A/N: Set after "Curse of the Black Spot."

Rory was alive. Her husband was alive. Sobs racked Amy's body as she held him against her. She thought she'd lost him! She had, in a way, but he was back.

"Amy, I'm alright."

Her tears fell faster. Worried, Rory pulled back slightly so he could hold her face in his hands.


Amy choked out another sob in response. "You died," she managed to get out. Rory's concerned face morphed into one of love.

"And you saved me."

The redhead turned away from her husband, ashamed. She had saved his life, and she really shouldn't be that concerned in the first place. Rory had died loads of times.

In no way did that make it any easier to deal with.

"Amy," he said forcefully, making her look up. "I'm alive; there's no need to be upset."

She nodded, taking a calming breath before finally looking into his eyes. "Don't ever do that again."

Rory laughed, pulling her into a gentle kiss. "I promise."