The lights turn on and audience is welcomed by Gold, who unfortunately is sporting a black eye and a broken arm.

"Hello my loyal viewers and welcome to another episode of Gold's Guide to Women. You may be wondering what happened to me, so I will tell you. After the last episode, both Super Serious Girl and Misty ambushed me. Now that might sound like a good thing, to have to women all over you, but unfortunately, they were none too happy about the first episode. Regardless, the show will go on and there is nothing they can do about it!

"With today's topic, I have invited a special guest who will help me discuss it. Please welcome my sempai, Red!"

Applause was heard as Gold's Ambipom, Ataro, was dragging the leader of the Dexholders up on stage. Red gave Gold a deadpan look as he sat in one of the chairs on stage.

"Gold, what are you doing?"

"Hosting a show. Last week, the topic was breasts. This time the topic is one of my personal favorite parts of a woman – the butt."


"That's right – the butt! With proper care, the firm backside of a woman can become one of their sexier attributes, especially if it's heart shaped. Plus, if a woman has a fine looking ass, you are almost guaranteed that she'll also have a wide sexy set of hips on her to go with it. I like to call that the two for one special," said Gold with a perverted laugh.

"Gold, why the hell am I here?" questioned Red, starting to get annoyed.

"I brought you here, Sempai, because you're an expert on the subject at hand."

"…How am I an expert?"

"Your girlfriend is Blue, who probably has the sexiest looking ass out of any of the girls we know!" exclaimed Gold. He then added in his mind. 'I should know since I got a good feel of it when I first met her.'


"I bet she looks even sexier in a lacy thong, right Sempai?"

Red's face became his namesake as images of Blue, wearing nothing but lace and silk undergarments, ran through his mind. He quickly wiped his nose as he felt the oncoming flow of blood. He was about to reprimand his student when the door off to the left suddenly exploded. Gold and Red looked over to see a very lived Silver standing in front of his Rhyperior. Standing on the sides of Silver were an equally livid Crys and Misty, who both seem to have some unfinished business from last week. All three were glaring at Gold, though Silver's glare was also directed towards Red.

"Any last words before we kill you, Gold?" questioned Crys with a growl.

Gold turned to the camera. "Tune in next week, should I be alive, for another episode of Gold's Guide to Women. Run, Sempai!"

The two boys ran for their lives as Silver, Crys, and Misty chased them.

Meanwhile, Blue, who had been watching the show, was laughing her ass off.

"Poor Red. Dragged down because Gold's an idiot," said Blue with a smile as she walked over to the closet. Her smile became a grin as she pulled out a sexy lingerie outfit. "Let's see if I can make his day better when he gets home."



Another episode finished with Gold once again being attacked and Red unfortunately being dragged along as well.