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Rory started saving money.

It's been two months since he had that talk with his father, and he realized Tatsuhi had been right: he was no longer tensed on the streets, fearing of James spotting him out. His life became much easier. And he had a very good reason to save money. Not that he wanted to buy a new cottage or anything. He was perfectly fine with that place.

He kept in touch with Tatsuhi via letters. The Japanese was fine though (and he admitted it only to Rory) he missed Pen Gu Island (and Rory's never-silent beak). He was glad when Rory told him about his chat with his father and that it went smoother than he expected.

Rory blessed his own brain for reminding him to exchange addresses with Tatsuhi. The Japanese didn't mind at all.

After a while Rory had a strange, crazy and awesome idea and he shared it with Tatsuhi. When he received the answer, he started his saving. But otherwise his life was peaceful. His friends, mainly Eric often vexed him to tell about the Surf Off and they wanted him to train them so they can get into contests too.

Rory happily agreed to it, whenever he had the time, and didn't handle just his friends but other, smaller kids too. The rockhopper would have never guessed one day he would be teaching surfing. Guess he was getting older.

He never lost sight of his true and main goal, though. He worked hard, catching even more fish for the market. Berta said he will have his own shop one day. Rory smiled at the idea. Maybe it isn't that impossible.

Kate was proud at her hatchling, she often burst out in tears when she was talking with Rory. The rockhopper was such a grown-up for his young age, and Kate knew he would have a great life. He knew how to have fun without neglecting his duties and needs.

The village, with its slow and peaceful life, watched over Bells Beach. Rory rode the waves more often, experiencing the freedom of flying. He couldn't have enough. And he was determined he would share this experience with others, mainly his "students".

He rarely met his foster-sister, Susie in the market, when the little rockhopper escorted a menial to shopping. Rory always had small presents for the girl. She was very grateful and happy but she didn't act like she knew who Rory was. The rockhopper didn't mind it… he would not interfere with his father's decision. So instead of having a brother-sister relationship they were friends. And it was enough for him.

One day enough amount of money gathered and he was ready to go. He said goodbye to everyone, reassuring them that he will return, don't they worry a minute for him.

- Yo, man, you're leaving us again? – Eric almost cried as he squeezed out almost every bit of air from Rory while hugging him. – Fine, but hurry back! And bring souvenir with you!

- I will – Rory laughed once he could breathe again.

First phase of his plan: Sydney.


Sydney was huge, just like everyone said.

Rory actually liked that. The crowded, wide streets, the endless lines of buildings were something he rarely saw. He wandered around, visiting every square and main street as he drifted closer and closer to his (temporary) destination.

Sydney was a port full of life. It had everything from stadiums to the Opera House with that funny looking roof that reminded Rory of some kind of fish with a spiky back. He spent minutes giggling over it as he imagined it coming to life and swimming away. The nearby Harbour Bridge wasn't ordinary either.

Rory was mesmerized by the city, but he quickly snapped out of it as he reached his destination: the main harbor.

As Sydney was a very important port, it had an improved shipping and whale-transport. Whale routes met here from all over the world. Hundreds of those mammals arrived and left every week, the traffic never stopped. He just had to find the right one.

The main harbor had a centre and numerous smaller terminals. He was wandering in the centre, looking for something that would actually tell him where to go.

Rory spotted out an check-in desk and rushed to it. A nice little Gentoo penguin was in charge. Rory eyed her up and down before deciding she seemed a nice gal.

- Hey there! – he leaned against the desk, finally putting down his heavy luggage.

- Good afternoon, sir! – she greeted him. – How can I help you?

- You see, I am traveling to a very unusual place… at least for me… and I have never done this before. I just can't find my whale – Rory explained happily. – So… can you tell me where can I find it?

- Of course, sir – the Gentoo penguin smiled. – What is your destination?

- Kugenuma, Japan.


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