Chapter 1: A Little Intro

This is the sequel to Things I Love in this World. I've had a tough time deciding exactly what I was going to write about in the sequel, but I decided on it, and I could never be happier with it. :) I think it's going to be amazing.

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"Where are those happy days?
They seem so hard to find

I wish I understood

The love you gave me
Nothing else can save me

-SOS by The Cast of Mamma Mia!

Harry's POV:

I awoke from my dreamless sleep to the sound of a small child screaming. After the first few seconds of grogginess, my instincts kicked in, and I got up as quickly as I could and ran across the room to where Nanda slept in his small bed (I know it doesn't sound like much, but it was actually more than you would think, since it was Tom's large room). I could barely see his small outline in the darkness of the room, but it was enough to pick him up and hold him to me. It was Thursday (I was pretty sure), and he had been having nothing but bad dreams since Tuesday. He had, of course, always had bad dreams, but never to frequent; usually about once or twice every two weeks. It scared me that he would grow up hating sleep as I once had.

'Nanda…' I whispered to him as he squirmed, still stuck in his nightmare. 'Nanda, it's alright. I'm here. I'll protect you.'

Tears stained my sleeping shirt, but I really could care less. Nanda wiped his eyes as he woke up, and wrapped his small arms around my neck. Every single time he had a nightmare, I regretted not making it a big deal to the orphanage that I couldn't know about where he came from, and what in Merlin's name had happened to him that was scaring him this much. They had said I could not fix what had happened, and that the previous family had asked it not to be shared. If I had trusted my gut, I would have gotten to the bottom of it while I could. And now I pay the price of being kept in the dark.

'What happened, little one?' Tom joined us now, his wand in his hand and a light at its tip. His beautiful face was only half-lit as he pointed it at us.

My hand that was on his head fell as he raised it to look at him. I couldn't see his face, but I could feel his uneasy breathing. My poor puppy… Whatever happened to him, I wanted to know what it was. I could care less if they had burned his papers after we adopted him, or that the lady who knew refused to tell me. I would find out. Seeing Nanda like this, like me, but at such a younger age, made me so furious; I could feel it burning in my heart, and spreading through my veins, like a wild fire. I will find out. I swear it on my life.

Tom's hand stroked his cheek, wiping the tears from them. 'Harry, love' he said in my mind, 'Calm yourself. Our child will be better in the morning.'

Yes, I know, but I can't stand to see him so scared of something like this and not know what's causing it! We adopted him to raise him so he wouldn't end up like us. And here he is, going through the same torture I did. What are we going to do, Tom? This is the third time this week! It's getting worse. What if he ends up like I was?

Nanda had stopped his crying, but hadn't yet detached himself from me. Tom came over to my other side and placed a soft kiss on my cheek. 'He won't, love. He has a loving family who understands what he is going through, and who will help him in every possible way they can.' I knew that, of course, but it did help to hear it. That fear still lingered in my mind, but logic suppressed it enough.

'Papa, can I sleep with you and Daddy?' Nanda asked in small, sweet whispers. I loved him with all of my heart, like he was my own child. I never wanted anything bad to happen to him.

'Of course, pup.' I smiled. With his hazel eyes, and crazy light brown hair, he always reminded me of a wolf pup, and so it became his nickname. He was so frail, and I kept as best an eye over him as I could. He'd already been to St. Mungo's a couple of times since we brought him home (on January 3rd; I will always remember that day); once for a broken arm he got from swinging around on a tree, and once more for a badly twisted ankle from tripping down the stairs (he was thankfully very close to the bottom already); Each time gave me a bloody heart attack. Tom told me (several times since then) that I was overprotective of him. I didn't believe it, but I kept tab on my actions to make sure I was giving him some freedom, but still assuring he wasn't doing anything too risky. I would hate to have to take him there again.

I looked to the muggle clock (that I had convinced Tom I needed to stay sane) that sat upon the little nightstand on my side of the bed (since I had been staying in Tom's room ever since I got back from school a little over a month ago). Around three in the morning, I guessed from what I could see in the blackness. I carried him back over to the bed and laid him down. He scooted over and I slid in after him. There was still so much room in the bed, I could barely see Tom on the other side. I got comfy enough to be able to go to sleep, and Nanda cuddled up next to me, falling asleep almost immediately. I smiled at him. He was our child, and I would not let him be anything like us; he was the beacon of hope to everyone (and, might I say, the first child to be adopted by a gay couple), even if he didn't know it yet.

And I feared the day he would find out.

I felt Tom in my mind, and I relaxed. I didn't need to be worrying right now. Everything was perfect right now with Nanda here, and Tom as well. What more could I ask for? And with that thought, I fell back into my dreamless sleep, just awaiting the sun's return to the sky, signifying a new day to come.

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