The Video Project

Jeremy turns on the camera and creeps across the hall towards Elena's room. The door is slightly open. He holds back, at the halfway mark and speaks slowly.

"Here we have the doppelganger. She is in her natural habitat." He creeps closer to the door, "While her doppelganger Katherine is causing mischief elsewhere. Here is Elena in her natural habitat which is reading and listening to music."

He peeks the camera in at his sister, sitting on her windowsill with her ipod speakers blasting and a book in her hands. Elena suddenly looks up.

"The doppelganger looks up, hearing an odd presence. She assumes it's a vampire."

"Jeremy? Is that you?" Elena asks, She sweeps her feet off the sill and onto the floor.

"Or she assumes it's her favorite little brother!" Jeremy shouts and darts down the stairs.


Jeremy runs out the house and into the grass. He checks his camera and then proceeds down the street. As he walks he sees Matt washing his car and Jeremy ducks behind a nearby bush and turns on his camera.

"This is a Matt. Defined as a human completely oblivious to everything. These creatures play no part in the big picture, for now at least. Matts also loves Carolines but these creatures lack bal-"

"Jeremy why are you talking to yourself in a bush?" Matt yells and Jeremy books it down the street.


Jeremy runs breathlessly through town and arrives at the mystic grill. He slides into a booth trying to catch his breath. He looks up suddenly and notices Damon sitting at the bar.

Jeremy turns the camera back on and zooms in on Damon's face.

"Here we have a vampire. This type of vampire is called a Damon and is defined as what Elena says 'a self-serving psychopath with no redeeming qualities.' A Damon spends most of their time drinking, flirting, and hunting."

Damon suddenly makes full eye contact with the camera and Jeremy turns white. Damon then makes his way towards Jeremy and the young teen remains still.

"Hey Jeremy, buddy, what do you got there?"

"I'm making a documentary."

"I overheard. Who else in the wild have you filmed?"

"You, Matt, and Elena."

"Need any help with the rest?" Damon grins evilly.


Damon places his finger to his lips and motions Jeremy, holding the camera to come foreword. Stefan's bedroom door is open just a bit and he appears to be napping.

Damon looks at Stefan, motions Jeremy to turn on the camera, and then he begins.

"This creature behind me is the rarest of them all. This is a Stefan and they are not to many of these because these vampires are saints and fun suckers who only feed on animal blood. Stefan's are uncommon with fun and are way to serious. They spend most of there time writing in there diaries and-"

"Damon?' Stefan is awake.

Jeremy's quiet laughter is completely silenced.

"The Stefan has awoken!" Damon yells into the camera.

"Is that a camera? Jeremy what are you doing here? Damon what are you guys up too?"

Jeremy hands the camera to Damon and bolts down the hall and down the stairs. Damon isn't quick enough; Stefan grabs him on the shoulder. Damon looks up sheepishly,

"Stefan's are also very cranky if they don't have there beauty re-"

Before Damon can finish Stefan snatches the camera out of his grasp and the screen goes dark.