Hey everyone, as promised, this is my new fanfiction that i've with the help of my Fabulous friend Becca (who unfortunitly does not have Fanfiction). we hope you enjoy it and we look forward to hearing your reviews.

Lot's of random love, Katie and Becca

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unfortunatly we don't own Teen Titans, but if we did it would still be going on...

oh, and there would be more Garfield and Rachel action... hehehe

on with the story!


Far, Far away, in a kingdom so vast, eight young adults are about to meet for the beginning of a spectacular adventure.

So welcome to the lives of Princess Rachel, Future Queen of Jump Wood and Bride to be of the Great Joker, King Garfield of Gothamshire! As well as their loyal and ever growing army of friends and servants.

Lady Korianna, the feisty mistress who doesn't know what she wants. Lord Richard and his Brother, Jason. One fierce and possessive, always having what the other wants, the other quiet, dismissive, always second best.

And then there are the Servants, Jenny, her clumsiness always the source of trouble in the kitchens, but Rachel's most loyal maid. Karen, a sweet and gentle flower, always there when her mistress, Korianna, when she needs her the most. And finally, Victor, Lord Richards most handy Servant! Strong and noble, and lets not forget his understanding of the world! Such a shame the poor mans been struck out of luck….

So you've met the characters, but are you ready for the tale? Along the unsteady road we go, where anything can happen. Many characters are still itching to be introduced! So don't keep them waiting….