I do not own Blade (I,II, or Trinity), the Characters from it; The Black Veil Brides; Crystal Method; or Watership Down.

"I thought Daystar destroyed all the Vampires?"

"It didn't."

"What is that?" Zoe looked up with a look of irritation. Huge, brown eyes stared back at her.

"What's what?" She asked, exasperated.

"That on your shirt! Is that supposed to be a band?"

Zoe looked down at her outfit. It was her normal day clothing; today it was a black shirt with the Black Veil Brides on it, a silver and black pyramid belt wrapped around her purple-and-black stripped tube skirt with purple stockings, and clanky black combat boots that once belonged to Abby. Lots of black and silver bangles clanged noisily from her wrist, and feather earrings hung from her ears. What was wrong with her outfit?

She voiced her question out loud, and the girl in front of her scoffed. "It's all black!"

Zoe looked the girl over wearily. Perky blonde ponytail, short little red-and-white skirt with a matching top, white tennis shoes. Not nearly as much eye liner as Zoe. This was Elena Thompson, the head cheerleader. Zoe looked up as the locker room door opened and seven more cheerleaders entered, laughing and flipping their ponytails. Zoe thought of her own dyed-black hair with dark blue and purple streaks, and smiled inwardly. At least she had creativity.

Thunder rumbled overhead, and Zoe saw raindrops hit the window of the locker room. She frowned and sighed. Rain of course meant the cheerleaders would leave practice early. And that meant no alone time for Zoe. The other cheerleaders joined their captain in front of Zoe. Some of them scoffed and others grinned, exchanging looks with each other.

"What are you listening too?" Elena demanded, flipping one perfectly manicured hand at Zoe's iPod.

"Crystal Method," she replied, looking longingly at her book. She was trying to have some down time by skipping her last class of the day and coming to the locker room, where it was supposed to be quiet.

"Did you say Crystal Meth?" A tall brunette sneered.

"Method." Idiot. "Did you guys want something?"

"This isn't your class," one of them butted in.

"So?" Zoe retorted.

"Are you skipping?"

"Are you dumb? What does it look like I'm doing?"

Elena grinned as the other girl flushed with embarrassment. What. A. Bitch. Zoe didn't like any of them, especially Elena, who enjoyed others humiliation. Apparently even her best friends.

"We could report you," the girl Zoe had just embarrassed murmured.

"Go ahead," Zoe said, turning her attention back to her copy of Watership Down.

The girls looked at each other, at loss. Elena leaned forward and plucked the book out of Zoe's hands.

"Hey!" Zoe snapped, standing. "Give that back, it's not mine!"

Elena opened the cover and read aloud. "'Property of Abigail Whistler.' Is she one of those freakshow goth's you live with?"

"They're not freaks," Zoe snapped, snatching her book back. "And they're not goth."

"Aren't they the ones that worship vampires or whatever?" Asked the tall brunette with a snicker.

"We don't worship them, stupid, we kill them."

All the girl looked at each other again, and burst out laughing. Zoe flushed, wishing she had never allowed these girls to get her riled up.

Elena snorted with laughed in a very unattractive way. "You people are freaks!" She laughed. "Vampire's don't exist, loser." As the girls laughed, the last bell rang, and all the students and teachers were filling out of classes. Zoe stood, shook her head, and grabbed her black leather tote. She shoved Abby's book in it, then plugged her earphones into her ears and walked for the door.

"That's right, loser!" Elena called after her. "Walk away." Elena's hand brushed the silver stake hidden in her bag. She turned slowly, and the other girls grinned. "What are you going to do, Sommerfield?" Elena taunted. Zoe's eyes stayed calm as, quick, she drew the stake from the bag. The girls gasped and most took a step back. Elena screamed. Zoe took the stake in her hand and threw it.

It flew right over their heads, before connecting with something hidden in the shadows. There was a scream and a burst of flame, the smell of burning flesh, and then a pile of ash. The cheerleaders finally stopped screaming, and Zoe brushed past them to retrieve her stake.

"I-I thought you were going to kill me!" Elena cried.

"I wouldn't waste a perfectly good stake on you," Zoe reassured her calmly. "We have to leave. Now." She started for the door with the girls behind her, and she tried the handle.

"What are you waiting for?" Elena yelped. "Open it!"

"It's locked."

Zoe turned back to the group as the lights cut off. "Stay where you are," she called to the screaming cheerleaders. She pulled something from her bag, and the area they were standing was suddenly flooded with white light.

"What is that thing?" Elena gaped.

"It's a UV lamp," Zoe replied, kicking each foot against a locker. The blades came out of the tips, and she clicked a button on her bracelet. It expanded to wrap her wrist. The cheerleaders gapped at her. She pulled a Trinity Blade from her pocket and pressed it into Elena's palm. "If anyone comes near, aim this at them and push the button."

"What about you?" Elena asked.

"Don't worry," Zoe said, picking the lamp up to inspect her stake. "I'll be fine."

"Fine, whatever, but you have to protect us!" Zoe rolled her eyes and started down the hall. She turned the lamp off and listened. She heard footsteps off to the right, and she lashed out with her fist. There was a grunt, and a fist caught her jaw. Zoe drew her foot back, and kicked them in the stomach. They let go with a screech of pain before bursting into flame.

