Cruz let out a sigh of relief. Many months ago, a crazed writer had forced him and Solva to be trapped in the church by a horrible rainstorm. He forced them to try and fall in love with one another, and sent Blade on a series of adventures so he couldn't save them. He had only managed to hold them for a day until he was apprehended by people he called "Feds". After a long battle they hauled him off to places unknown. Where surely he wouldn't write fanfiction eveeeer again.

Just then Cruz heard a knock at the door. He got up to get the door calling "Who is it". suddenly the door was blasted off the hinges, throwing Cruz backwards and calling the others out.

Several people stepped through the new hole in the wall. One of them grinned and answered in a voice that chilled Cruz to the bone.

"It-sa me, Mario"

"No" Cruz wailed "It can't be, not you, not 8-Bit Shroom"

Hillard cackled like a maniac for a bit before replying "Oh Yama-tan, how I've missed your whining, but you must get with the times, they call me TehBrovakiin now. Now I hope y'all don't have anything planned in the near future, we need to work overtime to finish up with 'Opposites Attract'"

"NEVER" screamed Setsuna as the pretty girl squad attacked.

Hillard sighed "Never gonna change ,huh" he lamented "Oh well, Deadpool, Deathstroke, intercept"

The other two men rushed forward to stop the girls, but Mio slipped by and charged with her doll, she prepared to bash the twisted authors head in but found herself blocked by a sudden force

"Uh-oh" Hillard said "looks like you forgot about Soul Edge" he pushed back and knocked her on the ground. He then snapped his fingers causing snow to fall outside. Cruz looked around and the only people left were him and Solva.

"I apologize to Shooting Star Rider, for being so late. I promise to finish it soon, and will also have the complete tales of what I was up to during my hiatus. I do not own NEEDLESS" Hillard said. Cruz lowered his head in defeat, it was happening all over again. He looked up and saw the most peculiar sight. Was that a yellow Pegasus? It tugged on Hillard and shot him a look "Oh right, Deadpool, take a note" he ordered "Dear princess Celestia, today I learned...uhhh...hmmm...gah. Dafuq did I learn?"


Monday: Snow

Cruz watched the snow fall as he stared out the window, thinking about Solva. His balls and legs still hurt from yesterdays episode, but at least his skin was fine.

'How is it even snowing in the Black Spot. Rain I can get, but snow, come on now TehBrovakiin, get-'

Shut up Cruz.

Cruz got up and went down stairs. He began his daily duties of all the bitch work in the house. Solva had locked herself in the kitchen doing God knows what. he wondered how Mr. Priest was.

The nurse rushed Blade down the hallway. She slammed the door open and suddenly they were in a Forest clearing! A deer was in the center surrounded by other animals. Her belly was bloated with her baby. Blade got down on his knees next to her "push" he commanded her.

She did so and out came a baby fawn. Blade looked upon the creature, the being so beautiful and full of inno-

The fawn got up started to dance singing "never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down" made a face only to be described as that of a troll, and promptly exploded. Blade, the nurse, and all of the animals sat there in disbelief.

Suddenly four rappel lines fell from the sky an four soldiers in odd armor came down. they pulled out assault rifles and shot down everything in the clearing. after they were done the leader approached Blade.

"I am Carter, and this is Noble team" He said "We need your help".

Cruz was dusting the confessional when he heard crying in the chapel. He exited the booth and saw Solva curled up in one of the pews, sobbing.

'My God' he thought 'She actually is capable of human emotion'

He walked up to her and sat down. To his utter surprise she did fuck him up worse than Red Sox's current season. She wrapped her arms around him and began to sob into his less than masculine chest. He blushed a little before asking "What's wrong?"

She looked up at him and replied chokingly "I-I just f-finished up something in the kitchen, when I got a p-phone from S-S-Seto," she sniffed "She was on a date in Osaka, she w-was worried about me, t-t-then I heard her new boyfriend" she stopped and began sobbing some more "I-it was one of my old boyfriends. He always treated me terribly. H-he hit me and c-called me names. O-once he even..." she broke down again. Cruz held her tighter, slowly growing enraged. She started up again "He's the reason I developed my other personality. That was also when I discovered my powers. I kept them hidden and when he came after me with a knife I-I-I used them to-to...I thought he was dead. I tried to warn Seto, bu-but I was so scared"

Cruz was slightly surprised, Solva was actually scared of something, this guy must have been a monster.

"A few minutes after she hung up, she called again. O-only it wasn't her it was-it was...Him" she spat with venom "He told me that if I messed this up for him there would be hell to pay. He also said I should expect a visit very soon to take back what was his. I should have told Seto, I'm such a horrible, ugly, worthless person. just like he always said" she finished, breaking down once more. Cruz began to rock her back and forth "No you're not" he said "You're one of the most terrific, beautiful, helpful girls I've ever met. Seto is a big girl, she can take care of herself, she'll be fine. If this guy does try to come back for you none of us are gonna let him lay a finger on your head. What he did to you was terrible, but we're gonna keep you safe, I'm gonna keep you safe" he finished.

Solva looked deep into his eyes and saw the sincerity of them, she never noticed how pretty they were either. She kept looking into them and without thinking she grabbed Cruz and slammed her mouth into his. Cruz's eyes widened and he was too stunned to kiss back, even though he really, really, really wanted to.

After several minutes she broke the kiss and stared at him. she opened her lovely mouth to speak to him in that angelic voice


Cruz scuttled off in a panic

Solva walked down the hall, a lock of green hair clutched in her fist, she never thought she'd get the final component to summon her army like that, but beggars can't be choosers.

Cruz walked by her trying not to make eye contact.

"CRUZ!" she ordered sharply. He turned and looked at her in fear


"Good job on your chores today," she said, surprising him. She then turned to face him a small smile on her face "And thanks for what you said, it meant a lot to me, goodnight."

"G-goodnight." he muttered, and slipped into his room. Was Solva giggling!

Solva entered her room and put the hair on her dresser, she would use it tomorrow. She laid down on her bed still plotting world domination

Cruz kept on trying to sort out his feelings

TehBrovakiin kept typing

and the snow kept falling

I'm back every one.

I'm back to finish what I started and start some more.

I have big things planned for the future that will come to fruition soon

Keep on the lookout for my new story called 'Hiatus' which will explain where I've been, what happened, and why I'm writing friendship reports to Princess Celestia.

See y'all soon

-TehBrovakiin, formerly 8-Bit Shroom