I got the idea for this story the other night in a dream. I do not own the smurfs (PEYO DOES). READ AND REVIEW!

Chapter 1: The Cloud

It was a cool, windy mid-November day. All the smurfs were busy. Smurfette was raking leaves. Painter was painting a picture of Lazy sleeping in his hammock. Greedy was making lunch. Handy was making a repair on Smurfette's door (a hinge was broken). Grouchy was watching Baby. Farmer was havesting crops. Hefty was exercising. Papa was reading about a new spell. The smurflings were playing with Puppy. Everything was good. Or at least that's what they thought.


"I've finally done it, Scruple!" the middle aged wizard cheered.

"Did what, take a bath?" his apprentice said in a sarcastic tone.

"No, I have finally perfected my Blue Cloud spell!" he stated proudly, "All I need to do now is send it out to the forest and will stay where ever the most blue things live, the Smurf Village! Goodbye annoying smurfs!"


It was now lunch time. The smurflings were sitting with Papa and Grandpa. Just then Sassette saw something out the window. It was a cloud. Not an ordinary cloud though. It was BLUE!

"Pappy, what's that?" she asked pointing to the blue cloud out the window.

The red-capped elder looked very perplexed at the cloud before saying, "I'm not quite sure, Sassette, Grandpa do you know anything about this?"

"I don't know, but I don't think it is good." he said nervously.

Then without warning he fell face first into his lunch.

Gasps were heard everywhere as they saw Grandpa faint.

"My Word!" said Papa Smurf with great fear and worry after seeing his mentor fall.

"Grandpy!" cried Sassette as a tear fell down her face.

"Come on my little smurfs, we need to get Grandpa into his bed. Once we are there I shall figure out what is going on" Papa Smurf said with great urgency.

Once Grandpa was in his bed, Papa started looking at his books immediately.

"Great Smurfs! This is worse than I….." he managed to say before passing out himself.

"Pappy!" Sassette cried as she ran up to her fallen elder.

She looked up to at the book he was looking at just moments ago.

"Scaredy Squirrels, No wonder Pappy was so nervous!" she gasped as she read the page. She then showed her fellow smurfs.

Blue Cloud Disease

When a blue cloud lies over an area where several blue creatures of the same species reside it very common for blucontotitis more commonly known as the blue cloud disease to strike. It attacks the eldest of the species in that area first. It shall show no signs for the first five minutes but suddenly out of nowhere when their health reaches 50% they shall faint. It shall then continue till their health reaches 1%. It shall then attack the next oldest and so and so forth until all of those creatures are at 1%. Then all at once they die together. There is a cure however. It is listed below:

Here are the ingredients needed for the cure:

6 blueberries

3 bluebell seeds

1 blue jay feather

Squeeze the blueberries and put the juice in a cauldron. Boil. Add the bluebell seeds and blue jay feather. Stir. Bring to the center of the area and chant this spell:

"Blue creatures, blue creatures cursed by the cloud, with this let your lives be allowed."

All the smurfs gasped after reading this. There was a long silence.

"I think we have everything we need here in the village except the blue jay feather." Smurfette said breaking the silence.

"And it's malting season so my friend, Mrs. Blue Jay, will probably give us one her old feathers if we ask," Nat added "but she lives on the other side of the forest."

"But, Nat, that's a three hour trip even with Feathers and he went with Nanny to go visit Mother Nature. It will take nine hours there and back with Puppy and we would still need to prepare the formula. We would never make it!" Hefty reminded him.

"You might not make it but if just us four, Baby and Puppy went we might be able to do it!" Sassette stated boldly.

All of the smurfs nodded in agreement and within five minutes not only had another smurf fallen (Hefty) but the smurflings were all ready to go. Puppy had a wagon attached to him. They said goodbye and grabbed Baby as they went on their way to get the feather.

"Goodbye and good luck smurflings!" All the smurfs said in unison as the smurflings rode off into the forest.

"I sure hope they are back before it is too late." Handy said once they were out of sight.

"At least they are out of this cloud." Smurfette said with a sigh.

"Come on lets go get those other ingredients and prepare the spell to the point we can until we all pass out." Greedy said with great fear and worry as they all got to work.