The Return Keeperoliver Chapter 5

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Harry, Hermione, Ginny and Neville had just completed their training with the Headmaster and were relaxing in front of the fire in the Ravenclaw common room.

They were talking about their session when Neville asked them something that set Harry to thinking of the past. "Harry, how did this all come about. I mean How did you three become a team, and why am I with you as a member?"

Harry sat back in his seat thinking of how to start. He should have done this before now, bringing Neville up to date with the team. He looked to Hermione and Ginny, and they both shrugged their shoulders. He sighed knowing he wasn't going to get any help from them so he began.

"OK Neville this is going to take a while so why don't we find a place where there is less traffic. I don't want everyone to know what I have to say."

They went as a group to the training room set up for them, by Professor Dumbledore. Harry had Ron and Daniel go with them to help with the long history.

After they got settled Harry began. "You know the story of how Voldemort tried to kill me on that Halloween eve. What wasn't told was that someone who was supposed to have died that evening, didn't. My mother performed a spell before he entered my room which in a sense killed her. What it did, was transfer her spirit to the body of her sister. She shared Petunia's body with her. Voldemort saw this and thought she killed herself to protect me. The spell put a shield around me so that when he tried to kill me, it reversed the spell and sent it back to himself. It was the first time his spell failed him. It took the sacrifice of a loved one in order for it to work. It also provided a way for my mother to get her body back should Voldemort decide to do nothing to defile it. He didn't.

When my mother entered my aunt's body, she began a situation that ended with my aunt getting divorced from her husband Vernon. Vernon was sent to prison when he tried to steal her son from her after she was given custody of him.

When mum, found out that Voldemort had not touched her body, she got Professor Flitwick and McGonagall to perform the spell that would return her to her body. She then had to set up new identies for her and her sister. Petunia became Alicia Petunia Vanes, and mum became Lily Renee Lupin. Yes, she married Remus Lupin. Dudley became Daniel Vanes. I remained Harry Potter because of the incident on Halloween. Mum and Remus pretended to adopt me. we lived with my godfather Sirius Black. Mum and Aunt Alicia wanted us to grow up with friends our own age so she asked the Weasleys to dinner one night, and things couldn't have come out better."

Harry took a breath for a minute before he continued. He summoned a house elf for some refreshments and continued as soon as they arrived.

"Mum decided to start training us at home early. She knew that Voldemort was not gone for good. That he would somehow return. At the time mum was not at the best of terms with Professor Dumbledore. She did not like the idea of him leaving me with the Dursleys. Mostly it was Vernon Dursley she didn't want to see me with. He hated magic. When he found out that Dudley was also a wizard, that was when he tried to take him from Petunia, and keep Dudley from finding out about his abilities. Any way, what happened was that Ron and Daniel (Dudley) were of the same mold both being pranksters. Ginny and I were the studious ones, always reading. This was how we met Hermione. Hermione and I were five, and Ginny was four. Mum and Aunt Alicia took us to a muggle book store where Ginny and I saw a girl climbing a book shelf trying to reach a book at the top of the rack. It started to fall over knocking the girl of the shelf, and all the books falling on her. Ginny and I stopped the shelf from falling on her. This girl was of course Hermione and we became friends from the start. She joined us in our training. By this time, mum had changed her mind on Professor Dumbledore for some reason which she never explained to us. Sirius taught us how to become Animagi. We found out together that we were destined for this. We had become the Golden Ones. It was an ancient prophecy made by Casseopeia Trelawny over 1000 years ago.

I don't know what exactly the prophecy said, just that in the time of greatest need, a group of twelve warriors would stand against the evil that threatened, defeating it, if the twelve fought together. If they did not, then all would be lost.

So, this was when Professor Dumbledore took over the training as he knew of the prophecy and to some extent, the powers we were to acquire. We were trained in muggle style fighting, dueling both with muggle weapons and wands. We already knew Occlumancy, so he taught us Legilimancy. He taught us to fight with the powers provided by our animagus forms. Hermione and Ginny know most of their powers, and have pretty much mastered them. Me on the other hand, know very little of what my powers are, other than strength. I am afraid to say they are nothing compared to the powers the girls have. Though I have tremendous strength, I have very little stamina in this form. Each time I use the power, I lose 15 minutes of holding my form. I have never lasted longer than 40 minutes in my Animagus form. Without using my power I can remain in form for 60 minutes.

Another thing we found out was that each of us are elementals. Ginny controls fire, Hermione wind, and I control water. Now we found our fourth Elemental in you Neville. You control the earth.

Now to continue, I told you that there were to be twelve Golden Ones. We are six of them, and Fred and George are also on the team. We have no idea who the other three may be. It could be that they are not yet in school, or that they could have even left school by now. We will just have to wait and see."

Neville absorbed all this, and it brought to light another question. "Will I become an animagi like you, Hermione and Ginny? And why aren't Ron and Daniel ones?"

Daniel answered this one. "Ron and I never found our forms. I guess we were never meant to be Animagi. It doesn't bother us though. Sirius made sure that we knew that not many were able to become one. Instead, Sirius taught us how to become masters at deception. He taught us spells that enabled us to change our features, voice, and habits. Sort of like Tonks in Ravenclaw. She is a Metamorph. All she has to do is think of a form, and become it. Say Harry, do you think she could be a member of the Golden Ones? She certainly qualifies."

Harry's answer was a smile that spread across his face. "Daniel, you are brilliant. It looks like your training has paid off. I will ask Professor Dumbledore about it in the morning. She would be a great asset to our group, and I think someone close to Ginny would love to see it happen as he has a crush on her. What do you think Ginny?"

