Shego woke up to the annoying noise of the alarm clock. On a reflex she blasted it to smithereens and turned over to sleep some more.
"Who put the bloody thing there anyway?" She mumbled. The night had been uneasy. Drew had come home very late and Shego had pretended to be asleep so he wouldn't be worried and fuss over her. She felt bad about making him worry for her.
He had been on the phone. It had been something urgent, judging from the tone of his voice. Only after a while did he hang up and came to bed. He'd put his arm around her and pulled her close. Shego faintly remembered him giving her a kiss and whispering in her ear:
"It's going to be all right, honey. Everything is going to be just fine."
She didn't know what to make of it but he had sounded so confident.
Now his side of the bed was empty and Shego felt herself growing anxious and afraid. She never liked it when he was gone in the morning. Sometimes she imagined he'd gotten hurt or maybe even left her. That frightened her more than anything and she was otherwise proud of the fact that very little scared her. Still in her pyjamas, Shego got out of bed and called out for Drew.
It annoyed her to hear a tremble in her voice.
There was no reply.
Shego hurried out to the kitchen. A tea-cozy held a pot of tea warm and waiting for her.
That calmed her down. Drew could be so thoughtful and considerate. He obviously was at the lab?
A sticky-note was attached to the tea-pot.
She read it over and over, trying to make sense of what it said.
"Meet me in the lab. We have work to do." It was signed. with "Dr. D." and a heart.
Why would he sign it Dr. D? As in Doctor Drakken? He was Drew Lipsky, these days, wasn't he?
Shego's curiosity found itself joined by a familiar tingle of excitement.
"It feels just like in the old days. Oh, please make it so..." She whispered to herself as she hurried to the lab.

Once she got to the lab her path was blocked by a big crate.
Shego read the words stencilled on the side.
"Stingray & Quincy Ltd. Tokyo, Japan." What was going on here?
"Shego? Is that you?"
"Yes, it's me. Where are you?"
"I'm back here, by the computer. Open the crate and get dressed."
"Open the...?" By now Shego's heart was beating very fast. Drew's voice had that nasal, impatient bark he had every time he had a mission for her.

No, not Drew.

Doctor Drakken.

It was Drakken's voice she heard. It made her tingle all over and she felt a sudden, unexpected ripple of delight. She had no idea what Drew was up to but she decided to enjoy it for as long as it lasted.
She ignited a finger and cut through the seals holding the crate closed. The lid came off with a satisfying crash.
"What...what is this?"
It was some sort of powered battle armour. It was painted in green and black. Her colours. Her evil colours.
"It's a powered battle suit." She heard Drew say from behind her. "I had it specially made for you and it arrived just this morning. It enhances, protects and reinforces. There's plasma-conducive circuitry in the vambraces. Targeting systems, scanners, the works. Your blasts will be more powerful and accurate than ever. You'll be needing it, what with Kimberly Anne and her mission suit, Centurion Projects and stuff like that."
Shego turned around to look at him and stopped in mid motion.
He was wearing his old, dark blue kevlar overcoat again.
"Dr...Drew? What are you doing?"
"Oh there's no Drew here, Shego." His grin was cheeky, confident and positively wicked. "There's just Doctor Drakken."
"That's precisely it Shego! We're going back to evil basics and there is something I need you to steal for me!"
He beckoned her closer.
"What are you doing Dre...Dr. D?" How she loved calling him that again! How easily it came back to her! "Aren't we supposed to know, good?"
"Are you happy being a good girl, Shego?" Drakken asked as he reached out and pulled her closer.
She shook her head.
"No. No, I'm not. But I thought you were happy with it? I mean, you're doing so well and everything!"
"What's the point of doing well if it doesn't makes my love happy?"
Even through the thick kevlar of his coat, Drakken could feel Shego's heart beating fast and hard.
"You're giving it all up? All this...for me?"
Doctor Drakken cupped Shego's chin in his hand and raised her face to look up at him.
"For you, Shego..." He brushed a strand of hair away from her face and paused for effect.
"For you, I would take over the world."

And Shego smiled again.

The End.