"What can I say to you for you to believe me when I say I think you're beautiful?" He said to me over and over again for the last month. I have tried and tried not to hear him. It is all wrong that he said it let alone the way it make me feel when he does.

My heart picks up a beat, I can feel the way my whole body reacts to him. It went against everything that I knew was right and we'll be lucky if either of us make it of this the same.

"Mom, Edward and I are going to movies after work if that's ok?" My son Jacob asked me. "Sure as long as all your home work is done for school." I told him.

You see I'm a mother of two Jake and Ali. They are twins, seniors in high school this year. I have been married to their father since high school. Emmett Cullen, he was my everything, he still is I love him very much.

"Bella, honey I'm home "Em called everyday when he comes home from work. I would have dinner ready for him and our children.

"Em, Jake is going to the movies with Edward tonight and Ali is going to the library with Jasper again." I said as we all set down to eat. The door bell rang and got up to go answer it.

"Hey Edward please come in "I said as he passed by me. He leaned in and half hugged me and smelled my hair. "What are you doing Edward?" I asked "I just love the way you always smell like strawberries and vanilla."

This is how it started. Edward is my sons Jakes best friend. Edward and 3 years older than Jake, they had played soccer together Jake's freshman and sophomore year in high school. Edward is in collage at a local school.

That was 6 months ago that Edward said those words to me. At first I brushed it off as a teenage thing; you know having a crush on one of your best friend moms or dads, but this way beyond that. Way, way beyond.

Edward moved into our house after school was out that year, so he and Jake could write music and work on their "band".

Ali and her boyfriend had entered a summer study program to spend the summer in Paris so they was gone all summer.

Emmett had gotten moved in his company and was now working at customers homes and he was not happy with his job. Jake and I took the brunt of it with Emmitt and his bad mood and all his anger.

Don't get the wrong idea he didn't hit us or anything, he just wasn't his old self. Everything we did was never good enough and he was also mad at us and everyone else for that matter.

I am very glad that Ali was not here to have to deal with all this stress that was been brought upon this house. I know you are wondering where this is going and what it all leads to and I am going to tell you.

Not that anything I say will make it right and all the explaining I do will never make me a good person again, but I like everyone else am just human and I followed my heart.

I was in the shower and everyone was out of the house the boys in the garage working on their new song "secret lovers" Edward wrote the lyric and Jake wrote the music.

Emmett was at work like most days and he was working overtime a lot lately. I got up today and worked on my writing a bit before I cleaned the house and did laundry.

I called my best friend Vicki but she was busy today and didn't have time for starbucks. So I decided to climb in the shower and do the only thing that work to relax me.

Masturbate with the shower head, the cool water running all over my body and the jets hitting my sweet spot was heaven.

I was almost there when I felt someone climb in the shower with and wrap his strong arms around me and start kissing my neck.

I jerked around because I knew it wasn't time for Emmett, not that he wanted me anyway, besides to yell at or be short with. I turned to meet green eyes, green not blue like Em's.

Ivey green the color of summer, the color of freedom, the color of my salvation. He leaned in and brought his lips to mine.

I didn't think , I didn't want to I want him ,I wanted to feel wanted, so I kissed him back. Edward kissed like nothing I had dreamed of and everything I had dreamed of all in one.

I won't lie I had thought about how his lips would feel, how his body would be to touch it. I wanted to touch it, I wanted to touch him. Most I wanted him to touch me.

I almost for that my son was just outside and here I was his mother in the shower with his best friend, but that still didn't stop me .I wrapped my hands in his hair and pulled him closer to me and kissed him harder.

Edward licked my lips and I opened my mouth to get a better taste of him. He was beautiful and he was mine (at least for right now).

I wanted him and I didn't care I dropped to my knees and I took all of his man hood into my mouth and I sucked and nibbled and rubbed him.

His cock was so large for his age and I almost gagged taking all of him into my mouth. Edward grabbed my hair and he called my name as I drew him closer to his release.

I thought that would be the end of it. That he would have gotten what he wanted from me and he would stop paying me attention. He pulled me up after he got a hold of himself and he kissed me harder than before.

"Beautiful "he said, before he wrapped his arms around me and whispered "I want to return the favor another day but I will return it, but today I want to make love to you."

I looked up at him and smiled; I'm going to hell anyway now, so I said what the hell lets go to your room.

I stumbled out of the shower and wrapped a towel around me as I leaned in and kissed him again.

"Bells I just want you to know that this is not just a onetime thing for me. I am really into to you. I'm sorry about this and I'm kinda sorry bout Emmett but I think I'm falling in love with you and I want this. I also don't want you to worry about Jake and me he won't know I promise you" Edward said to me before he kissed me so sweetly I almost fell down.

"About Jake he is in just right outside, what does he think you are doing in here? " I asked .Edward smiled his crooked smile and said he is left to go his this girl he likes house. "

I raised my eye brows at him asking him who. He laughed and told me to ask Jake later right know there were more important things to do.

Then he kissed my necks and picked me up and carried me to his room.