Ginny's smile matched that of Harry's. "You're right Harry it is brilliant. He would be forever greatful."

Ron joined the smile brigade. "Do you think she would join us? It would certainly put a smile on his face. He was so gloomy when he left Hogwarts, like he lost something. I hated to see him like that. It hurt him so bad that he left and joined the dragon handlers in Romania, just to hide from the rest of us, so he wouldn't show how hurt he was. Charlie may even return to us if she does."

Neville was lost. He had no idea what they were talking about. "Would someone please explain what is going on here? Who is Charlie? I know about Tonks. What has he got to do with her? Did this Charlie have a crush on Ginny as well as he did on Tonks?"

Hermione was the first to break out in laughter. She had to hold her sides to keep from hurting herself. The rest soon joined her, and this only flustered Neville as he was the only one not in on the joke. Hermione soon took pity on him. "Charlie is Ginny's second oldest brother. He has a crush on Tonks. I say has, because I think he still does hold that crush. I think Tonks may still carry the torch as well, as she does not date anyone and talks to very few males. Her and Charlie got together when he was the first male to ask to see her real form. All her other dates asked her to become their fantasy date. She got tired of the games they all played. It was in what their fourth year, no it was Charlie's fifth year, and her fourth. He came home that summer all happy and giddy. He kept going on about how he met this beautiful girl, and she was the love of his life. It was actually sickening to watch him, wasn't it Ginny?"

Ginny only nodded her head as she was still laughing.

After they all calmed down, they saw it was too late to be walking the halls since it was after curfew. Harry and Hermione transfigured the room into rooms so that there would be some privacy for the girls. They then made some cots with pillows and blankets and retired for the evening.

The next morning, Harry and Ginny made their way to the Headmaster's office to talk about their idea.

As they were allowed to pass the Gargoyle and climbed the steps, they heard the Headmaster bid them to enter.

They entered and took a seat across from him and Harry started, "Professor, I believe we may have thought about our next member of the Golden Ones. However, I must tell you she is a seventh year student."

"Why do you see that as a problem Harry?"

"Training after this year will not be available to her."

"Her, hmm, let me see. Seventh year, female, possible member of the Golden Ones, which means she is unique. You must be talking about Nymphadora Tonks, am I correct?"

Ginny giggled, "As usual sir. Is there a way to keep her in school to train with us?"

"Why don't we find out. Let's see, she should be heading to breakfast about now." Albus created a Patronus and sent it off in search of Tonks. 10 Minutes later she joined the group.

"Nymphadora, good morning. I hope I haven't upset you by calling you here so early?"

"I was fine until you called me by my first name. In the future please just call me Tonks. Now what is it you wish to see me about Professor?"

The twinkle in his eyes were the brightest Harry had ever seen them. Albus must get a kick out of teasing people. He laughed to himself. Tonks was livid at being called Nymphadora.

"Very well Tonks, Harry and Ginny have brought me a suggestion that involves you. What I am about to say must be kept secret, should you decide it is not what you want. If you can not promise to keep it as such, then please leave now."

"Do you wish me to make a vow to ensure it sir?"

"Only if you decide it is not what you want."

"Very well then, what is it you wish to ask me?"

What Tonks heard was the most fantastic story she ever heard. They wanted her to become a member of a team to train to fight in case of the return of Voldemort. Well not in case, but when he does return, as the Headmaster seemed sure of it. "Why do you think I am or could be a member of the Golden Ones? Sure I have a unique ability, but it is nothing special. And how could I continue to train when I am leaving school at the end of the year?"

Professor Dumbledore answered her, "You could fill a position on the staff here at Hogwarts. I am sure we could find something for you."

"Me teach? I hardly think I am qualified to do that."

"Maybe now you are not, but with the training you will be receiving with the rest of the group, I think you will be more than qualified. Plus I believe that there will be an opening next year that would suit our purpose. It is too early to tell yet."

"And if I accept, what does it mean to me. What will I get out of it? No, that is not what I mean. What I mean is do you really think I am that gifted that I could actually be a help to the group?"

"Most certainly my dear. I believe your advanced knowledge would be an added bonus. Do not think lightly of your gift Tonks. You are more unique than you realize. The group is very smart, but they have very little experience. You could share this with them. While you teach, you will also still be learning. You also have the knowledge that you already have a job when you are finished here as a student. You will be secure for the future."

Tonks thought about it for a second, then smiled at the Headmaster. "I'll do it. I really didn't relish the thought of joining the Ministry, or taking a job that I would not be happy with. I have enjoyed my time here at Hogwarts, and don't really look forward to leaving."

Harry and Ginny went to her and pulled her into a hug which shocked her, but loved the closeness of the contact. If this happened often then she would look forward to it. "Could you please tell me who else is on the team?"

Ginny filled her in on the team members, "Harry, me, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom, Ron my brother, Fred and George, and Daniel Vanes."

Tonks smile spread across her face, "Excellent, when do we start? Also, how many more are there to come until the team is complete?"

"We start this morning, and after you, there are three more people needed to complete the team. I fear that these may not come until next year. At least one will be a new student. Now why don't we have our breakfast up here since it is almost over in the Hall. The rest of the group should be joining us soon any way." replied Albus.

As he said, as soon as they completed their breakfast, they were joined by the rest of the group, and they welcomed their newest member. Tonks felt a rush of blood run through her body as she was hugged six more times, with none of them being as strong as the one she received from Hermione. For the first time that she could remember, she actually felt part of a group of friends. Since Charlie left she had no real friends.

A tear formed in the eyes of Tonks as she felt accepted once more in her life from someone other than her family.

The Return-

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