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A booming crack of thunder could be heard in the distance and soon the blinding light in the room faded. Jane looked up from the floor, where she'd fallen back without realizing it, at the cube as its glow dimmed back down to its previous shade. Glancing around she saw that many of the scientists were either off their feet as well or in some type of crouching position. One of those still standing was Agent Coulson and he straightened up to his full height, eyes not leaving the cube. "Miss Foster…" he finally looked down at her. "… what did you do?" he extended his hand towards her to help her up, she quickly took it and stood to her feet. "I-I don't know! I mean, you saw, I just touched it." Her mind was racing, heart pumping, she turned to one of the scientists. "Did you get the readings on that?"

At that moment, one of the agents working in a lab down the hall burst into the room, out of breath. He leaned forward and pressed his hands against his knees, trying to steady is breathing. "Ag…Agent Coulson… massive… power readings… same location as before."

"Alright, get a small team together and meet me out front. Three minutes. Also, get a hold of Barton and Stark and tell them to be at the ready in case something happens to be waiting for us out there." the agent nodded in compliance and headed out. Coulson pulled out his cell and walked out of the room and down the hall hurriedly. Jane followed, right on his heels. "Wait! I'm coming with you!" he didn't even spare her a glance. "No you're not." Jane quickened her pace and turned, stopping in front of Coulson, not allowing him to move forward. "Yes, I am." The annoyance was now evident on the man's face as he looked down at her. "Don't you think you've caused enough trouble for one day, Miss Foster?"

"Trouble? Trouble! For all you know, I could have made a huge breakthrough just now. Granted, I have no idea how I did it but results, power surges this all leads to new material we can research at the very least."

"If I leave you here…" he said "… what are the chances that you'll just show up at the site uninvited?" Jane placed a hand on her hip. "Extremely high." Coulson nodded. He had known that was coming. He pushed her aside and continued on his way out. Jane took this as an invitation and followed.

Once in the lobby, Erik and Darcy stood immediately as they saw them. No words were exchanged between Jane and the pair but there was communication never the less. Jane's eyes widened at Erik and then she subtly gestured for them to follow her. Soon the three of them sat in the back seat of a SHIELD vehicle on their way to the site. Jane leaned over Darcy towards Erik and whispered breathlessly, her speech rapid. "Did you see that? The portal? I saw the power source, the cube, and when I touched it I-I somehow activated it and there was a surge of power at the same location as before." Darcy spoke in a loud, unimpressed tone. "Where are we going?" she was hushed as Erik leaned in towards Jane. "Any idea where the other end of that portal was?"

"No but if it's the same location, it can only mean that it went straight to Asgard, right?" They arrived on location but were forced to stay in the car while SHIELD agents surveyed the area. From this vantage point, they couldn't see much of anything. Especially with the dirt still blowing as it was.

Agent Coulson squinted at the large figure before him, the dust from the storm finally beginning to settle. He brought his speakerphone to his lips and spoke through it. "Unidentified extra terrestrial, identify yourself immedi-." he dropped his arm to his side, the speakerphone against his thigh as the person he was speaking to came into view. "Well, I'm pretty sure we know who that is. Good ol' Donnie." From the tone of his voice, you'd never be able to tell exactly how he felt about that.

Jane had heard the commotion outside the car and sat up, leaning in to see if she could get a better view from the front. "I can't see anything!" she was growing increasingly frustrated. "Jane, I'm sure they'll come and get us when it's safe to- Jane!" her door was already opened and she climbed out. Darcy looked back at Erik. "Maybe you should, I don't know, stop telling her not to do things. In case you haven't noticed, she tends to do whatever you tell her not to." Erik huffed and nudged her shoulder gently. "Go!"

Jane pushed passed the agents. "Could you… could… move!" Finally reaching Coulson, he turned to look at her, his body moving aside so as she looked up Thor could be seen right before her. Her breath caught in her throat and her mouth dropped open. Darcy and Erik ran up behind her, their faces clearly conveying their shock as well.

The clouds dissipated overhead, leaving the sunlight to flit through the dust circling in the air around Thor. Though it made it more difficult to see clearly, Thor's Asgardian eyesight allowed him a better view than normal humans. He was about to take off towards Jane's, not wanting to waste anymore time, hoping she dwelled in the same place, but in the distance, he could see a line of vehicles coming his way. He recognized the logo on the sides of them. The good guys. He decided to wait. If anything, they could provide the answers he sought.

He waited for them to come to a stop around him and soon he heard the familiar amplified voice of the ally, Phil Coulson. He grinned and stepped forward, holding his head high as he saw recognition spread over Coulson's features. Though his own triumphant expression got a tinge of confusion at the mention of Donnie. He still hadn't figured what that was all about.

He opened his mouth to ask Coulson where he could find Jane when heard her own voice, frustratingly beckoning the crowd to part. If he had not been stunned, the very air knocked out of his lungs at the sound, he would have been amused to see the small woman fighting her way through a group of men much taller than she. He stared at her, forgetting his place and forgetting that he had the ability to speak. After what seemed entirely too long, he found his voice. "Jane Foster. I may be late...but I always keep my promises." Slowly, though not shyly, he reached for her hand, bringing it to his lips to kiss once more, only the skin never made contact.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a glint of a metal and looked up to see a flying robot of some sort in scarlet and gold. He immediately sprang into a defensive stance, throwing Jane behind him and raising Mjolnir. "Speak of your intent, demon!" he yelled with a snarl. The faceplate sprang open to reveal a man within, making Thor even more confused. The robot landed on the ground with his hands up, palms facing Thor. "I'm one of the good guys, buddy. Lower your weapon and release the girl," he said.

