Drabble – Wing

Ptolemy moved across the room silently as he made his way to the King. He sat down beside him and looked to see what had the Kings' complete attention.

Alexander sat with his chin on his hand, the same arm resting on the chair he was sitting in. Though the room was busy and noisy, he seemed totally immune to anything happening around him. Ptolemy followed his gaze and saw Hephaestion standing across the room talking to a local tribesman.

"Tell me, Ptolemy, do I seem normal to you?"

Ptolemy choked on the sip of wine he had just taken, giving himself time to come up with an answer and wondering if it was a trick question.

"Aye, but in what sense are you asking me?"

Alexander straightens up in his seat, never taking his eyes off of Hephaestion.

"I mean, just look at him. Is it just I or is he the most amazing man you have ever seen? I know I'm prejudices but he is incredible."

"You mean Hephaestion?"

"Of course, who else would I mean?"

Before Ptolemy could answer, Alexander continued. "We have met a lot of people in our travels, all different sizes and shapes, different colors of skin and eyes. We have seen the exotic beauties that each of the tribes has, and yet I still have not seen anyone to equal his beauty."

"Every place we have traveled has noticed my Hephaestion, hesitated when he entered the room, lost their train of thought when he looked at them. Many times I have watched their faces to see their reactions at meeting him."

"But then he speaks and they see the mind behind those captivating blue eyes."

Finally finding his voice, Ptolemy interjected, "It is true, he is almost like a secret weapon for your army."

Alexander shook his head in agreement.

"But is it normal for me, after all of these years, to still be so in love with him? Am I a fool to still feel my heart take wing when he enters a room? To watch his mouth move when he is talking to me and not hear the words? To look across a crowded room, like now, and see only him?"

"Or are they right?" He said as he pointed to the group of other Generals that usually targeted Hephaestion, "Should this have ended years ago, with our youth?"

"What does your heart tell you, Alexander?"

Alexander smiled, more to himself than Ptolemy, "That I don't have a choice in the matter, I never have, he entered my heart and has never left."

"Then you have your answer. Is it normal? No, I think not. It is extraordinary, something very special that happens very rarely and something you should cherish and preserve."

A look of total contentment filled Alexander's face. He said not a word to Ptolemy as he rose and started to walk across the room.

Two men met…

…two hearts joined…

…yet again…

…and both hearts took wing together.