw the rapidly approaching dragons and forced his resolve.

"Padmé! Run to the building and try to enter it. Don't come out until I'm done!" he ordered. "What are you waiting for? Run!"

Amidala didn't wait for him to repeat himself, as she dashed toward the strange triangular looking building. Once she arrived in front of it, entering wasn't a problem as there was no door but an arch-like entrance. Without wasting time she entered and tried to find a window with which she could observe the young Black.

Harry for his part jumped back and took his lightsaber in hand, igniting it with a snap-hiss. And as the Kaiburr crystal's energizing abilities restored his depleted energy, the first gray 30ft dragon slammed to the ground with his powerful legs and launched a deadly jet of fire. Not crazy enough to see if he could block it with the Force in his current condition, he choose to evade the attack and with a Force-jump approached the dragon's head at high speed. Slashing his weapon in an arc, he attempted to cut its head off, but surprisingly the beast dodged his attack, and struck with his massive tail. Seeing the incoming member he back flipped in the air and landed a few feet away only to evade another fire jet, this time from the dark red dragon. Not liking the disadvantage he had against his opponents, he focused a great amount of Force in his left hand and launched a Force lightning toward the red dragon. To his utter bewilderment, his attack dissipated as if nothing. And as he remembered that dragon's hide was very resistant to energetic attacks, he dodged yet another jet of fire and blurred from sight, only to reappear behind the gray dragon, which a second later roared in pain as his right front appendage was cut off. Seeing the danger that the little human represented, the dragons decided to take off in the air and try to kill him from distance.

What were dragons doing here? And what here was?! No-no-no! Why the dragons wanted to kill him? The dragons never chased humans if he remembered correctly. So why in the name of all that is sane, he always found himself in such situations?!

Harry cursed the dragon's intelligence, as he dodged a few jets of fire. His would never damage the dragons at distance. His Force lightning was a perfect example of it. So what to do to make them land? An idea came to mind as he watched the three dragons fly over him. The last one, a black dragon, that looked the biggest, was for now the only that hadn't directly attacked him, which was strange.

Raising his left hand toward the gray dragon, he pushed as much Force as he mustered and with a cry of anger, slammed the said dragon to the ground with tremendous force. No waiting to see if the fall had killed the beast, he blurred toward it and with a rapid slash, decapitated the dragon. Two roars of rage followed his actions and soon he had to dodge razor sharp claws and spiked tails. At last he made them attack him directly.

When the red one glided particularly close over him, he was able to slash one of its wings and losing the momentum, it crashed to the ground like its predecessor. Running to finish him, he had to slide to the ground to dodge the black dragon's clawed swipe. Standing up, he prepared to sprint when an excruciating pain in his heart struck him again and with a cry of anguish he fell to the ground. What was happening to him? It became more painful with each time!

Looking around with a blurry vision, despite the agony he remarked that he was now surrounded by the two dragons. And if he was seeing right, they were opening their maws, ready to carbonize him. That wouldn't do. That wouldn't do at all!

With an ultimate push of will, he stood up and raising his hands towards the dragons, he snapped their maws with the Force, completely surprising them and giving him the second of edge over them that he needed.

Quickly summoning his dual-phase lightsaber in his hand, he pushed one button on the side and switched off the magnetic field that limited his blades length. And without wasting time he swung his weapon in a circle over his head, as the laser beam extended to incredible proportions. The result was most impressive, as the two dragons that just an instant before attempted to kill him, now smashed to the ground, both cut in half…

Harry smiled slowly and crumbled to his knees as his strength began to vanish. He had done it. They were safe for now; he could lie down and relax for a bit, just-…

And suddenly the pain returned hundred fold, and another cry of pain escaped from him as he clenched his hand over his heart. Opening his eyes he saw something wrong with his hands, something very wrong… His veins and arteries were glowing a light blue color, and as he watched closely, he perceived little cracks on his skin, all over his body, that were glowing a light blue color, too… What was happening? Then another spike of pain passed through his body, and the ground around him began to crack, as if under pressure. But only after slowly raising his head and seeing Padmé running toward him, he understood his situation…

"Padmé! No! Don't come closer!" he cried out. "Run back! Hide!"

But she seemed to not hear him, or choose not to…

"Padmé!" he cried out again, as another shudder traveled through his frame. She wasn't listening… Why wasn't she listening? Was she trying to die...?

