Chapter 3

Making Choices

"Hey,Scott?" Stiles looked to his friend while playing with a test tube."Can I ask you something?"

"yeah?" Scott fumbled with his fingers. "What is it?"

Stiles cleared his throat."You know Allison's cousin right..? Claire..?" He glanced at Mr. Harris, sitting at his desk.

He looked at Stiles,"Yeah I do,What about her?" Stiles looked away nervously."Stiles,What about Claire?"

"er,well,"he began,"I think we should,uhm,ya know...Tell her..ya know about your hairy situation?"

Scott stared at him,"What?"

Stiles coughed,"I think we should um. Tell her,It might make our situation a lil better you know? Maybe have someone on the inside with the hunters."

Scott thought about it for a moment."I don't think it'll be a good idea. I doubt she'd be much help,if anything it might make things difficult. We already have to be careful with Allison. It wouldn't be fair in a way."

Stiles rolled his eyes."Common man,I think it'd be a good idea. Allison doesn't know about wolves. Maybe her dad told Claire stuff about wolves maybe even her psycho aunt. "

"Stiles. I don't want you to go telling anyone about this,I-"Stiles interrupted him.

"Scott,trust me on this okay? I think she'll be a good person to have on our side plus you should let me 'cause owe me."

"fine. Okay have fun telling Derek then." Scott sighed.

"But I got you to protect me from the crazy wolf right buddy?" stiles grinned.

"Yeah Sure." Scott scoffed.

"You two,go ahead and go." Mr. Harris said picking up his things, The two of them hopped of the chairs and walked out of the class.

Stiles pulled out his phone and called Claire,it range a couple of times.

"Hey Stiles." She answered.

"Hey Claire its Stiles."He glanced at Scott.

"well duh it was on the caller ID,dork,Whats up?"
Stiles rolled his eyes,"Remember that video on Lydia's phone?"

There was silence.

"Yeah,I remember,some freaky wolf thing right?"

Stiles nodded."Well,You want some answers?"

"I do,I'm guessing though you might want something from me, right?"

"Depends..How much do you know bout your family?"

More Silence.


"Okay,Meet us at the lacrosse field?"

"On my way there. See ya."


he hung up.

"Stiles,I hope you didn't Screw us over." Scott bit his lip nervously.

"Tch,trust my abilities." Stiles grinned,I hope I made a good choice. He thought.

Claire sat down on the benches near the lacrosse field tapping her foot. She been waiting for

Stiles for about about half an hour.

"have I been stood up?",She asked herself."Ugh if hes not here in 10 minutes,I'm leaving,"

Sure enough after she had said that she saw Stiles Scott and another person who had seemed all too familiar.

"Hey,Didn't know this was gonna be a lil party,I would have brought pie or something." Claire said a hand on her hip.

Stiles chuckled as he glanced at Scott."Hey. and sorry I forgot to tell you Scott and Derek were coming with."

Derek turned to Stiles with an icy glare. He cleared his throat uncomfortably,and looked at Claire."Well. I guess the best way to do this is to make sure we can trust you."

She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms."Hmph. I haven't told anyone of that video. Shouldn't that be enough proof?

"Stiles this is the most idiotic idea you've had. This kid seems like a brat." Derek finally spoke,his eyes narrowing on her.

Claire's face turned red with anger."You have no right to judge dick-wad! You don't know me!"

Derek's jaw locked and started to walk towards her.

"Hey Stop it!" Scott stood in front of him."Claire,What do you know bout your family's past?"

Claire looked at them,She knew a lot. She knew how the Argent family back in the somethinhundreds used to hunt wolves,werewolves,she knew they were real,she had even knew Derek was one,But what she didn't know is if she should associate with them. The Enemy. If Stiles and Scott are good friends with Derek then ,maybe, they could find out who the Alpha is and kill it immediately.

And maybe grow closer to stiles I mean he seems nice enough.. She thought. No no mind in the game Claire. Don't tell them too much. Tell them enough,what they want to hear.

"I know about a lot of things,"She smirked,"I know about,,Old family legends fairy tales,like monsters...Wolves,"

Derek Stiles and Scott's eyes darted to her.

"The Wolf hunters, in the stories." She continued."They think wolves are, evil."Claire walked forward,"But me, I'm not afraid of the big bad wolves,Not their fault they are like that? Am I right?"

Scott shifted his eyes to his feet,Derek looked at him.

"But,they aren't just stories.. are they?"

Stiles looked at her then to Derek and Scott. "You know what Screw it. Derek and Scott are wolves there."

"STILES!" Scott and Derek yelled angerly.

"Well I'm a hunter in training. I knew Derek was a Wolf but you don't seem the type Scott."

It didn't seem to help the cause."You just told a hunter our Identity! Stiles your a damn moron!"

Scott was speechless.

"your a hunter!" Stiles yelled.

Claire pinched the bridge of her nose."Stop the yelling already,yes I'm a hunter but I'm not like the others. I can help You!"

Derek growled."Shut up Stiles,I knew this was bad !"

Scott finally spoke up,"Derek..I I think in a way this is good...we can be a step ahead of them.."

"I still don't trust her."He grit his teeth,

She looked to Stiles"You believe me right?"

Stiles glanced at them and nodded."Yeah,I do."

Derek glared at both Stiles and Claire."I'm leaving,before I tear one of you in half." He walked away

"Sorry bout Derek. He must have not used his flea shampoo this morning." Stiles joked. Scott rolled his eyes.

"uhm okay then,So...Allison s dating a wolf,wow how come she didn't tell me?" Claire looked at Scott

"well,,,she kinda..doesn't know.."He rubbed the back of his neck.

"Didn't know? Oh danger." She grinned."I like it. Don't worry Scotty Boy I won't tell anyone,okay?"

Scott nods."Thank you,"

"well this is awesome,so no secrets?" Stiles asked.

Claire nodded once with a slight smile."Yeah no secrets. Lets get out of here."The three of them walked back to Stiles' jeep.

Perfect,They think I'm part of their little group secret. I just need to get them to trust me.. Claire looked at Stiles. I won't say anything to Kate yet though..I need to play my cards right. Then..when no ones expecting it..I'll make my move.

Well I hope that was good. Please review I'm not sure if I should keep going with this.

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