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Once upon a time, in a far away land there were two twin sisters and their parents. Ten year old Adele and Gothel were as close as two sisters could get. They loved each other as much as any good twin sisters could. They did everything together and told each other everything that they wanted to be when they grow up. Gothel wanted to be a dancer, but not just any dancer, the BEST dancer in all the land. Adele wanted nothing more but to be a housewife and have children. They made a private promise that whatever life would throw at them; they would still stay close together.

As the years went on Adele soon began courting, and Gothel was one of the best dancers in the land.

One day on the eve of their eighteenth birthdays, Adele took a walk in the woods… and never returned. Gothel and her parents searched far and wide for the missing girl, but couldn't find her. Weeks later the parents knew it was time to give up… she wasn't coming back. Gothel was heartbroken.

One night Gothel packed up her belongings in a sack, and ran away. She went on a long journey in search of her sister. As the years progressed on, the journey looked as though as it was in vain. Gothel hid away from the world, and lived out her young years alone in a cave. Soon her dark black locks turned silver and her skin was wrinkled. She knew her time was coming to an end.

One night, Gothel awoke to see a figure standing above her. She was to weak to yell or get away. The figure leaned down next to her and removed its cloak. Gothel gasped, before her stood her twin sister, Adele. But how could it be? She still looked like the eighteen year old that got lost in the woods.

Adele had a beautiful golden dress on that seemed to glow. She smiled at Gothel, and helped her up and outside the cave. She led Gothel towards a cliff, where another golden glow could be seen. Adele smiled at her sister.

"Dear Gothel, the night that I was taken away from you, two pieces of the sun fell to the earth. One fell on me, and one fell over there. If you sing to the glowing flower that I am taking you to, you will live forever as I am."

Gothel laughed, why would anyone live forever all old a wrinkly? Adele and Gothel soon reached the golden flower. Adele put Gothel's hand on the flower and sang a strange haunting tune

"Flower gleam and glow,

Let your power shine,

Make the clock reverse,

Bring back what once was mine."

The flower started glowing, and Gothel started feeling a tingly feeling on her skin.

"Heal what has been hurt,

Change the Fates design,

Save what has been lost,

Bring back what once was mine,

What once was mine."

As Adele finished the song, she took a mirror out from behind her cloak and faced it toward her sister. Gothel gasped, right before her stood the beautiful young woman that she vaguely remembered being.

Adele smiled, "You see sister, we never have to die. We can be together forever as long as this flower stays safe and hidden from the outside world. You must not let anyone find it, Gothel. If someone else does, you will quickly turn back into the old woman you were and perish."

After centuries of keeping it safe, it was found and taken away. When Gothel found out it was for an ill queen, who ended up giving birth to a beautiful golden haired girl, she made the hasty decision to hide what has happen to her sister, and go out to find the child.

After stealing the little princess, she knew she couldn't fail her sister again. She went and hid herself and the child in a tower.

Eighteen years went by, and the beautiful golden haired girl, Rapunzel got curious about the world and left the tower when Gothel went to get something special for her birthday. When Gothel saw royal guards around, she feared that they were looking for the princess. Returning to the tower, she found Rapunzel gone.

After finally getting her back, Rapunzel soon realized she was the missing princess. Gothel couldn't lose her flower again, so she attempted to steal her away again, and take her far, far away where no one would find them. Her plan was ruined when the wanted thief Flynn Rider, tried to rescue her, and ended up chopping off Rapunzel's golden locks. Gothel shriveled up and fell from the tower.

After returning to the castle, Rapunzel and Flynn, now known as Eugene, knew they would live happily ever after now. But little do they know, they weren't the only ones to see Gothel fall from the tower…

After watching Rapunzel and Eugene ride off on the white horse, Adele emerged from the bushes. She walked over to where she just witnessed her sister murdered. She picked up the empty cloak on the ground and sobbed. Who would do something like this? Who would be capable?

She wiped away her tears, and looked to where Rapunzel and Eugene rode off. Those two, they must've killed her to take the flower! Out of greed and jealously, they shed innocent blood. Not just any blood, but HER sisters. She soon felt no more sadness, but rage. They will pay! They will pay for what they've done! Gothel will be avenged, Adele will make sure of that.

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