Author notes:

Just some story ideas I wrote down in a place whenever I have an idea

Editing some items version 1.1

forgot to put in i don`t own anything that could get me sued:)

will also try and add a bit of a more detailed idea than this:)

This story takes place in huoco mundo

During the battle with Al (need find rest of this charaters name the hollow who kidnaps Inoue)

Inoue`s soul is damaged during battle this causes Ichigo to go berserk after

Ichigo`s soul splits one is him other is his hollow

Ichigo`s soul form is damaged like Inoue`s she an he merge in order to survive

Needs idea what happens to Ichigo`s body (this needs idea as to why Ichigo could not return to his body

Ichigo hears Inoue`s request not to cut her hair (Tatsuki thing? or to remove her hairpins (her brother thing?) before she heads to heaven

Ichigo finds out s/he`s still a shinigami also s/he`s has Inous`s skills, Ichigo also finds out s/he has a different kind of zanbato he has 3 now one is his other one Inoue could`ve had, in sword form it`s a basic sword in releasing it, it turns into a bow with the fairies as support, its also the hairpins in dormant form 3rd is a mix of them both (maybe not?)