This project is intended to span roughly 50 episodes, 1250 pages, and 500,000 words. Given that updates will generally be every 15-30 days, I will be writing for 2-4 years. There is a discussion about this project over at the Code Lyoko Veterans forum (veterans dot codelyokounited dot com slash viewtopic dot php), at [?f=9&t=67016], and more information, including pictures of the development process, is available at [?f=9&t=67083#p10903292]. (Type in the base address, then add the extension, without the brackets.)

Current Status:

-on hold, pending the submission of the author's college applications

Updates and progress:

07/21/11 Update 1: Interlude complete.

07/27/11 Update 2: Basic long-term outline complete.

07/30/11 Update 3: Story published on Code Lyoko Veterans forum.

08/06/11 Update 4: Episode one complete.

08/07/11 Update 5: Rules and Limits of Technology edited for general consumption and published (was intended as an internal reference document).

08/08/11 Update 6: Next five episodes storyboarded.

08/13/11 Update 7: Episode two complete.

08/15/11 Update 8: Story published on FanFiction dot Net.

08/24/11 Update 9: Pause in writing, detailed long-term storyboard being written.

08/25/11 Update 10: Computer tools deemed inadequate, using color-coded flashcards.

08/28/11 Update 11: Have run out of space for storyboard. Adding 4ft x 8ft tackboard above desk to continue detailed storyboard.

09/05/11 Update 12: Tackboard constructed and installed.

09/05/11 Update 13: Development Status Board added.

09/11/11 Update 14: Long-term storyboard complete.

09/13/11 Update 15: Episode-by-episode storyboarding for the remainder of season one begun.

09/16/11 Update 16: The Forewarned has been put on hold due to college applications. Major work will resume after applications are complete.

09/25/11 Update 17: Rules and Limits of Technology overhauled and updated.