With another cry of pain, he raised his hand toward the approaching senator and sent a Force push that hurled her back to the building, right through the entrance.

And that was only then that he let go…

Padmé was a little stunned after her brief but violent come-back to the building, but what she saw wasn't a hallucination, her eyes weren't deceiving her… Harry Black began to shine a violent blue light and after an instant of silence exploded like a supernova, creating a deafening sound and a massive shockwave that approached the building at an incredible speed. And it was only by instinct that she was able to jump further in the building, and behind a wall, before the explosion shook everything around her…





Harry slowly opened his eyes and tried to remember why he was in this state. Slowly, his fight with the dragons and what happened afterwards came back to him with force. His eyes widened and he didn't know what to think. Was he dead? After all, that was what Adla thought would happen after the critical level of the capacity of the Force that his body could harness was reached. Strangely enough, he felt no pain. Was it another sign of his demise?

Slowly, he sat up and looked around. He was in chamber with old gray walls, covered by vines. Not too far from him was a fire, which he assumed was burning for a few hours now, by the look of the charcoal. Looking to his left he saw that the wall was actually covered by animal furs… A few of which he recognized. Looking back to himself, he remarked that he was covered by a brown bear fur, under which…he wore no clothes. Where the hell was he?

Suddenly he tensed as he sensed someone approach and not a moment later a silhouette appeared at the door. The darkness and his drowsy mind made it difficult to distinguish the features. The figure entered the room and the fire illuminated the person.

Harry's breath hitched in his throat. There stood Padmé, her top covered by a medium sized leather band, showing her flat stomach. A little fur cape adorning her shoulders. Her legs were protected by a ragged leather skirt, fastened by a white cloth, he supposed was from her ruined dress. Attached to her belt, hung a lightsaber…his lightsaber. All over her body he could see bruises and a few strains of blood. Finally he looked at her face and stared. She was gorgeous.

"How are you Harry?" she asked, as she disposed what he thought was skinned rabbits, close to the fire.

"I'm…fine. I think." He answered. "What happened?

"Eum…well, you, kind of, exploded and vaporized anything around you. A shame that you vaporized the dragons along with everything else. They seemed to have quite a mass of meat on them…" she explained absentmindedly, shocking the young man. Not because he exploded, but because of how she behaved. This wasn't the Senator Amidala he knew. This was the Padmé that had thrown Anakin's mind trick off.

"But what happened then?" he asked.

"I found you in the crater, ehm…indecent." She began. That explained his state of dress. "I dragged you here and tried to wake you up, but you gave no response. I thought you were in a coma. Surprisingly, you were unhurt. Then the problem arose. We didn't have any food so I took your lightsaber, which was fortunately intact, and went to the forest. I caught the little animal you made me eat on the first day, a…"

"A squirrel…"

"Yes, a squirrel. After that, what I really did was to try and survive." She said with a smile.

"Well, you did a great job Padmé, I'm impressed." Harry said with his own smile.

"Thank you." Amidala whispered. "Are you hungry? Oh, don't answer that! Of course you're hungry! You haven't eaten in five days."

"Five days?!" the young man exclaimed. Now, he was even more impressed by her. Five days, alone, in the middle of nowhere… Remarkable.

"Alright, those rabbits should be great." Harry proposed.

"Ah, so they are called rabbits? I called them jumping squirrels…" she said, making the Black laugh, for the first time in a while. When suddenly he sensed something. As if the Force called him… He turned to his right and saw a strange pyramid-shaped object.

"What is it?" he asked.

"I don't know. I stumbled upon it on one of my searches of this building. Tried to open it but never arrived to." She answered, taking the thing and approaching the young man.

And as he touched it, a strong light escaped from the tip and a Halo projection appeared before them.

"Greetings, Harry James Potter." The figure said. It was actually a woman, of middle age with short hair.

"What-..?! How do you know my name?!" Harry exclaimed, as Padmé tensed and took the lightsaber in hand, ready for anything. "Who are you, and where are we?" he asked.

"Oh, I'm merely Holocron, as you can see; I'm just a saved memory. As for my name? I was called many names during my existence. But my real name is, Meetra Surik. And I welcome you on the Planet Gama45T, otherwise known as…Earth…"





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