"Never! Lower yours and then I shall be more compliant!" Both men stared each other down, neither one lowering their weapons.

Jane stared up at the Norse god, finally managing to speak as her breath returned to her. "Better late than never." she said with a soft smile. She glanced between Erik and Coulson, giving them both an 'I told you so' look before returning her full attention to Thor. "I still think this is a good look for you." Darcy rolled her eyes but no matter how she would try to hide it, she was happy to have Thor back as well.

Agent Coulson waved to the men to stand down and pulled out his phone to make a call to his director. He started to dial the numbers when a familiar noise garnered his attention. Looking up towards the sky, he squinted due to the sun. "Speaking of late..."

There were a million things going through her mind but for now, Jane was lost in Thor's eyes. Her thoughts never wandering too far from that kiss they shared over three months ago. As she extended her hand towards his, she was met with something far less welcoming than a kiss to the hand. Shoved behind Thor, she peeked out from around his large body to see something she'd only ever seen on T.V. "Dude, dude, dude." Darcy elbowed Erik in the gut with each word, harder every time. "That's Iron Man."

Words were exchanged and an epic showdown ensued before Agent Coulson came to stand between the two warriors. "Mr. Stark, so nice of you to finally join us." he said with a nod causing Tony to roll his eyes. "I'd like you to meet Thor. If you've been doing your homework every night like a good boy, I'm sure you know a few things about him by now." With that, Coulson turned to Thor. "It's alright... he's practically harmless."

Jane came to stand at Thor's side. She looked at Tony, to Thor and then back again. "Well..." is all she could manage to say.

Thor never took his eyes from Tony as Coulson came between them. He waited a moment, trying to read Tony's expression before finally lowering the hammer and relaxing his stance. "You fight for the same team?" he asked, trying to understand the situation better. He still couldn't tell whether this Mr. Stark was human or not.

"That's the idea," Tony shot back, finally lowering his hands as well.

Thor turned to Jane, looking her over once more, wanting to forget all the other people even existed. He gave her a small smile, gazing into her eyes. The sound of Tony clearing his throat loudly broke the moment.

"I know it may seem like a improbable concept," Tony said, oozing with sarcasm. "But there are higher things on my list of priorities to do today than watch two love birds reunite. Am I really needed here for this? Seems a bit overkill to me."

Thor looked up, getting very impatient with this man already, and this was when he finally noticed Darcy and Erik standing not too far away. He grinned. "Darcy. Erik Selvig." He bowed his head in respect, happy to see his friends once more.

Darcy was beaming from ear to ear, her eyes fixed on Tony. Erik gave Thor a warm smile and then noticed her staring. Nudging her gently, Darcy glanced at him and then Thor. "Oh, hey, Thor. What's up? I see you still carry Mew-mew everywhere. Pssh, some things never change."

Agent Coulson shut his phone as the call he was on ended and turned his attention back to Tony. "Yeah, you really don't need to be here. Go ahead and go home or... to wherever you came from."

"Great because I love having my time wasted. You suits are really on top of things, I see." Phil raised his hand in attempt to silence Stark which only made him talk louder. "Could you please tell Nicky I'm not a call girl? I can't be pulled away from my work whenever he misses me."

"I'm sure Director Fury would love to hear that, I'll be sure to relay the message." Tony dropped his faceplate and took a few steps back. "See ya around, supernanny." and with that he took off into the sky, disappearing in just seconds.

Jane's eyes shot back and forth towards everyone during this exchange until finally she could get a word in. Looking up at Thor, she spoke softly. "What happened after you left?" she wasn't angry and she knew that he would have a good reason as to why he never returned. She only asked out of concern for what transpired between Thor and the brother he mentioned only briefly.

Coulson interrupted before Thor could reply. "We're going to head back to base. Can I trust you to come in, possibly tomorrow morning, so that we can debrief you?"

Thor smiled in amusement at Darcy's remarks. He looked from Tony to Coulson and back again as their exchange started, feeling just as out of place as Jane. He waited patiently and when Jane finally spoke up, he gave her his full attention. He opened his mouth to reply to her, but Coulson cut him off. He looked up, only brief annoyance showing on his face. He nodded in agreement. "Aye. You have my word." He would need to speak with them anyway about this power source, but right now, all he wanted was to be with Jane.

He looked back to her, taking her hand in his free one. "And what of you? Must you be anywhere at the present time?"

With that assurance, Agent Coulson turned towards his group of men. "Alright, people, let's head out." The agents began to load into their vehicles. Darcy and Erik looked at each other. "Hey, you guys totally can't leave us stranded here. We rode with you." Darcy said, popping her hip out. Coulson sighed and gestured for them to get in his car. "Come on, I'll take you." he looked at Jane. "I assume you'll be taking Asgardian Airlines?"

She smiled at him briefly. "I think I got it, yeah." Turning to Thor, she answered his question. "I'm exactly where I need to be right now." Her hand gave his own a squeeze.

The SHIELD vehicles drove away leaving the two alone. It almost seemed surreal to her. Just last night she was thinking of him, thinking when or if she'd ever see his face again. And here just hours later he was standing before her, just as she remembered him. To say that she was overwhelmed would be an understatement.