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Chapter 7

"He did what?" Ellie was ready to explode. How in the name of everything good in this world we hold dear could her brother ask the spawn of Satan to marry him? Was he out of his extremely over sized freaking mind? She would have to assume the old tradition of asking the father to marry was thrown out the window. Ellie was pacing back and forth trying to calm down, her brother could be such the idiot sometimes.

Ellie stopped her pacing, turning to Sarah. "So what did you say?"

Sarah couldn't look Ellie in the eyes. It had nothing to do with being scared, but Chuck wasn't the only Bartowski she'd gotten close to over the past months. As strange as the relationship she had with Chuck was, the one with Ellie was probably even stranger. "Well, I sorta said yes. But it wasn't my fault Ellie." Sarah had her hand on her forehead, almost mimicking exactly what Ellie was doing. "Ugh. Your brother just does something to me and I can't think straight." Sarah shot both her hands to her side, clinching her fists in a very determined attitude.

"Tell me about it. I've had to protect that dweeb for so long, I forget sometimes that he is just my brother. I swear his childish ways has me acting like his mom most of the time. But that's beside the point. There's no way you're going through with this. Right Sarah?" Ellie was looking determinedly at Sarah now.

Sarah remained quiet for a moment. "Well..."

"Well nothing. Geez Sarah, how exactly is the spawn of Satan and the One going to really get married, huh? Explain to me how this is really going to work." Ellie was tapping her foot, arms folded across her chest, waiting for a reply.

Sarah just held up a finger, letting Ellie know that she needed a minute. "Ellie, here's the thing. I love him."

"Oh you're so full of..." Ellie stopped as she looked deep into the eyes of the demon in front of her. "Oh my God. You do love him." Ellie grasped a hand over her mouth. "How the hell did that happen?"

Sarah really had no explanation. Spawns of Satan really were not supposed to feel anything but hatred, greed, pain, suffering, all the normal joys of being from a dysfunctional family. But Chuck had done the impossible. He had gotten a soulless cold hearted demon to fall in love with him.

Ellie took a deep breath. While she still could not believe what was happening, she knew without a doubt that Sarah and Chuck loved each other. It defied the laws of Heaven and Hell. It defied the laws of nature itself, but it was real. "Okay." Ellie swallowed the lump in her throat. "It's obvious you want this. And if my brother has his mind made up already, there is nothing in this universe that's going to stop him."

"Tell me about it." Sarah slyly remarked.

"Yeah. I know right." Ellie was in deep thought. "Okay, we keep this quiet for a bit. Just play it off like it's a cover to control the Intersect. That should satisfy the powers that be for a while. I will pray about what to do and consult with Casey. I take it he knows right?"

Once again Sarah couldn't look Ellie in the eyes. "Yeah, he knows. But in my defense, I swear to you he played a part in this happening. All his healings of Chuck, and those sly comments that pushed me closer to Chuck. I know he had something to do with this."

"That's Sugar Bear for you." Ellie didn't mean to say that out loud.

"What did you say?" Sarah did a double take wondering if she heard that correctly.

"Never mind. For now, we have to come up with a plan on how we're going to make this work."

Sarah couldn't agree more, and she was so thankful she had Ellie in her corner. "I agree completely."

"Now you and Chuck are heading to New York tomorrow right? That jerk Larkin, told you about a Ring headquarters located there right?" Ellie was already putting into motion a plan to help Chuck and Sarah.

"Yeah, we're supposed to meet up with a friend of Chuck's from back in his college days. Someone he used to hang out with when him and the boys were fighting my former kind." Sarah knew how excited Chuck was to see his very successful friend from New York. She couldn't wait to meet him either. She loved some of the novels the guy had wrote. He had a lot of good murder scenes that she enjoyed so much.

"Yeah, Rick was a very close friend to Chuck and it will be good for the two of them to get back together. How long will you be gone?"

"Casey's not coming, he's working a case for an acquaintance of his, someone named Vebanski. Even so, the mission should only take a couple days but we wanted to stay, you know, a little longer to enjoy the sights. We need to plan and coordinate with Chuck's friend and the person he works with. Then we'll try and deal a major blow to the Ring." Sarah couldn't wait to take her mind off things and get to doing the thing she loves most. She smiled thinking that it would be good to kill some Fallen too.

"Okay, we'll talk later Sarah. Just be safe and make sure to take care of my brother."

The two without even realizing what they were doing embraced each other in a sisterly hug. It was as if they both realized what they had done during the embrace. Strangely though, neither wanted to pull apart.

