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Four Years Earlier

Dumbledore's Office.

Dumbledore stood at his desk, examining the cloak in his hands closely again, knowing that this school year Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, would come to Hogwarts. 'The Cloak shall still be passed from father to son, as it has been since the times of the Peverell's'. He thought, and as he was setting down the Invisibility Cloak, Hagrid burst in.

"Professor Dumbledore sir," Hagrid said, holding up three letters "I believe there has been a mistake."

"And what would that mistake be, Hagrid?" He asked.

"Well yeh see sir, these three letters are fer Amity Park, New York…" Hagrid started to explain as Dumbledore raised an eyebrow.

"Why is that a mistake?" Dumbledore asked him.

"Well sir, fer one New York is in America, so the American schools should be gettin 'em," Hagrid said, "And two, do yeh remember the last time we sent a letter ter Amity Park? It turned out to be Peeves; an' we don' need another like 'im, do we?" He said as Dumbledore thought about the shenanigans the poltergeist has done.

"Well Hagrid, back when America was still an English colony, witches and wizards would still apparate or fly over to Hogwarts to learn magic. When America cut loose from England, some towns still considered Hogwarts the finest school of witch craft and wizardry, and would still have their youth come to Hogwarts. Amity Park, New York is one of those towns.

"As for the fact that sometimes the aura emitted from spectral being can be confused with magic, perhaps you should go check for the entities." Dumbledore finished handing Hagrid a pouch of flew powder. Hagrid took the flew powder and walked towards the fire-place.

"I will be reportin' back ter yeh as soon as I can Professor Dumbledore." Hagrid said as he stepped into the fire-place, then said, "Amity Park, New York!" and threw the powder bellow him, disappearing in a burst of green flame.

Hagrid arrived in Amity Park at about 8:00 pm in an old abandoned house. He dusted the soot off of himself and took out the letters, looking at the first address.

He cast a spell, using his umbrella-wand that showed him to the correct address. As he arrived at the door, he heard a shrill annoying voice behind him yell,

"I AM TECHNUS RULER OF TECHNOLOGY, I HAVE COME TO HAUNT THE FOLEY FAMILY'S HOUSE, BECAUSE OF THEIR INFINITE AMOUNT OF TECHNOLOGY!" Hagrid looked behind him to see a green ghost, and it wasn't transparent, nor did it look intangible like the ones at Hogwarts.

"Well, tha's one letter…" Hagrid whispered to himself as he raised his wand up at the ghost. "Now listen 'ere, leave these muggles alone!" He said to it. Technus laughed.

"FOOLISH HUMAN! I, TECHNUS, CANNOT BE STOPPED BY AN UNBRELLA!" He flailed his arms out, and Hagrid could already see objects in the house start to glow green. Thinking fast, Hagrid waived his wand and said,

"Vadelarva!" A blue light flashed out of the tip of his wand Technus disappeared. 'I don' know where tha' sends 'em, but at least it gets rid of 'em' He thought to himself, looking at the next two addresses.

Conveniently for him, all the houses seemed to be relatively close to each other. The next house he visited was a mansion; which was a few blocks away from the other house, which had a large blinking sign that said "Fenton" on it.

He looked around the house for another ghost, and as he turned a corner a blue ghost in overalls popped out of no-where and yelled right in Hagrids face,


"Vadelarva!" Hagrid said as he whipped out his wand. As the blue light once again came out of the tip, you could hear a faint,


'Tha's two…" He started to head towards the third house when another metallic-looking ghost appeared, green eyes looking annoyed.

"Must you ruin my hunt?" He said glumly. Hagrid took out his wand.

"MUST THERE BE A GHOST AT EVERY CORNER OF THIS BLOODY TOWN! Vadelarva!" The blue light entombed the ghost, and then disappeared. 'Three'. Hagrid pocketed his wand, and headed back to the abandoned-old-house.

Dumbledore examined the list of families, given to him by Professor McGonagall, that were denying/ignoring the fact that they had a witch or wizard in their house. There was also a very stubborn family on the list that did not want anything to do with the wizarding world, and won't open their letter. That family was the Dursleys.

He put a duplication charm onto the names of the families, so that every time they ignore the letter, they shall get twice as many. Soon after he had cast the charm, he saw a group of owls fly by his window.

"Professor Dumbledore!" Dumbledor turned around to see Hagrid emerge from the fire-place. "Three ghost's sir." He said as he plopped the three letters onto Dumbledore's desk.

"Thank you Hagrid." Dumbledore said. "I will tell Professor McGonagall to keep an eye out on Amity Park though, just in case." Hagrid nodded, and began to leave. "Oh, and Hagrid,"

"Yes sir?"

"If the Dursleys continue to be this stubborn, please pay them a visit and make sure that Mr. Potter gets his letter and supplies." Dumbledore told him and Hagrid nodded his head.

When Hagrid left, Dumbledore looked back to Harry's name on the list. 'I hope he won't be as much trouble as James."

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