Zoe spat some blood on the floor before standing. Arms wrapped around her throat, choking her, before she let something fall from her hand. She stomped on it, and a burst of UV light caused the vampire behind her to explode. Zoe dusted some ash from her hair before returning to the cheerleaders.

Elena must have heard her coming, because she gave a screech and shot the Trinity Blade at Zoe. Zoe was expecting it, and she caught the blade in her hand. "It's me," she called, walking up to a very pale Elena. Thunder crashed right overhead, and everyone but Zoe screamed. "Come on," Zoe said, putting her foot to the door, kicking it open. "We have to get out of the school." She led the girls down the hall, away from the gym, and tried the door to the outside. "Locked, again. There should be another door out, in the office."

"The office is on the other side of the school!" Elena wailed. "And the electricity has been cut off."

"They don't like light," Zoe said matter of factly.

"Who doesn't?" Elena asked.

There was a snarl from overhead, and Zoe's eyes were just adjusting. But she could feel and hear. One of the cheerleaders screamed and Zoe whipped around, stabbing a vampire in the back with a stake. He burst into flame, and Zoe helped the girl it had been on up. "Are you okay?" Zoe demanded. "He didn't bite you, did he?"

The girl shook her head, and Zoe gave a breath of relief.

"Are they vampires?" A girl asked quietly.

"Yeah," Zoe said. She headed toward the kitchen.

"W-where are you going?" squeaked Elena, running after her. Zoe ignored her, opening the spice cabinet. She pulled out four containers towards the back, then took them back into the group and spread some out among them.

"They're severely allergic to garlic," Zoe explained. "That's what the spices are. I don't know how many there are, but if one comes at you, dump it on their face and I'll stake 'em. Got it?"

She turned and led them up the hall before stopping short at the first class room. "What's wrong?" hissed Elena. Zoe sniffed the air, smelling the unmistakable stench of blood. She kicked the class room door open and held the lamp up. Elena screamed. Their math teacher, Mr. Ralley, lay on the floor with his throat bleeding. Zoe leaned next to him and held his wrist, feeling for a pulse.

"He's alive," she said bluntly.

"So we can help him?" asked a girl towards the back.

"Yeah," Zoe said, feeling a bit choked. She held her stake above Mr. Ralley's heart, and heard Elena scream.

"What are you doing to him?"

"I have to finish him off," Zoe said quietly.

"You're going to kill him?"

"I have too!" Zoe said harshly, before driving the stake deep into the teacher's heart. Elena gasped and sobbed into her hands.

"It's the same fate for you if we don't go now!" growled Zoe. She led them out. Zoe took Elena's arm as the others filed out. "Listen, Elena," Zoe said. "If you see one of them bite me, kill them, and then kill me."

"What?" Gasped Elena.

"You heard me. Stake the Vampire, then stake me, then get the girls out. Understand?"

Elena was quite before swallowing and nodding. Some of the girls were crying, some sobbing, while the others looked around in a daze. They were almost to the office, Zoe could see the glowing exit sign . . .

There was a crash and the girls screamed. Zoe smelled garlic as it spilled across the floor; some of the vampires screamed, and Zoe felt a well of satisfaction. She was about to drive a stake through ones heart when another pulled her off. She snarled as she felt teeth graze her neck.

Suddenly the teeth were gone, the grip was gone, and all's there was a bursting pile of ash. Zoe gasped for breath as she fell onto the floor. She looked at the leather boots in front of her, bringing her gaze up to the leather jacket and stakes on his hip.

"You alright? Sommerfield, are you alright?"

"Fine," she rasped, standing. She shook her head and looked up at his dark face. She couldn't see anything else but the shadow of his face, and the gleam of sunglasses and silver stakes . . .

Zoe turned back towards the others at the sounds of screaming. "There's a whole team of teenage girls in here!" She shouted, running back to them.

"Was there anyone else?" Asked the figure.

"A teacher had been bitten. I . . . I staked him . . ."


Zoe spun as a vampires hand came down on her shoulder, and she ran it through with her wrist blade. She turned to her right and ducked as another vampire went flying over her head from where it had been thrown. Zoe looked at the figure a few feet away, and he shrugged and turned back to fight. Zoe did the same, grabbing some garlic powder off the floor and shoving it into a vampires face before stabbing it with a stake. One vampire tried to grab her from behind, and she slit his foot open with the blade on her shoe before she turned and staked it, too. She looked around and saw that the fighting had stopped. The savior in leather was messing with a box on the wall, and the lights came back on. Zoe looked around, breathing heavily. The girls were shaken and frightened, but other than that, they amazingly looked okay. They were all staring at the leather-clad, tattooed man in front of them. Zoe looked back towards him.

"Blade . . . The camera's . . ."

"I disenabled them when I came in," he said, looking around. "Is everyone alright?"

"Who the hell are you?" Elena stepped forward. Her cheer uniform was torn, and her ponytail had fallen out, her blonde hair spilling over her shoulders.

"This is Blade," Zoe said with a small smile. "The Vampire Hunter."