"Not a word Demon." Ellie smiled as she held her soon to be sister close.

"My lips are sealed Angel Scum." The two laughed, as they knew this was the beginning of yet another strange relationship.

{* * *}

"Chuck will you just sit still." Sarah grabbed his knee, trying to keep him from bouncing out of his seat on the plane. He was acting like a two-year-old waiting for a ride on the carousal.

"I'm sorry, it's just I can't believe were going to New York. I've never been to New York. I mean the Empire State Building, the Library, Central Park. Oh man I can't wait to take a walk with you through Central Park." Chuck started bouncing even more.

If she didn't find him so ridiculously adorable, she'd probably of thrown him out the plane by now. He was starting to bring attention to them and Sarah really didn't want this kind of attention. Especially being enclosed in a metal tube thousands of feet above the ground. She had to distract him soon or he was bound to explode.

That's when a sinister idea popped into her head. Sarah seductively leaned over to Chuck as her hand glided ever so slightly up his leg. "So tell me again about this 'mile high club'." Sarah remembered Chuck talking about it once before. It was a night that she had to save him from one of the demons dangling him from the side of a building. They weren't quite a mile in the air but having sex with Chuck, while in demon form, flying high above the ground was mind blowing. However, of course, the nerd said that did not count.

Chuck instantly stopped bouncing as he felt Sarah grip his manhood rather tightly. "Uhh sweetie. There are people all around us." Chuck was starting to panic as he looked around at all the other passengers.

"Don't worry Chuck, this won't take long." Sarah had already forgotten why she initiated this line of conversation to begin with. She'd already passed the point of no return and she wanted to taste Chuck so bad right now it was as if he was her meal waiting after week of fasting.

Chuck nearly squealed as Sarah unzipped his pants and in the same motion, lay her head down on his lap, nearly swallowing him whole all in the same motion. "Sarah Walker are you out of your mind?" Chuck was trying to think coherently but what Sarah was doing down below and the fear of prying eyes around him were having a battle royal. It was not even nighttime on the plane so the only privacy they had was a blanket that Chuck did his best to cover Sarah's head with.

"Sarah please, you need to... Oh wow, where did you learn that?"

. . .

Well he had definitely calmed down as Sarah snuggled close to him, still relishing the taste of him in her mouth. She laughed a little as she looked up at him. He hadn't moved a muscle since his very large muscle left her a sweet surprise. She really hoped she had not broken him.

"That doesn't count you know. It has to happen to you too." Chuck whispered out of the side of his mouth, still petrified that every single person on the plane knew exactly what just happened.

"And what makes you think it's not going to happen to me?" Sarah was almost purring now as she kissed the side of his neck.

Chuck did a double take as he looked next to him at the seductive look in his future wife's eyes. He realized to late that he'd awakened the beast. "Oh no."

"Oh yes." Sarah said as she got up from her seat, pulling Chuck along towards the back of the plane.

. . .

"Hey man, thanks for bailing us out." Chuck gave his friend a huge hug as he and Sarah were just now exiting the detention facility. It took all he had to keep Sarah calm and not let her pull something crazy. Luckily, after what happened on the plane, over and over, she was more than placated as she was still walking around in her afterglow.

"No problem Chuck. So nice to see you man. How have you been?"

Chuck couldn't help but take Sarah's hand in his, giving it a warm kiss as he brought it to his lips. "Couldn't be better Rick, couldn't be better."

"Yeah I see you found a real keeper there."

"And I heard you finally settled down." Chuck nudged his friend playfully.

"Yeah, never thought she'd ever admit her feelings, but finally, after four years of will they won't they, it happened."

Chuck deadpanned. "I can't even imagine going through that."

"So Rick, Chuck says you'll be able to help us out with a mission?" Sarah was still a little hesitant to give out to much information. Chuck had sworn on his life that they could trust Rick, after all, it was Chuck's idea to name Castle after his friend. But still she wanted to be sure.

"We most certainly can. Kate is currently finishing up some things now at work and will meet up with us later at our place."

"Can't wait to meet her Rick. Still can't believe you finally settled down." Chuck had his arm around his bud. Both sharing a friendly laugh.

{* * *}

"Chuck, how many do you count?" Kate had her gun out, leaning against the far wall, trying her best to keep Rick securely behind her even though she knew it was an impossible task. Sometimes she just wished he would stay in the car.

Chuck scanned the room calling upon the Intersect to give him as much detail as possible about what they were facing. To his friends, they were just a group of high level terrorists, trying to smuggle in a nuclear bomb to New York City. However, the Intersect revealed they were much more than terrorists.

