Title: Konoha High my playboy my broken heart

Characters: Naruto Uzumaki, Kagome Higurashi, Sasuke Uchiha.

"OMG i can't believe it". My friend Seara squealed as she gazed the paper. "You're actually going to Konoha High School." Once again she squealed.

"For the fourth time, Seara I know." I laughed.

The white haired-girl looked at me and gasped "Who are you? Konoha High is one of the most prestigious, schools in the whole world. You should be proud." She said as her eyes rested on my shoulder.

"You need to change your look. Maybe you can adopt a new style."

Oh no not again. "Seara, help me pack my stuff would you? And if you behave and take good grades you can spend the holidays with me. What do you think?" Again I received a squeal as an answer.


And that was my day. I don't have lots of friends so that's easy. "I heard that you will study in the same class as the Hyuga Neji, Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto and Yamanaka Ino an-"

"Ok. That's enough. You and the others need to stay away from their lives. For God sakes they are people like us."

"Again who are you? They are celebrities. Grow up would you?"

"Oh you didn't say that!" I played as my best friend giggled.

"Who are you going to use these for? Hum?" she said as my lanced dark pink panties rested on the tip of her finger.

I blushed as I snatched them. "No-one." She smirked evilly as I turned my back to her and continued to pack my stuff.

"Huuh. I can't believe you're still virgin. I bet you will have lots of adventures there." I spun around and tossed one big pillow to her face.

"You don't need to be ashamed. That's totally normal." And our last pillow fight had begun.


The day was amazing. Seara decided to spend the night at my house. I don't have parents so I don't need to plead them so someone could sleep there.

"Humm. This is delicious." She said with her mouth full of food.

"I know you like with extra sauce." I smiled gently. But then…Seara become quiet. I looked at her and her face was full of sadness.

With the tip of her fork Seara played with the food, with no reason as she spoke. "I will miss you." I knew I had to do something before she started to cry.

I cuddled her with comfort. She was the only person I could call sister and friend. "This is not a goodbye….I'll see you soon, I promise." I whispered as she silently cried. We stayed like that for a while.

I had to do something or we would start to cry and eating ice cream.

"Let's wash the dishes?" I suggested. She only gave a nudge and smiled.

After washing the dishes we saw a movie, talked, shared once again our secrets and dirty secrets and fell asleep on the sofa. Deep down there I knew that Seara wanted the best of me and she wished I would fall asleep and lose the fly.

And secretly I wished the same.

The next day, the airport was full of people. Some of them busy and others were just the typical tourists.

I got the door of my plain and now was the hardest part. "I will miss you. Call me will ya?" Seara trammeled voice harmed me.

I nodded and said farewell. Our embrace was one of the longest one. It was like the world would end right now.

Before I entered the plain I looked back. No Seara.

I hoped that she would give me one of her mock faces, but nothing greeted me. Then I took my wheel to my new future.

In the air

At some part of the trip I started to feel quite uncomfortable. After all I have two fat people in each side of my seat. They are eating chicken and I'm sick.

"Humm…Excuse miss. May I change seat?" The stewardess looked at me worried.

"Of course, sweetie. I will find humm… (gazing my fellow travelers) a nice seat for you."

"Oh thank you very much" I thanked relieved. After some seconds, which to me was more like an eternity, she finally returned.

"Please come with me." I smiled and as I tried to leave my seat I stumbled against a very creepy man. He looked…..i don't have words. The man extended his hand to me and I took it gratefully.

I guess he didn't looked upset once he gazed the two fat people. "Thank you." I said. The man just nodded and walked away. He gives much resemblance to professor Snape from Harry Potter series.

Once in my new seat I thanked the stewardess and relaxed. I was so tired and when I was almost falling asleep a voice interrupted me for my displeasure.

"Comfortable?" I opened my eyes and I saw a fine blond boy with whiskers in his face. 'He's hot. 'I thought, starting to feel my stomach bubbling.

"Hum. Yeah, I suppose." The young boy smiled and reached out his hand and introduced himself. "I'm Uzumaki Naruto. Nice to meet you….hummm…what's your name?"

OMG, Uzumaki Naruto? Shit... Ok i sounded like those people who are always reading those gossips magazines. "I'm Kagome Higurashi. Nice to meet you."

"Wow nice name you got there. Nice to meet you too, Kagome grrr." Wait did he just purr?

He gave me a big foxy smile. Well one thing is true. That smile is very charming and cute.

"So humm. Are you going to Konoha for tourism?" he asked casually, his eyes never leaving mine.

"No. I'm here to study." I said, wishing this chat to never end.

"WOW. Cool. That means we can hang out." He said with a hyper tone making me wince.

"Hang out?" I asked as he leaned against his seat with his hands behind his head. "Yeah. We are friends now."

I smiled as he looked to the window. Bit by bit I started to feel my cheeks heating. The blue sky isn't match to this deep ocean eyes.

"Uzumaki-san. I was thinking if you would like to dinner with me." A girl appeared from nowhere and gave me the opportunity to my red face chill.

"Huh? Oh that's an excellent idea. What do you think Kagome? Would you like to dinner with me?" I was surprised by that. I wasn't expecting him for ask me.

The girl glared daggers at me and then storm off. I looked back at Naruto and he was giving me his popular foxy smile.

"It will be a pleasure to me." He smiled and we started a new relationship. We talked about lots of things.

Surprising, we had lot in common.

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