Well, this is my first fanfiction that I'll ever publish, so don't be all too hard on me...

After reading touhou fanfiction stories, I decided that I write my own, featuring my own OC... Though with a little difference to most touhou fanfictions, which often include OC's from the "outside world", meaning that they are not native to Gensokyo, often mere humans which archieve some powers. That, of course, isn't by any chance bad! I really like those stories! Keep on writing those, my fellow authors, I cannot read enough of them!

Anyways, Negative Bullet Project was inspired by stories like Wrathkals "Keys to the Heart", WillieG.R.s "Random Sukima Series" and "Average Joe in Bullet Hell" by Magnificent Sasquatch... if you haven't read them, I highly encourage you to do so, because these stories just plain kick-ass!

From the very beginning, I'd like to say a few things about Negative Bullet Project... First of all, it is somewhat of an AU (Alternate Universe) to the Touhou Series... It begins with an Prolouge Arc to introduce the OC and a few other characters, before the first arc begins... Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. Of course, it will change somewhat to include the OC, but it will be otherwise the same. Some things may also differ from the Canon Touhou Series... what it is, you will see later on. To say it from the very beginning... This series will NOT include the fighting games, though it will contain the characters introduced in those. Furthermore, Negative Bullet will NOT include Touhou 12 - Undefined Fantastic Object, I kinda don't like the game, though it is still a great game, but I imagine the situation to be somewhat difficult to write with my OC included, so Ten Desires will be the final arc in Negative Bullet. I say this from the very beginning so that I do not later dissappoint all of those who have waited for it...

And then there is something I probably gonna soon hear many reviews about, saying that my OC is overpowered, once you read of his ability... I admit, it really sounds overpowered, but once you read the circumstances you may realise that he is not. I promise, I wrote him so that he is not really overpowered... I hope so, at least. Anyways, he starts off pretty weak, but will grow stronger...

That being said, I hope you enjoy my first story...

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Touhou / Project Shrine Maiden, it belongs to Team Shanghai Alice / ZUN. However, I do own my OC.

Chapter 1: Memories of the past are long gone ~ It starts with a faceplant

CLONK! I ripped my eyes open and cursed loudly in pain. "Stupid pavement, why the fuck are you so haaaard?", I screamed at the poor, innocent stone ground. I stood up and began to stomp on it. "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!", I screamed at the top of my lungs. Poor ground. Suddenly, I heard a loud noise, a sliding door being ripped open, almost falling out of its hinges.

"Would you kindly stop to dishonor holy ground, you damn youkai!" I flinched and looked at the red and white miko that stood angrily in the door to her shrine. I blinked. Shrine? I turned around and saw a Shinto gate. "I´m at a shrine?", I asked, frowning. "Obviously.", snarled the miko as she came over to me. I narrowed my eyes. "Why am I at a shrine?", I asked.

That obviously pissed the miko off. "Why should I know? I was just drinking my tea when there was this huge earthquake and then you were dishonoring my holy ground!", she shouted and next second, I had her gohei on my head. And hell, it hurts!

"What was that for!", I screamed as I clutched my head. "For cursing a holy place! Be happy I didn´t exterminate you, Youkai!" I flinched. "You..kai? I am a Youkai?", I asked. The shrine maiden frowned. "What? You don´t know what you are?", she muttered. I nodded. "Uh... I have a more important question...", I smiled uneasily, "...who the hell am I?"

"So you´re telling me the last thing you remember is that you hit your head on my pavement?", asked the shrine maiden that had introduced herself as Reimu Hakurei. I nodded. "And you don´t know your name?" I nodded again. "Weird.", said Reimu eventually with a casual expression. "Whaaaat?", I shouted. "I said you´re weird. It´s obvious that you are a youkai. Damn it, you have green-glowing eyes and that weird, green-glowing flame hovering over your shoulder!", she exclaimed.

"W-What?", I asked confused. "Yeah. Go on, there is a thing I bought from Rinnosuke in the next room that´s called 'mirror' or something. You can see yourself in it, but don´t ask me how it works.", she said. I nodded and walked over to a door. I opened it and entered, immeadiatly noticing the thing on the far wall that did indeed reflect me. That stupid miko doesn´t know how it works... hehe. But´s that just a normal mirror, it reflects light...

Well, so there I was. My hair was short, raven-black and spiky, my eyes glowed a dangerous and unsettling green. I wore a raven-black shirt with some green-glowing lines on it´s front, and the green lines formed a green-glowing flame on my back. Also, I wore darkblue jeans with green lines on the side, non-glowing this time. My shoes were also black, black sneakers with crimson lines to be exact. My skin was pale, incredibly pale. And there was that small green flame that flew next to my head...

"Surprised much?" I flinched and saw Reimus reflection in the door behind mine, meaning that she stands behind me. "Who am I, Reimu...? What am I...?", I asked. Reimu sighed. "I don´t know much. Look, you´ll stay here with me in the shrine until I know if you´re a dangerous youkai or not. I mean, somebody has to know you! And then, we care about your name and such."