Sarah could sense it too. The closer her and Chuck had gotten, the less the need for verbal communication was needed. They could read each others thoughts as if they were speaking fluently out loud to one another. And although she didn't really care about Chuck's friends, the fact that he did so much, made up for it. She looked over along the other side, seeing Kate and Rick trying to come up with their own plan.

Normally she'd just go demon form on these bottom dwellers but she knew these weren't your ordinary run of the mill Fallen. These were a special breed as surely Chuck was already figuring out. They had a special 'hunger' for Demons something similar to her own blood lust for brunette sluts. She would definitely need some back up and since Casey was not here, Kate was her only other choice.

"Psst, Chuck." Rick tried to get Chuck's attention.

Chuck acknowledged his friend although his concern was growing by the minute.

"Why don't we have Kate and Sarah... distract the men in there while you and I move around to the opposite side. While they keep the attention, you and I can steal the bomb."

Kate just rolled her eyes. Rick just wanted another excuse to see her put on her slutty performance. He did have a point though, and with Sarah with her, they were definitely going to turn some heads. She looked to Sarah as she started unbuttoning the top of her blouse, also letting down her hair. "You ready, Sarah?"

Sarah just stared at the female not knowing what the heaven she was doing. "Ready for what?"

Kate just deadpanned. "To give these guys a show." She continued prepping for the 'show' as she heard a deep grumble coming from next to her where Castle was himself grumbling slightly. She couldn't help smiling as she felt Rick move closer to her. She just loved doing this to him.

Sarah still shook her head, not quite understanding why the human was undressing right here. She understood pre-mission sex or during mission sex too, but for once in her life, this was not the time. Besides, after Chuck put on such a baby act when they got caught on the plane, the last thing she knew he'd want is to have sex right in front of his friend. And oh heaven no if these were some weirdo's that thought she was about to share her sex life.

"Uhh, guys. Sarah really doesn't like doing that sort of thing. She's, well... she's kind of protective if you know what I mean."

Sarah still was not quite sure what was going on but she was definitely turned on seeing Chuck standing up for her.

Kate sighed. This girl had the goods and there probably wasn't a man on earth, or woman for that matter, that would not die to get the time of day from the blonde. The agent had to know how to seduce someone... right? "Sarah, we have to use what we got." Kate emphasized this by sticking out her breasts. "To distract the men in there."

Sarah stood straight up, about to go nuts. Luckily, Chuck knew it was coming and laid a gentle hand on her arm, whispering in her ear.

"Sarah honey, it's okay. Just pretend that that I'm in there watching your every move."

"Frak no Chuck. We've talked about this." Sarah grabbed him by the shoulders, pinning him to the wall. She completely ignored Rick coughing while saying 'Whipped' at the same time.

"I told you Chuck. This is yours and only yours." Sarah did her own version of shoving her breasts right in Chuck's face. "I'm not about to go in there, letting these idiots see what's for your eyes only."

Chuck just sighed. "Sarah, you do realize when you're making love to me... In the restaurant, in the back of the tram, on the subway, in the plane, in the emergency room, that people are seeing not only you naked, but me as well."

Sarah was about to object, but realized he had a point. She grabbed his cheeks as she made him look at her. "But most of those times I keep at least my shirt on or at least put it over your head too. Which by the way, wearing skirts really is a bonus now that I never thought I would like before. It makes it so much easier to have you shove your..."

"Sarah... Will you focus please? This is serious. Those things in there have a nuclear bomb and we have to stop them."

Sarah was unfortunately brought out of her musings realizing Chuck was right. Once again, she could care less about the people of New York, but since Chuck was here, they had to stop that bomb. But she still wasn't going to do anything to... Her brain went blank as Chuck spun her around, pinning her to the wall, and kissing her as if his life depending on it.

Rick had wrote many a love scene in his books. Matter of fact, lately Kate was acting each of them out for him over and over. Nevertheless, what he was witnessing now was definitely going in his next book.

Chuck broke the kiss, realizing his point was made. "Now listen. I love you." Chuck gently grabbed her face so she was looking at him although he had to wait a moment for her to refocus. "And I know without a doubt you love me. You're going to be my wife so I know that you're committed to me. So what I want you to do is just go in there. Remember I love you, and remember that I'll be watching." With that, Chuck gave her the eyebrow dance, letting her know that they were going to have a very intense post-mission love session tonight if they are successful.

