The New Hunter Allison's cousin Claire is visting for a while and she starts to take a liking to 's thrilled,until he finds out she's a werewolf hunter in training!Does he break up with the girl of his dreams to protect his best friends secret? Does he take the risk to be with her? Or Does he choose Lydia instead? Starts from Magic Bullet.
Chapter 1 :New New Girl In School

"I''m so glad Uncle Chris is letting me stay with you guys!" Claire grinned at Allison as she spun around on her heel."Whoa geez calm down Claire don't want you getting hurt on your first day." She rolled her eyes."Yeah yeah Ali I mean really I'm 16 I'm a big girl."She hugged her cousin with one arm."I know,Just watching over like a lil sister to me." Claire crossed her arms."Your a year older then me by a year." Allison laughed."Just shut up and come me show you to your classes." They both walked down the hallway until two boys walked to them."Allison!"The dorky(But cute) looking boy smiled at her."Hey Stiles."The other boy waved not really paying attention."Who's this?" He asked as she hugged him."Thats my Cousin Claire." Scott looked at Allison with an eyebrow raised as Stiles finally stopped thinking what he was thinking and looked at Claire."Hi." Stiles greeted."Hiya."Claire smiled."...Hi" Scott laughed and pushed Stiles."You have to forgive him he's a bit on the akward side." "Dude I am not!" Stiles exclaimed snapping out of his trance. Claire rubbed the back of her head and smiled akwardly."'a go to class...see ya later Ali,Scott..Stiles."She smiled to him and walked off. Scott smirked at looked at Stiles."Well."He cleared his throat."I gotta go too see ya!" He dashed off. Scott looked at Allison,"Playing matchmaker are we?" he pecked at her lips as she shook her head,"Hmm not really but Now that I think of it it's not a bad idea." "You know Stiles likes Lydia right?" Allison nodded."I know but she's with maybe its time Stiles got over that crush." He shrugged,"well let it happen on its own.I mean can't force to people to like eachother." "I know Scott,Just relax,it wasnt my plan,I just want my cousin to know people here so she doesnt feel all alone." She smiled and Kissed him again before she walked to Class."See you later."

"Mom,Yeah I'm at School,"Claire turned a corner."remember that wolve you shot last night? It's not the Alpha."She was quiet for a moment listening to her mothers words."Yes,It was Derek Hale.I saw him with two kids from School looked bad."A devious smirk appeared on her face,"Hmph I wish I could see the outcome.I'll search for a body now."She listened as she started to laugh."Seriously? Alli and Scott? Alright I'm coming."She hung up,tossing her skateborad to the ground and started to head home.

Stiles hit his head against the steering wheel feeling was stuck in a jeep with a dying werewolf."Could this day get any better?" Dereks eyes narrowed on
him."stop..whining.."He mumbled weakly. "I'm gonna get some air ,"Stiles swung to door open when he herd a thump followed by a yell and skatebord rolling forward."Oh my god!"He jumped out as he saw the girl from ealier lying on the ground with a red mark on her forehead."Are you okay?"She stared at him rubbing her head."Do you not pay attention to what your doing?"She yelled. "Do you not pay attention to were your riding?" He motioned to her mp3 player on the ground by her."Your the idot who hit me!"She tried to stand up but wobbled against the jeep."Hey you need a ride to the doctors or somthing."She hesitated then nodded."Just take me know how to get to allison's right?" Stiles looked at the wounded Derek."uhm...yeah...I.."He grabbed her bag and thew it in the forest."Asshole!"She went to go get it as Stiles went to the car."Derek lay low ok?" he felt the wolfs icey glare as he cleaned up the jeep."Why?" "I hit a girl with the car door and this girl just so happens to be Allison's cousin who is in a family of wolf hunters so unless you want to be a wolf ka bob just lay low!" Derek growled and slid down in the backseat covinring himself with his jacket. Claire ran to the other side of the jeep and got in slamming the door."What the hell was that for?" Stiles cleared his throat."I saw a frog on it." Claire rolled her eyes."a frog?" "yes." "In the middle of a forest." "Strange but true." "...Whatever take me home." Stiles nodded"as you wish." He started to drive and headed to Allison's house."So your new? Right?" She nodded"Yeah,My Mom and I are vistiting for a buissnes trip.." Stiles coughed."What Kind of busisnes trip?" She shrugged."Don't didn't tell me." 'So she doesnt know eaither..just like Allison...' stiles thought.A few minues of silence later Stiles pulled up in the driveway."Hey um..stiles...thanks for giving me a ride.." He shrugged."Its the least I could do..I did hit you with the door of my car.." Claire chuckled."well I'm sorry for yelling..I'll see you at School..thanks again."He watched her walk to the door as soon as Scott walked out."what the hell? " Pushed him aside and walked into the door."Hey hon."kate greeted her daughter."Hey mom hey Alli"She saw Allisons face bright red."um what happened?" Kate laughed."Your cousins trying to get laid."Allison rolled her eyes."God you guys."she ran upstairs as Kate turned to claire,"Did you take one of my bullets 't lie to me." Claire stared at her."What?Why would I take it?"Kate shook her head." I said anything..head to Allisons birthday."Claire looked at her."Has uncle Chris told her?" " yet but I might have to..but We'll see..." She nodded once again and went to her room upstairs."That stiles kid.."She thought outloud."He's...kinda weird..."Claire smiled to herself."But..Seems nice.."