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Sixteen years later...

"Daddy, you said that I could borrow the car. I am supposed to meet my friends at the mall." Toni whined.

Edward sighed, "Antonia, I said that you could borrow the car if you got an A on your history exam. You didn't, so no car. Landon has a job to get to. You don't. Now, your brother can drive you and then your mother or I will come get you."

"I HATE YOU!" Toni stormed off and slammed her bedroom door. Edward just nodded and walked into the living room and handed his oldest son the keys.

"Don't worry, dad. She'll call you when she needs to come home. I think Uncle Jasper is dropping off Claire and Aunt Rose is bringing Ava. You know how she gets." Landon grinned his father's grin and watched as his twin burst from her room and without a word to Edward stomped to the car.

"Is Toni in a mood?" Edward turned to his wife as she came around the corner holding their fifteen-month-old son, Aiden.

"She hates me. Third time this week. I don't know what is going on with that girl."

Bella smiled, "She's sixteen Edward. Just wait. We have two more girls to get through this stage. I'm just glad that Aiden has inherited Landon's calm demeanor."

Twenty months after Bella had given birth to the twins, Carlie Ann had arrived. Around the same time that Alice and Jasper had little Claire. You would think that since the two little girls were only months apart that they would have been the best of friends, this was not the case. Toni and Claire were attached at the hip the minute that Claire could walk. Carlie was content to hang with her Grandma Esme. Rose and Emmett's daughter, Ava, had joined Toni and Claire a year later.

Now in high school, Ava and Carlie were closer, but Claire still hung out with Toni. Claire had skipped a grade, much like her mother had and was now in the same class as the twins.

Edward looked at his wife of seventeen years. He thought that she was just as beautiful as the day they were married. She may have a few lines on her face and a few grey hairs but she was still gorgeous to him. He remembered back to when their daughter Anabel was born.

"Push Bella. That's it baby." Edward encouraged.

"Edward, I'm so tired. I can't do it any more." Bella breathed.

"Yes you can. Come on, beautiful. Think about Anabel. She's going to be so pretty, but you have to bring her in the world so that we can see her."

Edward watched as Bella took a deep breath, bared down and pushed their daughter into the world. "Good job baby."

"Edward, I don't hear her crying." Bella looked around. "What's wrong with my baby?"

Edward was watching as the doctor and nurses were trying to revive his baby girl. He grabbed Bella's hand and said a silent prayer. 'God, you did not help me to survive a war and get home to my family just to take a piece of it away. Please save my baby!' Just as he finished a small cry escaped from the tiny body on the table.

"Oh, Edward. Is she okay?" Bella was frantic.

"I don't know." Edward answered.

Another cry came from the baby, this one more lusty than before. This time she didn't stop, except for small breathes in between. Tears ran freely down her parents' faces as the doctor brought their baby to them.

That was five years ago. Bella had told him that he needed to have a vasectomy or she was going to go in and have her tubes tied. She wasn't sure if she could have handled losing a baby if something were to happen again. Of course life got in the way and neither one of them had any thing done. They were both surprised when Bella went in for a routine -check up and she found they were pregnant with Aiden. When she gave birth to him, she made sure that the doctor did a C-section and tied her tubes while he had her open.

The ringing of the doorbell interrupted all conversation. Bella handed Edward the baby and went to the door.

"Hey Bells."

"Come on in guys. Are you sure you don't mind watching the kids tonight?" Bell asked as she shut the door.

Edward walked in just as Bella had taken their coats. "Hey Leah. Hey Jake. How are you guys?"

Jake smiled and shook his friends' hand. "We're good. Leah's pregnant." The women squealed and hugged one another, while Edward offered his congratulations.

Jake had changed a lot in the last sixteen years. He had tried one more time after Edward had come home to win Bella back, but when Edward and his brother beat the shit out of him, he realized that would never happen. He finally admitted that he had a substance abuse problem and that he needed help. He spent a year getting his life back together. He went to therapy and during a group session with Edward and Bella, admitted that Renee had fueled and supplied his addiction. Once all that came out, Jacob apologized and they had been friends ever since.

Renee was another story, altogether. Once it had been found out that she was Jake's main drug source, the police did an investigation and found out that she was one of the kingpin in Florida with quite the little enterprise. Her poor ex-husband, Phil had no idea. Only after he passed a polygraph was he released and the investigation against him was dropped. Renee found herself in jail, sentenced to forty years for smuggling and trafficking narcotics. Bella had cut her out of her life completely.

Charlie had remarried an old friend of the family and had moved back to Washington. Bella missed him, but they saw each other at holidays and kept in touch over the phone and e-mail. Carlisle had retired from the hospital and he and Esme traveled a lot. They were always home for the holidays and summer vacations, so they could see all seven of their grandchildren.

Emmett and Rosalie had only been able to have Ava. They struggled for years after to conceive, but were never able too again. When Rose had gone in for tests, she had been told that endometriosis was eating her insides and it was recommended for health reasons that she have a hysterectomy. After much debate and many tears she had the procedure. Emmett supported her the whole time and they showered all of their love and affection onto Ava. She was a good kid and despite being an only child she wasn't spoiled.

Jasper ended up having a rougher time than all of them. Shortly after giving birth to Claire, Alice had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Her oncologist immediately began treating her with chemotherapy and radiation, but despite the aggressive treatment and a double mastectomy, Alice succumbed to the cancer a year later. It was hard for Jasper to raise his daughter without the love of his life, but he managed with the help of his family. Claire was a well adjusted young woman and Jasper was now starting to date, although he said he would never marry again.

Edward, Jasper and Emmett had retired from the military and had opened a gym. They were very successful and even had members of the celebrity type. The 'governator' had even visited once or twice. Edward was surprising Bella with a night on the town and had called for the babysitters himself.

"Thanks for coming tonight. We won't be too late." Edward said as he put is wallet in his pocket.

Bella smiled as she realized it was time to go. "Landon is at work and Toni is at the mall. She may call for a ride home. Carlie is spending the night at Emmett and Rose's so you don't have to worry about her. Anabel is watching a movie in the TV room and Aiden is playing in the play room. They haven't had dinner yet, but there are chicken nuggets in the freezer. Jake, make sure they eat a vegetable."

"Sure, sure. Will you just get out of here? I know how to take care of kids. Especially yours. Go. Have fun." Jake all but pushed them out the door.

And they did. Edward took his wife dancing and then they took a walk on the beach. He couldn't help but think that his life couldn't be better and it all began with a letter.

"What are you thinking about?" Bella asked.

"Just how perfect our life is." Edward stopped and pulled Bella into his arms. "I love you, Bella."

"I love you, too." Bella met Edward half way and when their lips touched it was like the first time. When the need for oxygen separated them, Edward leaned his forehead against Bella's.

"Thank you."

"For what?"

"For taking the chance on a school project. For writing a letter to a stranger."

"That letter changed my life. Thank you for writing back."

Their lips met in another deep and passionate kiss, as the stars twinkled over the ocean.

The End.