"Fine, but I'm only thinking of you and I'm not showing them my ass and only the first button is unbuttoned. Nothing more." Sarah held up her index finger, indicating one more thing. "And the hair is staying tied up in a knot. There is no way these men are going to see your favorite hair style on me. No way!"

Chuck just smiled. He never loved Sarah more than he did right now. He thanked the Gods that he found someone that would cherish his feelings as much as Sarah did for him. He couldn't imagine being with a girlfriend that would so freely seduce any man that came along, mission requirement or not. He kissed her one more time as he turned to Rick. "Okay man, let's go."

The two hurried around to the other side. "Dude, that is so going in my next book. You're so awesome man." Rick just gave Chuck a slap on the back. Man his friend had come such a long way since that bitch who broke his heart in college. Matter of fact, they both had and now they had the two sexiest, most beautiful bad ass woman on the planet. "We are so cool."

"I know right." Then the two were off down the corridor, heading to the other side of the room.

Kate and Sarah just watched their men run off. "We really love a couple of nerds you know that?" Kate smiled as she looked at Sarah.

Sarah couldn't agree more. "Yeah. We're pretty lucky."

Both females agreed and after giving each other one final look over, they headed into the room of the Fallen.

. . .

Obviously the one thing both females didn't realize was that their men would also be in the same room. Sure the room was big and they were on the other side, but still, Castle and Chuck had a bird's eye view of 'their' girls. What Sarah and Kate did not count on was both their men going into a catatonic state upon entering the room, each eying their women hungrily.

You'd think after all both men had been through that this sort of display would be just another day. But apparently when you worship the woman your with, their ability to rend you speechless never gets old.

Chuck luckily was the one that finally came out of it first. Of course, he had the benefit of a mind prompting from Sarah to get a move on so they could get out of here.

Chuck turned to Castle and punched him in the arm, motioning him towards the bomb, which looked to be housed in a treasure chest type container.

Castle, awoken from his musings, just shook his head as both men carefully made their way to the bomb, each having a hard time concentrating.

Chuck motioned to Castle towards one side of the bomb, where there was a handle, while he took the other side. Worst case they could just walk out, carrying the bomb between them, and Sarah and Kate would take care of the rest.

Chuck gave the silent signal 'on three' and Castle nodded his head in agreement, either not wanting to say a word. Chuck bent down near the handle so that he could get a good grip; he knew these things could be heavy and the carrying case looked to be made of solid steel. Getting in a comfortable position, he looked to Castle and motioned, one... two... three... Unfortunately, he didn't specify on three then go, as Castle had already tried to lift the case by himself, causing an expletive to exhale from his lips as he dropped the unexpected heavy case on his foot.

Both men froze, each closing their eyes, hopping that no one heard...

"What the hell?"

Chuck heard one of the terrorists yell out towards them. "Oh shit... toki mushrooms, We're so screwed." They were about to take off when three guards came out of nowhere, guns raised towards them.

Chuck and Castle both looked at each other and at the same time both said to the other, "Just stay calm." Each feeling that their own girlfriends could more than make up for their unfortunate, although expected, blunder.

Before they could do anything else, one of the men ran right up to Chuck and slammed the butt of his gun across Chuck's face, causing Chuck to stumble backward, falling hard to one knee.

Chuck was stunned for a moment, the literal butterfly's flying around his head. It felt like his head exploded but he quickly regained his footing. After all, he had been through worse pain with Sarah so his body was expecting it.

He slowly lifted his head, a sinister look spread across his face as he slowly wiped the blood from his lips. It was also then when he felt the temperature in the room drop ten degrees. Chuck stared straight through the terrorists, a slight smile coming to his lips. "You really shouldn't have done that."

The man who hit him was about to do it again when suddenly his head was ripped from his body, blood and brain matter splattering everywhere.

What happened next was a blur to Chuck as bodies everywhere were being ripped apart as if they were made of paper. The room literally felt like it had exploded, enough so that Chuck made a quick look towards the bomb just to make sure.

Both Chuck and Castle hugged each other close, bracing themselves as the storm of death and destruction reigned down around them.

It took only minutes but finally the sounds of pain and screaming ended. Sarah and Kate both rushing over to make sure their men were safe.

After opening his eyes, sensing Sarah next to him, Chuck happened to catch Kate changing back to her human form, Sarah already changed. He quickly looked to Castle, shocked and a little scared that maybe Castle didn't know what he had. Fortunately, by the huge grin on Castle's face as he stared at Chuck, told Chuck all he needed to know.

Castle just looked at Chuck, grinning from ear to ear. "I told you. Our girlfriends our so damn cool."

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