Spider-Woman looked down at M.J. "Climb down." She said and the redhead looked at her confused. "Climb down the cable to the tram." She clarified.

"I can't." M.J replied, a quiver in her voice.

"Please, you can." Spider-Woman said reassuringly.

"I'm scared." M.J said.

"Trust me." Spider-Woman said imploringly. M.J looked her in the reflective lens eyes and then down at the water below, then back into her eyes. "Trust me." She repeated. Spider-Woman watched M.J climbed down the cable and heard a whine from behind just in time to see the Goblin and he cold cocks her in the jaw before zooming away.

Spider-Woman swayed back and forth. She saw him swing around and extended his arm. Sharp blades extend from it and the woman was helpless as he slashed at her stomach, causing her to lose her grip on the cable. She dangled from the web and grasped the tail end of the cable as it went dancing past her.

She screamed out as blood started to gush from her hand. She watched the cable go taut and M.J fell onto the tram below. Spider-Woman was feeling very much tired right now, but she knew she needed to keep going. She looked over to the right and saw the Goblin circling in.

She raised her head as the glider raced to her at full throttle. The Goblin pulled his fist back, but a huge chunk of asphalt clocks him in the side of the head, sending him spiraling out of control and past Spider-Woman.

The Goblin regained control and looked around, wondering where that had come from. He raised his head just as he is pelted with more asphalt, bottles, shoes, etc, as a bridge full of New Yorkers are hurling anything they can get their hands on at him. "Ahhhhhh!" he yelled covering his face and zoomed out of sight to avoid the raining debris.

Spider-Woman saw an approaching fisher boat hailing her and once it was near, she gently lowered the cable and the tram by extension onto the boat, but suddenly felt something wrap around her waist and she looked down to see a thin steel line and she is jerked away.

She thrashed as she spun out of control and felt the Goblin kick her before she went crashing into the abandoned hulking ruin of a condemned smallpox hospital on Roosevelt island below.

Spider-Woman brought her hands up to protect her face from the glass she was sent through and sent out a web to the support beam and went through an already smashed window. She landed hard on the ground and groaned. Everything hurt so much.

Light still streamed from the massive holes in the building and the dust made it hard to see. She staggered to her feet when she heard the whooshing of the Goblin's glider, only to fall back down. She looked down at her stomach to see blood still seeping out and the glass had only added more cuts.

She heard a strange scraping sound and looked around. Upon spotting a lone unbroken window, she approached it cautiously, as cautiously as she could while being punch-drunk. She flung the shutter on the window back and saw a horde of razor bats pressed against the window.

Spider-Woman's eyes widened behind her mask as the razor bats broke through and dived for her. She thought of swatting them away, but didn't want to get even more get up and raced toward a wall on the far end of the room, the razor bats following.

She jumped, planted her feet on the wall and did a back flip. The razor bats flew under her and crashed into the wall, crumpling to the ground. Spider-Woman looked down at the razor bats as a cocky smile started to grow on her face. "You ain't so bad." Her brief moment of reprieve faded as she saw more bats coming at her. She tried to evade them by flipping across the walls, but they soon overtook her and began ripping her to shreds.

"Enough!" The razor bats didn't let up though. "I SAID, ENOUGH!" The Goblin shouted once again and this time the bats flew away meekly.

Spider-Woman groaned quietly from where she had fallen on the ground. She rolled over onto her back and looked up at the goblin hovering over her, and tried to stand, only to come crashing back down. The Goblin laughed at her plight and reached into his glider and pulled out a rod. He pressed a button and three blades pop out, making the weapon look like it had a pitchfork/spear appearance.

"Ahhh, misery, misery, misery." He began. "Again and again I've tried to make my case, but you won't oblige. Had you not been so determined, your sweetheart's death would have been quick and painless, but now that you've really pissed me off, I'll see to it that it's slow and…painful." He said getting ready to lower the weapon. "…just…like…yours."

He reared back the spear and brought it down on Spider-Woman's chest. The woman caught it at the last second, as her strength started to return in righteous anger. She yanked the appear from Goblin and smashed it against his head so hard that it sent him flying back ten feet and crashing to the ground.

Spider-Woman got to her feet, fury fueling her adrenaline. She broke the pitchfork over her knee and tossed the broken parts to the side. She grabbed the Goblin by the chest, pulled him from the ground, and threw a haymaker into his jaw.

