Chapter 22 Your beautiful my family

The last nine months have really been great. I made a total recovery and Edward did as well. Ailey was the perfect baby never crying almost never. Edward and I are planning on getting married next spring.

Yeah life is good. Ailey is crawling all over the place and as it turned out Bree and Ian was pregnant and they had new daughter as well. She looks just like her mother and is doing well.

Jacob and Jessica are still together and are planning on moving in together next year at school. He is going to pre med and she is going to study music. Funny how things turn out isn't it.

Ali and Jasper returned to Paris and now he has his own art studio there and Ali helps run it. They got married before the fly back, as they wanted our new family to all be there.

Rose and Abby are doing well also, although I would love to tell you everything worked out for her but men are men and it just didn't work out. Rose also lost the baby and I think that was the last thing keeping them together. She has met a new guy named Mathew and I think he might just be the one for her.

That just leaves my very best friend I think I ever had besides the love of my life and soul mate Edward. Weston, him and I are still very close and I love him more than life. I owe him so much there just isn't enough time in this second chance at life that I got.

I wish I could tell you that he has found the perfect woman for him but he say no one has even come close to the person who stole his heart. I wish I know who she was so I could tell her that he is a wonderful man with so much love to offer her.

Till that day comes I hold out hope for him and wish him the very best. Plus Edward and I named Wes as godfather to Ailey. He was happy to accept. He is great with her and she loves him calls him wawa .

"Bella what are you doing? " I hear Edward calling so it's time to put my story to rest and go and live my wonderful life. Thank you Emmett for this chance at happiness ,I love and miss you my oldest friend.

EDWARD (pov)

"Bella sweetheart, you awake? I have someone who would like to meet her mother." I smile at my weak girl and at my gift that she gave me.

"Edward "she whispered that was the sweetest sound I had ever heard in my life. I don't know why but I was sure I felt Emmett's presents there with us.

They kept Bella for a few days to make sure everything was fine and all test came back good so I got to take both of my girls home. I didn't know if Bella would want to go back to the house she shared with Emmett or not but Jake and I both thought it would be best if I brought them to my apartment.

Jake and Weston had put together a crib and hung pink streamers all over the place when I brought them home. It was beyond anything I have ever felt before in my life. I knew that I loved Bella, I knew from the first moment I laid eyes on her, she was my for ever even if she did t know it then she would.

Now I look down at her and my daughter, can you believe I have a daughter? I must have been really good to deserve this much happiness but I was thankful for it.

I talk to everyone and got filled in on all the stuff I missed and I thanked them all for looking after my life( Bella and Ailey) for me , when I couldn't.

Wes told me I didn't have to thank him for nothing her would do it again anytime he was need. He also said that he love Ailey like she was his and that he, well never mind he said but I knew he wanted to say it. I could see it, it was written all over his face and how could I fault him. I couldn't I fell for her too and I fell hard.

It was that moment that I choose him to be Ailey godfather an as long as it was ok with Bella , I know it is the best thing for him and for Ailey if something should happen to us.

The next few weeks were a blur and a lot of sleepless nights, not because Ailey was crying but because I had to keep checking on her every two seconds. Bella would laugh at me and tell she was fine the baby monitor would tell us if she wasn't.

Ali and Jasper got married in the park before the headed back to Paris. I know they are young but when the right person comes along you want to spend every minute with they because as we all experienced life is way too short to waste any of it.

Bella and Jake talked and decided to sell the house and that we would find a new one, one that was ours and ours alone without all the bad memories.

Ailey is six months old today and Bella and I just signed the final paper work on our first house together. We can move in, in three months when it is finished being built. It is a perfect little two story with four bed rooms and two and a half baths. A big back yard for Ailey and if I could get any luckier her younger sibling.

I bought Bella a ring, I hope she likes it; it is simple but pure just like our love. Wes has become one of my best friends also and I can see why Bella trust him so much. I really think if I wouldn't have made he would have made her happy but I'm glad I did because lets be real I want to be the only to make her happy for the rest of our lives.

I had a special night planned and at the end of it everyone, even Ali and Jasper via Skype will be there. I took Bella out to dinner and when we came home and she walked in they all yelled surprise and she turned to look at me and I was down on one knee holding out the ring box.

She starting crying and smiled at me. "Bella, love will you make me the happiest person in the world (like I already wasn't) and become my wife?"

"Yes Edward, yes" she said as she fell to the ground next to me kissing me. Then she asks if it could be next spring.

I hated the idea of waiting that long but then she got up and pulled me with her. "Edward I was going to tell you this tonight but now I think I will share this with everyone since you guys are all here."

Then Bella grabbed my hand and pulled it to her stomach. "Really?" I asked. "Really "she said.

Everyone cheered and Weston passed everyone a glass of champagne except Bella, she got juice .He toast us and the addition to our family. Bella and I thanked everyone for coming and sharing in our good news.

Then next three months passed quickly and the day was here to move into our house. It was a long day and none would let Bella carry anything because we found out she was not only seven months, she was seven months with another set of twins.

At the end of the day everything was moved in and our lives was getting ready to start the next chapter in our lives. I kissed my beautiful daughter good night and I crawled into bed with my soon to be wife and kissed her good night she said the single best word as she snuggled into me.

And with the rocky start and all the crap with Emmett and everything to get us to this point I would have to agree with our futures looking so bright and I kissed her forehead and repeated what she was to me also… HOME .








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