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WARNING: Britney and Brittany are two completely different people. They aren't one, but two human beings.



When I was young, my mom would tell me so many stories about love. How she would lie down beside me on my huge king size bed and flip through the pages of a small book. Storytelling was one of her favorite things to do since she was a teacher.

My mom told me so much that I barely remembered some. Those stories contained how love could be found in many different ways. Love can be found by accidentally meeting at a certain place. Love can be found by your best friend. Love can be found with the help of your friends. Your love could be your best friend's sibling. Love might be you're ex. You're love could be arranged by your parents. Might love even be your enemy?

Love stories and movies are the things I treasure the most ever since my mom died from cancer. That day was the most horrible day I've ever had, the day my precious, loving mother died. She didn't do anything wrong, so I wonder why she died so early. The nurse told me it was because God wanted her soul, because he saw purity in it. I was a teenager at that time, living with my father, who was more devastated about the issue than me.

My mom told me once, when I was a child that I too would have a love story like the stories she told me. That I would experience any of them and be the happiest woman in the whole world!

I held unto those words of my mom like it was my most prized possession. I waited long for that day to come, and when it did, I'm pretty surprised of the outcome.

Who would have thought that I'd fall in love with my roommate's twin?

Now that is a very interesting story to tell.

It all started with a woman I met in my law school, Britney Jane Pierce. We were assigned to the same room, in the same dorm. For starters, Britney and I weren't in good terms, since both of us disliked what we did to each other. We would sit on opposite sides of the room, silently doing our homework with our eyes glued to the laptop monitor when Britney would yell loudly at me, even if I was just a few inches away, commanding me to get her notebook which she left on my side of the room.

We would always fight about little things, how she doesn't clean her bed or how I leave all my books scattered around the room. There was even a time when we threw our belongings at each other. But, all that changed when we both decided to get to know each other. As time or months passed by, we became close. Britney was like the sister I never had, and I was very glad because I hadn't had a friend ever since my mom passed away.

We always told one another the latest topic that was happening in our lives, when we start crushing on someone, when we get an upgrade or if we had an upcoming date. Every Friday, at night, we had a special routine of watching old romantic movies while eating popcorn and crying dramatically. She knew I like love drama, which I never told anyone except my dad and her. She knew about my very tight relationship with my mom, that I would do anything to have her back.

Fighting still occurred between the two of us, but we didn't mind because we both knew that in the end, we'll end up forgiving each other and watch a movie marathon the whole night.

After law school and we've become very successful lawyers, Britney asked me if I still wanted to live with her, since she really wasn't that close to her family, that they were all studying in California and she was here in New York, facing her dreams. Being the awesome friend I am, I immediately agreed.

We both live in an apartment at New York, having separate rooms unlike our old dorm, where in our beds were just a few inches away. We aren't teenagers anymore; but adults, which means we need our own privacy. Though, from time to time we would change in front of one another when we have an urgent thing to do.

A year of living together, I started to feel something deep towards Britney, something unusually different. I don't know why but whenever she smiles or laughs my tummy starts to do a flip and I could feel smoke coming out of my ears as my cheeks turn nova red. I'm glad Britney doesn't notice this though, because if she did, it would ruin our friendship. I was happy we told one another everything about ourselves, no secrets kept, that we trusted each other with the bottom of our hearts.

That soon changed though, when one day she knocked lightly on my bedroom door, making me lift my body up from bed.

"What is it Britney?" I sighed, slumping back down with a thump.

She enters slowly and jumps on top of my bed with a worried expression. Seeing the seriousness of her face, I lazily got up again and scratched the back of my neck slyly.

"What's wrong? Case didn't work to well?" I guessed, hoping it was just that.

"Actually, it isn't" she replies softly, not making eye contact with me.

"Then what is it?" I chuckled, scurrying closer to her with a teasing smile.

"What's got Ms. Pierce all shattering all of a sudden?" I added, resting my right hand on her bare shoulder.

"I'm not shattering" she mutters, glancing back at my eyes for just a brief second. "Brittany's coming over here" she blurts out quietly.

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion then gave a mocking laugh. Britney's playing a joke on me. "Isnt that you, Britney?"

"No, I meant Brit-tany is coming"

I drop my hand down on the covers of the bed and scoffed at the absurd statement my dear roommate just said. "Okay, who the hell is Brit-tany?"



"My twin" she tells me in a whisper, like she despised the word.

I take a moment to process what Britney just told me right now. Britney Jane Pierce has a twin named 'Brit-tany', not a sister, but a twin. Normally, I would have just shrugged it off and ask Britney when she would be coming over or why she was acting this way when she found out her twin was visiting her, but I didn't, because the fact she never told me this important detail clearly pissed me off. I thought there weren't any more secrets kept? I was a fool to believe that.

"Okay, Wait…. I know I should have told you I had a twin but I didn't think it was that important" she quickly says as the word twin escapes her lips.

"Not important? You have a twin, Britney! Whose name is similar to yours except different in some kind of way. Anyways, this is important" I snarled back, stepping out of my bed and heading over to the living room.

Britney follows behind me, with a very pleading face, begging for me to understand. "Please Santana; I just don't like talking about her… We're like completely different" she mumbles as I take a seat on one of the couches.

"You're twins, all twins have different qualities" I retorted, grabbing the remote to watch some tv, but Britney snatches it away from my grasp and looks me in the eye with plead.

"I beg of you Santana, don't get mad. Just, let me explain alright?" she sighs, settling the remote on the coffee table.

I cross my arms stubbornly and huff out a "fine"

Yes, that about is the beginning part of my love story…

[to be continued]

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