The Goblin went flying through a nearby by wall, and when he managed to rise, Spider-Woman delivered another devastating blow and the Goblin crumpled against the a stone wall. "Please…" Spider-Woman picked him up yet again, her rage being barely restrained. She was just about to punch him again when the Goblin removed his mask to reveal the face of Norman Osborn. "Perenna…"

Spider-Woman, fist still raised, stares at the face of her best friend's father. She stared in shock and disbelief, hell, she even ripped off her mask to make sure her eyes weren't deceiving her. They weren't. she let go of Osborn, who slumped to the floor, looking pathetically up at Perenna.

"Perenna…than God for you." He said in a small voice.

Perenna, still feeling the rage and violence in her burn, shook. "Can't be…you're a monster."

"Please, Perenna, don't let it take me back, I need your help. I'm not a monster." Osborn said.

"You killed those people on the balcony, you could have killed your son." Perenna hissed.

"IT killed them. The Goblin killed them. I had nothing to do with it. Please, don't let it have me again. Protect me, I beg you. Talk to me about this-" Surreptitiously, Osborn brought his right hand around in front of him, unseen, by Perenna. On his wrist, the touch pad controls of the Goblin glider flash patiently.

"You tried to kill Aunt May." Perenna stated angrily. "You wanted to kill Mary Jane."

"But not you, I would never hurt you." Osborn said as he pressed the red button on the pad. Perenna doesn't see this as her face twisted up. Behind her, the glider rose up into the air without a sound. Osborn kept talking to keep her distracted. "I knew from the beginning if anything happened to me, you were the one I could count on, you Perenna Parker, would save me, and so you have. Thank God for you." He pushed himself to his feet as he used the stone wall for support and held out a hand in pathetic supplication. "Give me your hand. Believe in me as I believed in you. I was like a father to you. Be a daughter to me now."

"I have a father. His name was Ben Parker." Perenna stated.

Suddenly a look crossed her face as Osborn began to cackle. It grew louder, crazier, totally and happily insane. "God's speed, Spider-Woman." He said.

Perenna's perception leaped out from her body and gave her a look behind her just as the glider's spear rotates into position on the front of the moving glider just a few feet from Perenna's back in slow motion. When real time returned, Perenna hurled herself to the side just as the glider turbine screams as it whistled past her, terror creased on Osborn's face and his own glider rockets right through him.

Norman Osborn slumped over, impaled by his own contraption, pinned to the wall. Perenna rushed forward, but she knows it's too late to do anything.

In the distance, Perenna heard sirens, and looked back at the body of Norman Osborn. She stepped forward, pulled the glider out and cradled him in her arms as she lifted him up.

Perenna pushed open the wide French door of the balcony of Osborn's apartment and set the body down on the floor, the curtains wafting in the breeze. Osborn's body is dressed again, as she wanted to make sure there was no incriminating evidence of the Green Goblin costume. Blood soaked through his shirt ad he looked like a murder victim.

With that implicating frame of mind, Perenna tied her mask back around her eyes and stepped toward the open French doors, but heard a near silent gasp to the door of the apartment and whirled around.

Harry Osborn stood in the doorway, looking from his dead father to Spider-Woman, aghast. "You…"

Spider-Woman raised her hand to protest her innocence, but as she took a step forward, Harry took a step back. "No…"

"Murderer!" Harry shouted. He lunged for a table nearby, opened the top drawer and grabbed a gun and turned.

But Spider-Woman is already gone.

In the cemetery at BG, track lines of expensive cars are parked along a narrow, winding road. A few people from the service, including Pentagon generals, are dispersing. Aunt May, and M.J though are talking.

Perenna and Harry walk toward the Osborn Bentley, anything below her neck having been covered in bandages and over that a black dress and black jacket. It was silent for a moment before she decided to say something. "I'm so sorry, Harry. I know what it's like to lose a father."

"I didn't lose him, he was stolen from me. And one day Spider-Woman will pay." Harry stated looking into Perenna's eyes. "I swear on my father's grave, Spider-Woman will pay." When they reach the Bentley, the chauffer opened the door for Harry and moved off. "Look…about M.J. I was just trying to please my dad. I thought he'd be impressed with me, with such a beautiful woman. I know she was never right for me. I wanted to make him proud, that's all. Now I'll never be able to. Thank God for you my friend. You're all the family I have left." He gave Perenna a hug and she tried not to wince from the grip, and then got into the car.

When the Bentley drove off, Perenna looked back at M.J and Aunt May on the hill by Norman's gravesite. As she turned, M.J locked eyes with her, and she smiled at her.

No matter what I do, no matter how hard I try. The ones I love are always the ones who pay.

Perenna walked over to another tombstone and heard a, "HEY!" causing her to turn and see M.J walking over to her. The tombstone was that of Perenna's uncle.

