A path towards insanity, alone in the desert the only hope is for a silver fox with Icy-blue eyes to walk the path with the Ice and keep The Ice sane, if not the heat will take two lives.

I saw a Ninetales how I can't see anything else?

The Ninetales was silver with Icy-blue eyes like spirit was this her?

I started running to her and I yelled out: Spirit!

I don't think she could hear me, as I ran to her but a felt a pain like as if I was on fire!

I screamed out in agony the fire had burnt my right arm off, because of the thread that held it on.

I was burning I kept running with all the power of My will and I yelled her name out again: Spirit! Please Stop, I'm right here!

I started to cry, tears run down my face like mad, I felt something tell me to laugh and laugh, so I did, I was laughing and laughing like a Lunatic, I snapped.

The Sanity I had left was no more I had lost my mind, Spirit I love you so much I hope you know that.

I fell to the ground burning and curled into a ball and rolled around to stop the fire, it worked but then I passed out form the pain, the last thing I thought was: Spirit, where are you?

I snap up where was I was the first thing I thought, but then I heard Scout's voice he was saying he was here and we were fine.

I sighed in relief and then I got out of the bed I was in with the young scout and fixed my RED outfit and headed out for are next mission.

I walk in silence and move to my team. Hey Spy, how are you feeling after being caught but them nasty Blu's.

I said nothing in response but they know not to bring it up anymore so I was content with that.

I don't really know who said it but I don't care. As long as we can get the damn Blu's Intel for at lest a point is what I hope for a Victory for us, The Red team.