Okay, so I just LOVE Rory Nubbins (the Australian penguin) so I decided to write a fic about him. I don't know if I ever continue it, but it's good for a oneshot too.

I do not own Rory and Mike, they belong to Sony Picutres Animation

Get a life

10 years ago…

"Tragedy clouded the history of the Nubbins family today. The rich family seems to be cursed as two years ago Amelia Nubbins, James Nubbins' wife deceased, and now their son went missing. Early in the morning Rory Nubbins (age 9) disappeared on a trip, from his father's side. The police found clues that led them to a river inhabited by crocodiles.

The searching for the missing body is still going, but it seems the child was attacked by crocodiles. James Nubbins is consumed by bereavement and locked himself away in his villa…" Aussie Times


Bright orange beak impacted into the water with lightning speed and closed around one unfortunate fish. The little sea animal tried its best to break free but soon it found itself thrown onto a rock, dragged out of its world, the blue sea.

Without water it started suffocating but soon an unknown power lifted it and threw it again to the ground, finally ending its suffering.

Rory poked the dead fish to make sure it really died then threw it into the net that by now was almost full with other preys.

The rockhopper penguin thanked the gods fish were this stupid. Even though he just caused panic among them, waiting a few minutes and going away from the spot he's just caught the prey would do the trick. Soon the silver fish returned to the shallow sea. All he had to do was lying on a cliff, waiting for the right moment, measuring the right distance… then pounce! He had learned this trick from a crocodile and a kingfisher. It's amazing what tricks one can learn just from paying a little bit more attention to the wild life!

After repeating this method for five more times he decided the net was full and ready to be carried to the market. His costumers were impatient. Okay, not his costumers but Berta's, who was selling his fish and sharing the money with him.

Rory was said to be the best fisher on the southern part of Bells Beach. He never used rods or nets just his beak and patience and he was more effective than others.

He huffed with contentment, and looked into the water. He was 19 years old and was living alone for 5 years now. His friends said he was very brave for doing this.

Black and white dots ran along his side and neck, imitating the traditional Australian patterns used for… well, nearly everything. His face was hidden behind his extremely bright yellow crest. Rory slowly brushed some yellow feathers aside. His eyes… he hated those eyes. They were cold and rigid and totally didn't match with his personality. The irises were light grey, almost white and they made his stare scary and threatening. This was the main reason he hid them behind his crest.

Rory threw the net over his shoulder and begun his journey back to the village. He was happy with his life. He had enough money even though he wasn't rich, not anymo—eh! What was he thinking?

Anyway, he had his own little hut he shared with a good friend, everyday he brought fresh fish to the market where Berta sold them in her store.

He had tons of free time when he could practice the greatest sport ever: surfing. He had great friends who supported him 5 years ago and up till now and more importantly: he finally had a life. A life worthy to be called awesome.

Whoops, the nest of a taipan, one of the most poisonous snakes of Australia. Rory would rather take a by pass road than being bitten by that reptile. After all a few more minutes was worth his life.

He arrived at the village and rushed to the marketplace to finally get rid of the heavy net.

Berta was already arranging her stuff on the counter. She was a rockhopper too, in her mid-thirties.

- Hi, Rory! – she smiled at him as he walked up to her.

- Hey, Berta, how's it going? – Rory put the net down to the floor. – I brought the usual.

- Costumers drove me crazy – she waved her wing. – All of them want your fish and they get very impatient, you know. Especially the Old Guy.

The Old Guy, James Nubbins was living not far from the village and every weekend he would come to the market with his adopted daughter or send a menial for the fish.

Rory nodded.

- You know I always try to hurry.

- Yes, that's why I'm not shouting at you – Berta laughed then the two started unpacking the net.

Rory didn't have to worry about being caught. Those who knew him promised him they won't say a word and three other penguins with the Rory name lived in the village, so… all he needed to do was avoiding being spotted by him.

After arranging everything he went to his hut, grabbed his surf board, kicked his roommate and best friend, Eric out of the bed and the two of them ran down the beach where the awesome waves were waiting for them.

Rory had been practicing surfing for over 12 years, though at first he rarely had time for it. But with his new life finally on tracks he had more than enough time to do it.

And he was pretty good at it too. He had some tricks that made his friends drop their jaw and he rarely wiped out. They said he was equal to Big Z himself but he never believed it. Where was he from that level? Miles away.

- Don't make me laugh – he smiled and waved when they told him this. – I'm doing this for fun, that' all.

Rory was about to jump into the water when he spotted out a huge, dark hill in the sea next to the shore. Dark hill? Oh wait, that was a whale… A whale?

On the top of the giant mammal a bunch of penguins were sitting and looking around. A little wader flew down and landed on the sand, watching the surfers with careful eyes.

Rory walked up to him.

- Welcome to Bells Beach, mate! – he greeted the wader cheerfully.

- Mike Abromowitz, talent scout, Big Z Memorial Surf Off, Pen Gu Island – the wader gabbled back with total boredom on his face.

HOLY CRAP, Rory could hardly stop himself from bouncing at the little bird.

- Big Z Memorial Surf Off? – he shouted excitedly. That was the biggest surf contest ever!

- Yeah – Mikey nodded then finally looked at him. – You're a surfer, I guess…

- Yes – Rory nodded rapidly. – Should I show my—

- Yes, please, let's get this over with – Mikey interrupted him. – Your name?

- Rory.

-… Surname? – Mikey snapped after a second.

- Don't have one – Rory shrugged.

The wader looked at him as if he went mad.

- Ahhhhha – he finally said. – Whatever. Just show me your stuff!

- Just… wait for a second! – Rory said and quickly bolted back to the village.

He was running aimlessly on the narrow streets when he almost bumped into the one he was looking for: Kate.

The old rockhopper was his foster-mother for five years. She was very fit for her old age, always cheerful and happy.

- Rory, my dear! – she looked at him surprised. – Watch your step more carefully!

- Sorry, Kate, I'm looking for you – Rory panted. – You gotta come see me surfing! I might just get to the Big Z Memorial!

- Really? – the old penguin's eyes lit up. – That would be great!

- Thanks! – Rory hugged her and they hurried back to the beach.

This surf contest would be fun! After all, everything connected with surfing is fun… okay, maybe not the wipeout. Besides, it would do him some good to see other places and make new friends. As for the trophy… with a little luck he even could win that too! If not… who cares? He'll definitely have a great time.

A part of him said he really shouldn't show up in public, especially where everyone can see him on TV… but he dismissed the thought.

Who could possibly remember that 10-year-old article in the Aussie Times?

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