Rating/Warning(s)/Note(s): T, Parkward
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Prompt: Steel

Summary: Just to catch everyone up, Bella met Edward when she was walking in a park. She saw him stretching and was so taken with his posterior that she tripped over a railing and into some rose bushes. Edward, a young doctor, came to her rescue, taking her to his clinic across the street to treat her wounds. There Bella met Edward's best friend and fellow doctor, Tanya, who told her that he had been watching her for weeks and finally worked up the nerve to go meet her.

Edward and Bella have been dating for a few months. She learned that he has piles of student loans, is barely scraping by as he and Tanya begin their new practice, has a close-knit family, still lives at home to cut costs, and likes things very neat and tidy. Edward has learned that Bella is an editor, quite unorganized, has a best friend named Jacob, is very careful with money and gets along quite well with Tanya. Because they are older (Edward is 31 and Bella now 28) they have been very open about where they wanted the relationship to go. As a result, after only a few months, they are engaged.

Currently they are at a food court. Bella was shopping with Alice and purchased a dress for the opening of the opera, something Edward's family goes to every year. They are planning on flying to Jacksonville so he can meet Renee, but are also trying to fit in when they will get married. Waiting for the 'I dos' is becoming increasingly difficult for them.

Also of note, when I started this story I had Rosalie pregnant. Later on I had her trying to get pregnant. *facepalm* That's what happens when I write from prompts and don't outline! Let's just go with her not pregnant, shall we?

"I've got a surprise for you," Edward said right before stealing one of my fries and popping it into his mouth.

"Other than the fact that you're stealing my food?" I asked, grabbing for one of his onion rings. He watched open-mouthed as I crunched into the ring, enjoying the crisp texture of the batter. "What? You ate a fry."

"There are fewer onion rings, so you've eaten a greater percentage of my meal than I have of yours." When I rolled my eyes he shook his head, took hold of both containers and dumped them in the middle of the tray, much to Alice's delight. "There, now we just eat whatever our fingers grab. Do you want to hear my surprise or not?"

"Go ahead," I prompted, taking another ring and dunking it liberally in fry sauce.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. It was an itinerary. "I talked with Tanya, and she is fine with us flying out to see your mom the weekend before the opera opening. We'll have the opera the next weekend, which the clinic will close for, and then we can get married a week after that." Another paper was placed on top of the first one. "Her mom is a travel agent and found us a ten-day cruise to the Bahamas, or we can go to the Yucatan, whichever you prefer. You do have a passport, right?"

I gaped at him for a moment as he smiled broadly at me. "Let me get this straight. You want to fly down to see my mom one weekend, go to the opera gala the next, and get married on the following?" He nodded, giving me a huge smile. "And nobody in my family knows the wedding is so soon? Honey, I hope you have a vest made of steel, because my dad is going to want to shoot you, thinking you got me pregnant, and my mom is going to crush you from hugging you so hard."

He took my hand, entwining his fingers with mine. "What you haven't realized is that we've moved visiting your mom up two weeks, which is two weeks from today, and we'll be married in a month, three days after your birthday."

"We could be married in a month?" The noise of the food court dissolved from around me as my entire focus centered on Edward. A month. No more waiting. No more nights of kissing him good-bye only to lie awake frustrated. My smile had to at the very least match his. It was a good thing there was a roof over us or satellites might have misinterpreted the beaming as a nuclear explosion.

There was no missing the shrieking, however. "A month?" Alice exclaimed. "What kind of wedding can you have in a month? How will you fly Bella's parents in? You'll need to get the tickets right away. I know you planned on mom and dad's backyard, but it's not ready. Then there's the caterers, flowers, Bella's dress, how on earth will you get it all done?"

"We're in a mall, Alice, we can probably find a white dress without too much trouble," I said. She looked at me as if I'd lost my mind.

"It'll be the end of September, it might still be warm. I think a white sundress would be nice," Edward said, obviously biting the inside of his cheek and decidedly not looking at Alice. "Maybe in cotton? I like to wear cotton dress shirts. They're cooler."

"Oh, good idea. I could probably get some daisies to carry. It might be cheaper if we go to some home remodeling store and just by some potted ones. We can plant them in your parent's yard and cut the prettiest ones for my bouquet just before the wedding." Alice's face was going back and forth between puce and bright red. Her hands were waving in the air and she was making choking sounds.

"I wonder if McDonald's caters," Edward added. It finally tipped her over the edge.

For those poor souls who don't know what fry sauce is, it is a concoction made from ketchup and mayonaise with a dash of mustard. Some places put in pickles as well, but I prefer it without.