I hissed and rolled my eyes. "Fine." "Good, now make yourself some use and sweep the front!" I flinched. It was now that I saw the broom in Reimus hands. "Lazy Miko.", I hissed under my breath. Last thing I saw was a vein on Reimus forehead.

I growled. There was this small oni that had been introduced to me as Suika. She stood in front of me, pointing at my face while laughing madly, while I swept the front of the shrine. "You have a red line across your face!", slurred Suika. "Damn that Miko and her accuracy at throwing brooms...", I growled under my breath.

Suika, however, seemed not to care and kept on laughing at me instead. I growled louder at that. And then, suddenly, there was a loud crash from the back of the shrine. Of course, Suika and I quickly ran towards the source of the noise, only to find a small shed. Throwing the door open, we found Reimu buried under a pile of paper. We sweatdropped.

"So you were searching for something?", I asked as Reimu sat across from me and Suika by the table. Reimu nodded. "And I found what I searched! I knew you looked familiar! That strange clothes of you, from the world beyond the barrier, are easily recognizable!" I frowned. "What?", I asked. Then, Reimu threw some kind of book in front of me, apparently a memo of the Hakurei family. And the open page showed, to my shock, sketches of a male.

It´s hair was short and spiky, and though the memo was only black and white, I knew the hair was black. The skin was left completely white, apparently meaning the males skin was pale. The male wore a black-colored shirt with several lines that were left white. A sketch of the males backside showed a white flame on the shirt´s back. Also, the sketched male wore pants, jeans to be exact. And black sneakers. And there was a flame next to his head. "Wait a second, what the hell is this?", I shouted as I pointed at the sketches of me. Reimu sighed.

"Ah yes. The Insei no Youkai. He is quite an interesting companion, isn´t he? Today, I finally asked for his name. _, he replied, with indifference in his voice. _. The youkai that lets death look quite positive. His whole existence seems negative, he also never is cheery and curses quite a lot. But other than that, he is actually a nice person. He helped quite a lot. His ability to negate everything comes quite in handy, doesn´t it?

And along with that other youkai I befriended with, the sukima no youkai, he is quite a great addition to my list of friends. Me, the Insei no Youkai and the Sukima no Youkai... we really are a great team. We have solved at least 15 incidents already, and I didn´t even know his name until now. But what about the mysterious sukima? She is his friend as well as it seems, but he admitted even he doesn´t know her name...

Why doesn´t she tell us? And why does his name vanish every time I write it? Does he unwillingly negate it as well? Well, he told me he didn´t want to, but he negates present, history and even existence of himself... What a poor being."

My eyes were wide after Reimu read what was written beneath the sketches. "I am... the Insei no Youkai?", I asked. "As long as you aren´t a female that is called the 'sukima no Youkai'... yes.", said Reimu and closed the memo. "I do have the ability to negate everything...", I muttered. Reimu nodded. "Well, we still don´t know your name, but at least something. This record is from 1500 years ago... so you´re at least 1500 years old." I nodded. "So old...?", I muttered to myself.

"Well, most youkai become far older than that, so we will surely find somebody who knows you." I nodded. "Thank you, Reimu.", I smiled. "You´ve lost quite a lot of your power... You´re not as you were described in the memos.", she said. I sighed. "Well, I do have lost my memory...", I sighed. Reimu smiled uneasily, then nodded. She stood up.

"Well, I´ll clean up the shed. Maybe I find more out about you and that mysterious Sukima. If we do know where she resides, we can go and find her. She´ll know everything about you, as it seems you were friends.", said Reimu, then left the room, leaving me and Suika alone. Silence.

I took the memo that still laid on the table and reopened it, searching for the sketches of me. As soon as I had found them, I flipped to the next page. And as I had expected, there were more sketches. Of a female. This female had long hair and a mob head.

She wore some kind of dark dress, and all that she wore was adorned by ribbons. Like with me, there were some additional sketches on things that were out of the usual, as with my outfit or the flame next to my head. The sketches that were around the sketch of this woman were a parasol, a fan, and something that appeared to be a... well, wha was it? Some kind of rift or gap or something, with eyes inside... What the hell?

"So you know the sukima?" I flinched as I heard the seriousness in Suikas normally drunken and carefree voice. She looked at me with interest, then took a large gulp from her gourd of infinite Sake. "I do too." I flinched and my eyes widened in shock. The small oni...?

"If you want, I could go and tell her you´re here. Only problem is... she´s asleep, hibernating, as it is still winter. If you remind me in spring, I tell her and you´ll reunite..." It was quite scary seeing this small child talking so serious. Even though I knew that Suika Ibuki was not a child and possibly a few hundred years in age as well. "You... know her?" Suika nodded.

"Sure. We´re good friends." I gulped at that. "Okay, thank you Suika.", I smiled uneasily. Suika nodded, took another gulp of her Sake, then left the room, being back to her childish self, extending her arms to the sides as she ran. I fell over in a comical way. "Sukima...?", I whispered. For just a second, a pink parasol that was similiar to the sketches, a paper fan that was also similiar, and something violet flashed in front of my inner eye.