Where the Air and Sea Meet
Naruto x Ariel
Author's Note
This chapter is dedicated to pyromania101 who is leaving for College tomorrow I believe.

Story Start
'So where are we going?'
Naruto asked doing hand gestures. He was thankful that merpeople had a far greater grasp of body language than humans did.

"My secret grotto," Ariel replied with that usually bubbly voice of hers. Her hand firmly grasped around his wrist as she dragged him along the water with impressive speed. Once again Naruto concluded it must have been a mermaid thing as Ariel, despite her figure (not being human gave credit to her having a really small waist and not looking like a skeleton) still seemed like she would be on the dainty side.

It felt like hours passed until they finally reached their destination. A small opening to what looked like a cave that was covered by a large rock.

"What are we suppose to do with this giant boulder in the way?''

''Oh, it's no problem.'' Ariel grabbed the boulder and pulled it out of the way.

Naruto followed her into the cave. It was very dark in the cave but there seemed to be a stream of light in the center of the cave.

"This is where I keep all my human things" Ariel said with her arms outstretched and twirling around in circles in the center of the cave.

'Holy crap!' Naruto thought as he looked around, doing a complete three-sixty as he couldn't help but deeply gasped and inhale a bit of extra oxygen. There were objects from the surface lining the room from wall to wall. There was a treasure chest in one corner, a lamp in another, silverware on one of the ledges of the cave, a globe and much much more.

"Where did you get all this?" Naruto asked looking around in awe at all the things that lined the room.

"I found it all while out searching the ocean. Many of them I found interesting and wanted to know more about," Ariel said picking up a match box.

'Man, tires, pens, furniture, and a bunch of other stuff. My dear Ariel you are what we call a hoarder.' he thought with an amused chuckle and shook his head. He then picked up a globe and looked at it. 'Huh, this is quite old. Maybe a few centuries, I think you can only get globes like this from old shops...in America!' the last few words he spoken out loud.

''Huh? America...what's that?''

''It's the name of a land Earth mass, a Continent.''

"Whats a continent?" Ariel asked curiously.

''Large masses of land that make up the world. There's seven in all and they're different based on regions of different races, religions, and cultures.'' he replied with a shrug. As the two of them continued to chat and grow closer they were unaware of a dark plot brewing around them. Naruto began looking around, away from Ariel as he studied all the objects. He was so engrossed in his thoughts he didn't notice the mischievous looked that formed on Ariel's face. ''Just how far did you have to swim to find some of these things?'' the blond asked, receiving no answer. ''Ariel?'' he spoke out again a little louder, well made louder gestures which he was sure she felt through the water. ''Ariel do you her...oh shit!" Naruto jumped back, his arms flailing wildly and bumping into the wall as Ariel removed a very freakish looking mask from her face and burst out into a fit of giggles.

A growl escaped Naruto's lips. ''I...am so...going to get you for THAT!"

In water's not too far from there own a green-eye orange tiara mermaid was swimming around and looking for her sister. With a slender body, fair skin and brown hair this was the eldest of Triton's daughters Attina. The so called 'bossy' of the Triton daughter's was growing steadily agitated. It was bad enough that Ariel missed her singing debut; all the trouble that said girl went through to revive music one would think she could hold off her surface world obsession for one day. 'Just one day,' Attina irritably noted, and of course now her sister was blowing off practice. 'How can that girl be so irresponsible?' Attina thought as she went to Ariel's grotto.

Contrary to what her naive little sister thought, more people than not knew of her secret grotto. It was Trigon for the most part who was unaware of his youngest's fascination. Something Attina never brought to his mind as she, like the others thought that Ariel would grow out of her childish fascination.

''There's no way you're going to catch me!''

Despite the cockiness of the tone it was without a doubt her sister. Attina felt her body go through some sort of paralysis as some odd creature was chasing her sister. Both of them seemed to be rapidly heading towards the surface. Finally regaining control of her body Attina rushed off after them, unaware that reinforcements was on the way.
Chapter end

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