Hot Boyz

Chapter Five:

Grove St. Party

After I was done, Cojo stopped the beat and the recording, walked up and hugged me.

"You're fucking great!" Cojo said quietly, "Let's do another, but with me or Deuce… I want to hear another freestyle, though,"

I agreed and he put on another beat, which I recognized as "Grove St. Party" by Waka Flocka Flame.

I started to rap:

"I got a whole lot of money, pop that pussy for me, Lil C got that yopper, he'll bang it at a copper, ah, skater party, skater party, skater party! Sotve on my waist, cook ya ass up, gourmet, all black skate bo' do ya want foreplay, I'm going at ya face like oiled up Olay, no living records, they don't about it, I'm higher than a bitch, feel like I climb a fucking mountain, illest skater ya know, my money need countin, shots hit him a minute ago, but his face body still bouncin, skate on a hammer, skate on ya forehead, gotta kill the witnesses cause my car be blood red, Holly Grove monster, Cali state creature, come to ya funeral and kill everybody but the preacher, if I lived in Miami, I would South Beach ya, Robin Leach, uh, that's how we ballin, you know that I'm loaded, but please don't think it's sweeter, beat one of you bitch skaters up like John Cena, them girls want ya money, tell them hoes we comin, boy we get it poppin, we ain't savin hoes we swappin, hay, skater party, skater party, skater party! Big crappy board, call it shotty, How'd ya get that money, Cojo taught me that, plunks took me under, Deuce brought me back, I'm leaning on you motherfuckers like I caught a flat, and that board snap back like an old starter hat! What that lick read? I'm in the big leagues, I'm a breath of fresh air, let the girl breathe! I'm trying to chillax, but I had to do it Dev, I'm at the funeral like, I had to do it rev, Zeke, you my big brother, I split a wig for ya, put that on every beat, until they bury me! Moment of clarity, yea that's my diamond gang, I keep a fine bitch, cause I like the finer things…haha… Fuck with me slime, no brain on the whip…haha… I got nothing in mind! Call the fourth, they ain't fucking me mine, I'm sorry cause I'm late, I'll make up for the time!"

Cojo went up to the mic and started rapping too:

"Yea, I do my thing bitch, wassup, Young SkateGod come in with the balers, iced out chain bitch, I'm rich on that same shit, see 5 hoes on my dick bitches, Christmas, straight Westside, Gilroy, bitch I grave 'em, pretty boy shit, SkateGod, on like a cradle and you niggas can't stop me, shout out to Luth getting rich and cocky, bitches still Westside, south-outh too easy, young Skate God with that .55 heater, 1-8-7 bitch, I pull it to 11 bitch with that tiny shirt and that… tiny pants, I'm on that SkateWorld and I fuck with New Money, niggas, don't understand, the game like a chain and that, whoop! Whoop! Swag bitch, but I ain't that same thing, bro, off the top, I'm a Hot Boyz hitter, man, my life is a painting and I paint you a picture, think about, young paid ass nigga, this that stunting music, bitch I just use it, it's Lil C, and I motherfucking prove it, we run it,"

Cojo then started talking with Deuce and me:

Cojo: Wait, wait, shout out to Weezy!

Me (Luther): Deuces!

Cojo & Deuce: Peace out!

Cojo: Shout out to lil b, based god! You inspire me!

The beat ended and we turned off the recording.

"Yo, nigga, you need a name!" Cojo said to me.

"Like what?" I asked.

"Well, I'm Lil C, and this is Deuce, so you need a cool name, like… Lil Weezy. No… Young Weezy… no…. Young… Gilroy… Yo… Yo… Young Weezy sounds good, don't ya think, Deuce?" Cojo asked.

Deuce nodded.

"Young Weezy… I like it," I said.