Where the Air and Sea Meet
Naruto x Ariel

Author's Note


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Story Start

''Naruto!'' that was the last thing he heard before he slipped into the water. His head had struck a part of the ship before going over leading to him quickly losing consciousness. So as he faded into the darkness all he saw was a faint glimmer of a humanoid image.

The humanoid image was known other then a mermaid. A mermaid with a very distinct appearance of thin wrists and hourglass figure. Her tail was that of a pale green shade with translucent fins and a brassiere made out of purple sea shells. She had immaculate silken skin which enhanced her youthful appearance along with bright blue eyes and full red lips. Though what stood out was bright, long red hair that was almost bigger then her entire body.

''Hello can you hear me? Oh, I hope you aren't dead.'' her angelic voice spoke as she tried to shake him awake. It was dawn when the mermaid had brought him to the peace. The young man, blond spiky hair of a sun-kissed variety and yellowish sort of tan was part of the young man's charming features. ''Wake up...please.'' this wasn't the first time the young mermaid had encounter the young man. Every day she would watch the blond from afar, collecting whatever trinkets or treasures he left behind as he swam in the ocean.

Her curiosity in human culture, in the world of land fueled her fascination in all things outside of the sea. Tears gathered in her eyes as she looked down upon him. "Please don't die." She said as she gently cupped his whiskered cheeks.

The young man suddenly convulsed, violently coughing as water spurting from his mouth. After a few erratic hacking coughs the blond started to gently breath, his chest rising and falling as he came to the world of consciousness. ''Damn...my head.'' his voice was kind of gruff from the salty sea water. His eyes suddenly snapped open as he startled the young woman.

''Where am I? W-Who are you?'' he asked, revealing his soft cerulean blue eyes, bright and colorful like the sky like the mermaid's was deep and serene like the calm sea. As Naruto looked the woman other he suddenly realized just what was in front of him. ''Y-You're a mermaid?' He softly gasped as the young woman nodded and shirked away.

Suddenly her self-consciousness overtook her curiosity. She wondered if the human found her appearance ugly, she heard all about nasty stories about the evil humans, but the human she spent so much time studying surely wouldn't be evil.

''Why did you help me? I thought mermaids were supposed to lead sailors to their death or something?'' the young man mumbled as the red-head's eyes widened.

''I would never do that!'' she countered as the blond's actions mimicked hers.

''Y-You...I can understand you!'' he responded, his face morphing into excitement as the red-head gaped at him.

''Y-You can understand me?'' More then once the young mermaid had gotten her hand on something written in human language and could not understand it at all. Though with the fact the human could understand her it delighted her to no end.

''Yeah, so you saved me huh?'' he asked as she nodded, a smile forming on her face. ''Thank you...what's your name by the way?''


''That's a lovely name.'' the blond smiled back at her. ''My name is Naruto...Naruto Uzumaki.''

''You have two names?'' Ariel asked with wonder. ''You must be a really important person then.''

Naruto smiled sheepishly and rubbed the back of his head.''Well I'm a prince of sorts, but I don't think I'm that important. I mean the only thing I done was be born and...'' he glanced down at his navel, his voice trailing off. He looked back up at Ariel and couldn't help but smile. He couldn't help but find her beautiful. ''My friends are probably worried about me. Sorry Ariel, I have to go.'' Naruto said as he pushed himself to his feet, his head still pounding slightly.

''Will I...will I see you again?'' she asked as a hopeful look came across her face.

''Three days...three days from now in the morning on this beach. Okay?''

Ariel nodded as excitement filled her being. ''Okay...'' she answered with a shy smile.

''Then I'll see you then...my little mermaid.'' He took her hand and kissed it before she dove back into the icy blue water. She came back up to the surface for just one more look at him, behind some rocks.

"Til then Naruto.'' she whispered as she watched him disappear from sight before she descended underneath the waves and made her way back to Atlantica.


Chapter End


Man there is just so much debate and values dissonance around this movie. All this talk about Disney is blind to writing a good love story and how sexist it is by shoving out a lesson that a role model keeps her mouth closed, give up her friends, family, and all that stuff for a man she doesn't know for a guy she just met. In other words keep your mouth closed and leg opens and it's just...damn so I'm taking a different approach. The shinobi stuff relates to this story, minor at the time but not quite a major plot point. For this story it follows the movie since I never watched the series which is supposed to take place before the movie and of course just like Hercules completely screws up the timeline.

As you can see I'm developing a friendship and relationship of sorts between Naruto and Ariel instead of just instant love. People tried to justified Ariel having an interest or obsession in human culture for her fascination in Eric and how she was bored with being a mermaid and all that stuff, but does that really just justifying leaving behind your family and friends for a world you hardly understand and without a reasonable belief you could fit in and be happy.

And then people go on and say the couple works because of the sequel and a little bit of common sense would tell you Disney or whoever was behind the sequel wrote it as such so of course it worked out whether or not it would realistically worked. So yeah I also want to write it where both characters compromise as it looks more less that Ariel compromises (becomes human to be with Eric-and yes I know that is what she wanted), but yeah like most reasonable people I know that a good relationship requires communication, compromise from both ends, and having something in common among things.

Also I want to keep in mind that Ariel's decisions were all based around an impulsive teenager who made a bunch of hasty decisions and I'll continue on past the movie to show some of these decisions can have consequences.

That and of course Disney skips over the uncomfortable discussion of sex education as you already know I'm going to have some fun with Ariel learning about human copulation along with showing that at times it wouldn't be unreasonable for her to be homesick or squicked out by human sex as female mermaids laid eggs and the men are supposed to fertilize the eggs so yeah.

Other that I hope you guys enjoy this story. I know I promised a Beauty and Beast version, but you know how I am. If I get a story whim I have to write it and if I don't then I can't write. So yeah, hooray for me being original and not just replacing the disney characters with Naruto character name or descriptions or just any generic movie and just calling it a story when it's not.