Here's a repeat from 'the Stolen Earth'...

The Doctor awoke and found himself on a street in the middle of London. It was dark, meaning it was either night or he was still looking back at his memories from the day the Daleks took the Earth.

The Doctor looked up at the sky. Yep, he was still watching the day that the Daleks took the Earth. He then looked down and that was when he heard the sound of the TARDIS. The Doctor turned around to see the TARDIS landing. He ran to a nearby hiding spot he hid behind a wheelie bin. He prayed that no-one would see him. This wasn't exactly his best hiding spot, he was down a street in the middle of London, and his tenth self and Donna were about to come out of the TARDIS. He didn't exactly have much time to find a decent spot.

The Doctor watched as 10 and Donna came out of the TARDIS. 11 stiffened, he hoped that he wouldn't be seen. He watched as his tenth self asked Donna what Rose had said when Donna had landed up being in a parallel world. 11 couldn't help but smile as he watched his past self turn around to see Rose over in the distance. 11 had noticed Rose a little while ago, and he couldn't help but smile when she appeared. He then noticed that 10 was running. 11 remembered running faster than ever before. He had run away from Daleks, Cybermen, you name it, but the fasted he could ever remember running was when he saw Rose in the distance after two years- two hard and unbearable years- apart.

11 then noticed the Dalek coming towards 10 and Rose. Donna looked terrified and 11 was praying that Jack would turn up and shoot the Dalek before it could do any damage, but he knew that Jack would turn up after he had been shot. Damn Dalek! Ruin everything and caused Donna and Rose fear.

"Exterminate!" The Dalek said. 11 tensed and covered his ears with his hands. He didn't want to watch but he did. 11 flinched as soon as the Dalek's ray hit 10 and he collapsed to the ground.

11 saw Rose run up to him and that was when Jack came into view. Jack shot the Dalek and he and Donna ran up to 10 as well.

"Rose," 11 heard 10 say.


"Long time no see." 10 was struggling to talk and 11 remembered how much pain he had been in. He had tried not to let the pain stop him from taking to Rose. His Rose.

"Been busy y'know." Rose said. 11 watched as 10 groaned in agony. "Don't die, oh, my God don't die." 11 could see Rose was close to tears and he knew that there was nothing he could have done at that point to reassure her. He had been in too much pain to do so.

"Get, him into the TARDIS, quick!" Jack said as he ran up to them. 11 watched as Rose and Donna lifted 10 and dragged him into the TARDIS. Jack picked up Rose's gun and held both his and hers at the ready, just in case there were anymore Daleks hiding in the shadows.

11 felt sorry for what he had put Rose and Donna through, Jack had been quite calm. He hadn't meant for this to happen, he didn't expect to be shot down by a Dalek when he was finally reunited with Rose. He wished he had told Donna beforehand about him being able to regenerate. The Doctor knew that companions didn't take it too well if you say you're about to change right before it happens. He had learnt that with Rose. Maybe he should have told Amy and Rory, but oh well, there was no need now. After all these repeats no-one in the universe(s) would remember him.

The Doctor saw the light right where the TARDIS was parked. The Doctor walked up to it, but before he went through, he put his ear to the door and listened, he could hear the sound of Donna shouting at him and he could hear Rose crying. Two sounds he didn't like to hear. One) Donna's shouting gave him earache, but he daren't tell her that because he was afraid of being slapped. Two) every time Rose cried in front of him, his hearts broke, because most of the time it was his fault. He loved her more than anything and the last thing he wanted to do was make her cry.

The Doctor pulled away from the TARDIS door and walked through the light; to his next repeat.

So there's that one. Hope you liked it! Please let me know what you think.

Oh, by the way, I am trying to write the next chapter of 'Possessed?' I don't know when it'll be up, but I hope it's not too long, it's quite hard to write. You'll probably get another repeat before you get chapter 5 of that.

Oh and does anyone know where I can get Doctor Who series 3 transcripts? Because the next one is in series three and I don't watch that very often, for the simple fact I'm not a big fan of Martha.

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