"Your aunt thought I'd find you here." M.J said.

"M.J's here, Uncle Ben." Perenna said to the tombstone.

The tombstone read:


M.J moved closer to Perenna. "You must miss him so much."

"He was a great guy." Perenna stated sadly.

There was a pause of silence before they walk up a small knoll. The Skyline of New York in the background, and M.J stopped. "There's something I've been wanting to tell you." She paused and Perenna stopped to listen and waited patiently. "When I was up there and I was sure I was going to die, there was only one person I was thinking of, and it wasn't who I thought it would be. It was you. I kept thinking, I hope I make it through this, so I can see Perenna Parker's face one more time."

"My face?" Perenna asked surprised.

M.J nodded. "Sometimes what you want…you have to go to the edge of your life to find out it was right next door." She explained. "I've been so stupid for so long. There's only one person who was ever there for me, who had always been there for me…who makes me believe that I'm…more than I ever thought I was. That I'm just…me, and it's okay. The truth is…I love you. I really love you, Perenna."

Perenna felt her heart beating a mile a minute. She always wanted to her those words for so long in her life….

Tell her you love her. Tell her who you are.

But… "I…can't…" Perenna said slowly.

"You can't what?" M.J asked.

"Tell you everything. I mean there's so much to tell." Perenna started.

"Yes. So much to tell." M.J agreed.

"To the girl next door." Perenna finished.

"But is that all I am?" M.J questioned.

Perenna shook her head. "Oh, no, I, no, you're the amazing girl next door, Mary Jane, the amazing girl, and I want you to know that I will always be there for you; I will always take care of you. I promise you that. I wish I could give you more than that, but you must know…that you will always be safe."

M.J looked at her, and moved to embrace her. And gave her a gentle, little kiss, but full of magic.

Perenna though pulled back. "…can't." she said dazedly, but also sadly. She wanted to kiss back, but fear stopped her. If being Spider-Woman put M.J in danger like the previous night again, she'd never forgive herself if anything happened to her. She could feel her beginning to break as she said her next words, "I will always be your friend though."

"Only a friend?" M.J asked touching her face.

Perenna nodded as she looked away. "It's all I can give." 'Liar.' She thought to herself. She turned and began to walk away.

Can't say I didn't warn you. The story of my life is not for the faint of heart.

The wind picked up and Perenna pulled her coat tighter around her, and took one last look at M.J standing by the gravesite.

Like the man said, it's hard to be a saint in the city. But whatever life holds in story for me, I now accept. I will never forget these word again: "With great power, comes great responsibility."

This is my gift. It is my curse. Who am I ?

I'm Spider-Woman

In the Daily Bugle office, Jameson, Robbie, and Hoffman were standing around his desk. "Spider-Woman, I don't get it. First the town thinks she's trash, and now she's a glamour girl." Jameson grumbled.

"She's a hero, J.J." Robbie countered.

"Don't give me that line again, I don't trust heroes, they're nothing but criminals in disguise. HOFFMAN, where's Parker, I want some pictures." Jameson said.

"She just left." Hoffman replied.

"Left? She's always leaving." Jameson said.

"She went to cover the hostage story." Hoffman explained.

"Sure! Another hostage story. But where is she when the Green Goblin busted through my window? The Green Goblin and Spider-Woman, right in front of our noses! A golden opportunity and the photographer went to lunch." Jameson got distracted by an office boy holding up a pair of blue jeans. "And what's that?"

"Perenna Parker's pants, J.J." The office boy said nervously, most likely at the fact he was holding woman's pants.

"What?" Jameson asked incredulously.

"They were in the closet." The office boy replied.

"Parker's pants?" Jameson repeated.

"With her shirt, jacket, shoes and socks." The office boy finished.

"What's going on here, people better not have started having sex in the closet again. And who put these flowers on my desk?" Jameson questioned.

"I did, sir, it's your birthday." Miss Betty Brant said.

"What're you looking for, a raise? I don't want flowers, I want Perenna Parker here, not her pants, I want pictures, I wanna sell papers, I want Spider-Woman!"

Spider-Woman swings away from the Bugle, laughing quietly to herself as she heard Jameson's ranting. Her reflection shimmering in the glass of the buildings as she passed them and the stone canyons of her city.

A/N: And that's that.

Well, not really, but it's the end of the first movie. I will be doing the next two sequels, but how they will be written depends on what script or screenplay I can use that's as closely accurate to the movie, like the one I used for this one. If not, I will be using other screenplays I can find for the early drafts for the adaptations.

As just a heads up, I will try to include, 'missing scenes' where the breaks line in the movie appear, to give the story more depth.